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3 Best Laser Engravers for Wood in 2024

by Winnie Li Posted in August 19, 2022

When selecting a laser engraver for wood, it is crucial to prioritize the quality of the final output over the machine's mere capability to engrave and cut the wood. While some machines can quickly engrave or cut wood, they often leave behind unsightly burn marks, charred edges, and can fail to capture intricate image details. Such machines are not ideal for wood engraving or etching.

A high-quality wood laser engraver can produce precise, detailed, and visually appealing engravings with clean, smooth edges, and without leaving burn marks.

wood laser engraver and engraved wood items

Finding the best laser engraver for wood can be a challenging task, but by following this guide, you will know the factors to consider when choosing a wood laser engraver.

In This Article

  • What's the Best Type of Laser Engraver for Wood
  • Best CO2 Laser Engraver for Wood
  • Best Diode Laser Engraver for Wood
  • Why Adding a Laser Engraver to Your Woodworking Toolbox?
  • Wood Laser Engraver Types
  • Factors to Consider When Buying a Laser Engraver for Wood?
  • How Much Does a Wood Laser Engraving Machine Cost?
  • What Can You Make with a Wood Laser Engraver?
  • Safety Measures for Using a Wood Laser Engraver
  • FAQs of Using a Laser Engraver for Wood
  • Conclusion

What's the Best Type of Laser Engraver for Wood

When it comes to engraving wood, the type of laser engraver you choose is pivotal to achieving the desired results. Among the various types available, CO2 laser engravers are widely regarded as the most effective for wood because their light is better absorbed by wood and other non-metals than other laser machine types, producing faster and better engraving results. 

co2 laser engraver for wood

xTool P2 55W Desktop CO2 Laser Cutter

View Details

While CO2 laser engravers are often the go-to for many wood engraving tasks, diode laser engravers also hold a significant place in the realm of woodworking. One of the key advantages of diode laser engravers is their affordability. For those just starting out or operating on a tighter budget, diode laser engravers offer a more affordable entry point into the world of wood engraving.

diode laser engraver for wood

xTool S1 Enclosed Diode Laser Cutter

View Details

Besides, these machines are generally smaller and lighter than their CO2 counterparts, making them a great option for hobbyists or small-scale workshops where space is a premium.

Best CO2 Laser Engraver for Wood

CO2 lasers are often favored in the woodworking business due to their higher power and the 10640nm wavelength, which wood absorbs more readily than diode lasers. This makes them the first choice for intensive woodworking tasks.

If you are in search of a reliable CO2 laser engraver, the xTool P2 is highly recommended. It has been rated as the best desktop laser engraver by leading review sites such as MUO, All3DP, and Mellow Pine.

xTool P2: The Best CO2 Laser Engraver for Wood

The xTool P2 is the best CO2 laser engraver for wood, thanks to its 55-watt optical power. It can slice through 18mm wood in a single pass and engrave at speeds up to 600 mm/s.

The machine’s bed size is a generous 680x360mm, 50% larger than other CO2 lasers. It also includes a passthrough slot for long wooden plaques (up to 3000 mm). For taller objects, it supports engraving up to 71mm high, and with an additional riser base, this extends to 215mm.

wood laser engraving machine with auto-passthrough

Dual 16MP internal cameras make the xTool P2 a leader in precision wood engraving. One close-range camera auto-focuses the laser, while the other offers a panoramic view. This setup is ideal for placing multiple small items inside, capturing their layout, and dragging designs onto each for batch engraving.

batch wood engraving with xTool P2 laser engraver

Engraving on circular or uneven objects is seamless with the P2. It includes a rotary attachment, RA2 Pro, for engraving on round and cylindrical objects. For curved shapes like bowls or plates, it smartly creates 3D models and then maps designs onto the material. The results are as good as on the flat engraving.

laser engraving on curved wood surface

Wood often gets burnt marks with laser. Considering that, P2 comes with an inbuilt Air assist. The airflow quickly evacuates the residue, keeping both lens and wood clean.

Safety is also a top priority. The P2 is fully enclosed with a laser-filtering lid, an auto lid lock, and an emergency stop button. It is also compatible with the xTool fire safety kit, which is capable of putting off a fire.

P2 Key Features:

  • 55W CO2 laser module
  • Engraving up to 600 mm/s
  • Expandable workspace
  • Dual Camera setup for preview and batch engraving
  • Support for curved surface engraving
  • Compatible with Lightburn and XCS

Best Diode Laser Engraver for Wood

Diode lasers, although less powerful than CO2 lasers, are perfectly suitable for wood engraving tasks. Their compact size and affordability make them ideal for small businesses and at-home projects.

Want a diode laser engraver for wood engraving? We have two noteworthy options: the xTool S1 and the xTool P1 Pro.

xTool S1: The Most Powerful Diode Laser Engraver for Wood

xTool S1 is the most powerful enclosed diode laser engraver, containing a 40W diode module. This module is a combination of eight 5.5W lasers. This level of power is on par with CO2 machines, a significant achievement for diode laser technology.

xtool s1 diode laser engraver for wood

S1 is available in 20W and 40W variants. Both models offer the same high engraving speed of 600 mm/s, although their cutting capabilities vary.

Safety is a key feature of the xTool S1. It's an enclosed unit with class 1 laser certification and is equipped with 5-direction flame detection sensors, light filtering, an emergency stop, and a lid-safety stop feature.

The internal bed size of the machine is 608x385mm, larger than an A3 sheet, and includes an automatic passthrough for wood sheets up to 3000mm long. It can accommodate materials up to 133.5 mm thick.

The S1’s advanced positioning system, called “Pin-Point Positioning’’, is a standout for precise engraving. Users can place material, mark laser points, and see those exact positions displayed in the software for precise design mapping. This allows for mapping circular regions with three points, rectangles with two, and more complex shapes with multiple points.

Engraving on curved surfaces is made easy with the dynamically focused laser head of the S1. It assesses the shape of the material, generates a 3D map, and then engraves effortlessly.

The S1 is also compatible with various attachments like the rotary attachment RA2 Pro, smoke purifier, riser base, fire safety kit, and smart air assist. All these add-ons further enhance its versatility.

S1 Key Features:

  • Most Powerful Diode laser
  • Class 1 Laser Product
  • Advanced Pin-Point Positioning for accurate engraving across multiple shapes
  • Spacious and expandable workspace measuring 608x385mm
  • Support curved surface and rotary engraving
  • Compatible with Lightburn and XCS

xTool D1 Pro: The Most Economical Diode Laser Engraver for Wood

The xTool D1 Pro is an excellent choice for those seeking a budget-friendly laser engraver for wood. Available in three power options - 10W, 20W, and 40W - it caters to various needs. The 10W and 20W models are perfect for home wood engraving projects, while the 40W variant matches the capabilities of xTool S1.

xtool d1 pro wood laser engraving machine

One of the key features of the D1 Pro is its laser spot size, measuring just 0.08 x 0.06mm (10W). This lets you engrave fine details on wood with high accuracy and perfection. The machine is user-friendly, with built-in limit switches, and easy focus adjustment, and boasts a processing speed of 400 mm/s.

The engraving area is spacious at 430 x 390 mm, ample for projects larger or closer to the size of an A3 sheet. Since the machine bears an open design, its height can be increased by placing risers underneath.

D1 Pro’s safety features include flame detection and tip-over safety. Like other machines in this list, it supports xTool’s most attachments like RA2 Pro, air assist, riser base, and fire safety kit.

D1 Pro Key Features:

  • Available in 10W, 20W and 40W laser modules
  • Most Affordable diode laser engraver
  • Engraving Speeds up to 400 mm/s
  • Supports rotary engraving
  • Spacious working area 430 x 390 mm

Why Adding a Laser Engraver to Your Woodworking Toolbox?

How Does a Wood Laser Engraver Work?

A laser engraver is an ideal tool for etching precise and intricate designs on wood. Unlike traditional carving methods, laser engraving utilizes powerful laser beams to mark designs onto the surface of the wood. 

When the laser beam comes in contact with the surface of the wood, the temperature of the wood surface rises rapidly. Due to the intense power, the material on the surface is removed, resulting in intricate and detailed designs that are both visually and tactually appealing.

In wood laser engraving, the material on the surface is slightly burnt away, and you see 3D deep cuts that can also be felt.

a laser engraver etching on wooden spoons

In wood laser cutting, the laser beams pass through the wood, cutting it into precise pieces. This is a highly effective method for creating intricate shapes and designs with clean and precise edges.

a laser engraver cutting heart shapes from a piece of wood

Benefits of Laser Engravers in Woodworking

Overall, laser engraving and cutting are superior methods for custom woodworking due to their high precision, accuracy, and efficiency. Their focused laser beams produce a small spot size, allowing even the tiniest details to be captured. This intricate detailing and finishing are not achievable through any other wood engraving or cutting process. 

wood laser engraving and cutting items

Factors to Consider When Buying a Laser Engraver for Wood?

While buying a laser engraver for wood, certain factors should be kept in mind. Some features, characteristics, and functionalities of laser engravers make them perfect for engraving wood. 

1. Fewer Burn Marks

Laser engravers emit intensely powerful laser beams that increase the temperature of the surface of the material on which they fall. The temperature rises quickly and vaporizes the materials. You might like to have a very powerful laser, but in the case of wood, the power should not be too intense as it can leave burn marks on the object. Wood is quite delicate, which is the reason the optical power of the wood laser engraver matters a lot.

Usually, for hobby-level wood laser engraver, the power of diode lasers ranges from 5W to 40W, and CO2 lasers range from 40W to 60W. If the power setting is higher, you should match it with a higher engraving or cutting speed so as to reduce the dwell time of the laser on the wood, which will avoide burn marks.

Moreover, to eliminate the burn marks on the back of the object, the right laser bed must be used. Honeycomb panel is the ideal bed for wood laser engraving or cutting as it allows the heat to dissipate quickly.

2. Air Assist

Air assist is an essential accessory for wood laser engraving. If you want to see the perfect results, make sure the laser engraver for wood has that. It throws a air blow that take away the smoke, fumes and debris produced while engraving, preventing discoloration of the wooden object.

wood laser etching machine with air assist

3. Working Area and Height

The working area of a wood laser engraving machine is an essential factor to consider. It determines the size of the objects that you can etch. For DIY projects and small businesses, a working area of at least 400 x 300mm is suitable. This size is sufficient for engraving small to medium-sized objects and can accommodate most hobbyist and small business needs.

The height of the wood laser engraving machine is also a crucial factor. While some beginners may overlook this aspect, it is essential for accommodating various object sizes and types of laser engraving projects. By selecting a laser engraving machine with an excellent height, you can engrave more objects or thicker materials with ease. 

Additionally, a higher height provides the flexibility to use rotary attachments for engraving cylindrical objects such as wine bottles, mugs, or other rounded surfaces.

a wood laser engraver with height riser

Moreover, a wood laser engraving machine with an adjustable height option is an ideal choice. It allows you to change the height according to the thickness of the material being engraved, giving you more precision and control over the engraving process.

4. Fine Laser Spot

For wood laser engraving, the laser spot should be as small as possible. The smaller the spot, the more details it can consider while engraving. The laser spot should be smaller than 0.1 x 0.1mm. 

engraving on wood using laser engravers with differen laser spot sizes

5. High Accuracy

The accuracy of the wood laser engraver should be excellent. The software directs the laser head and moves it to different positions. The engraving results will be perfect and there will be minimal errors if the accuracy is excellent. In some laser engraving machines, the movement accuracy reaches 0.004 inches (0.1mm).

Another important thing associated with accuracy is the repeat position accuracy. It ensures minimal error when the laser head moves to the previous position. Some machines have visible errors in repetitive positioning, so you need to take care of this specification as well. The suitable positioning accuracy for fine engraving is 0.007-0.010 inches (0.2-0.3mm).

How Much Does a Wood Laser Engraving Machine Cost?

The cost of a laser engraving machine depends on its type, specifications, features, and other factors. However, we can have a rough idea of the cost.

Diode Laser Engravers

The most cost-effective option for wood laser engraving and cutting is a diode laser. It can engrave and cut any type of wood with perfection. Some diode laser machines are quite powerful, and they can cut up to 15mm plywood in only one pass. 

The cost of a desktop diode laser engraver ranges from $500 to $2,500. This is the cost of the machines, and the accessories, such as the air assist and rotary attachment, are sold separately. The cost depends mainly on the optical power. Usually, the available laser diode machines are 5W to 40W. The higher the power, the more the cost will be. For wood laser cutting, higher power is preferred. On the other hand, for wood laser engraving, you can choose a 5W to 20W laser because lower power machines typically have a smaller laser spot, offering more details in the engraving and etching. 

Other than wood, you can also engrave acrylic, stone, ceramics, glass, some metals and some other materials using a diode laser engraver. The best thing about diode lasers is that these machines work for a long time. Their lifespan is exceptional and can reach up to 50,000 hours. Thus, you can easily recover your investment.

diode laser engraver for woodworking

xTool S1 Enclosed Diode Laser Cutter

View Details

CO2 Laser Engravers

CO2 laser engravers are more expensive compared to diode lasers. The cost of these machines is because of their technology and features. Most of the machines are equipped with a built-in camera and extraordinary features, and these things increase the overall cost. Secondly, the technology is also expensive.  You can get a suitable CO2 laser engraver for $3,500 to $5,000.

However, CO2 laser engravers are faster than diode laser engravers, and they're capable of laser engraving and cutting more materials. Although it has a shorter lifespan of 8,000-10,000 hours, it is worth it. It makes wood laser cutting and engraving as easy as pie. For woodworkers looking for a powerful laser engraver for woodworking, a CO2 laser engraver is the go-to choice.

co2 laser engraver for woodworking

xTool P2 55W Desktop CO2 Laser Cutter

View Details

What Can You Make with a Wood Laser Engraver?

Wood laser engravers provide endless creative opportunities for a wide array of projects, both for personal enjoyment and business applications. With their ability to etch intricate details and cut precise shapes, the sky is the limit. Below, we present some popular and common wood projects that can be made using a wood laser engraver.

1. Personalized Cutting Boards

One of the most popular items to personalize with a wood laser engraver is custom cutting boards. You can engrave a unique design, family name, or a meaningful quote on the surface, making the cutting board both functional and decorative. 

wood laser engraver project: personalized cutting board

2. Artwork and Wall Decor

Using a wood laser engraver, you can create stunning home decor such as wood wall art, clocks, and decorative signs by cutting wood into desired shapges and engraving intricate patterns, images, or text onto wood. These pieces can add a touch of personalization and creativity to any space.

wood laser engraver project: wooden wall art

3. Wooden Jewelry

With a wood laser engraver, you can create your own unique line of wooden jewelry or personalize them as gifts for friends and family. Laser engravers allow you to combine intricate engravings with cutouts to create stunning and lightweight wooden jewelry including earrings, pendants, and bracelets

wood laser engraver project: wooden jewelry

4. Custom Wooden Signs

Using a wood laser engraver, you can create beautifully detailed signs for your home, business, or as gifts. Engrave quotes, names, or images onto various types of wood to create a sign that is both eye-catching and unique.

wood laser engraver project: custom engraved wood sign

5. Engraved Coasters

Create a set of customized wooden coasters by engraving different patterns, quotes, or personal messages on them. These are both pratical and aesthetically pleasing, making them great housewarming gifts or personal enjoyment.

wood laser engraver project: custom engraved coasters

6. Custom Picture Frames

Give your cherished memories a special touch by creating custom engraved wooden picture frames. Add names, dates, or a short message to make the frame truly one-of-a-kind.

wood laser engraver project: custom engraved wooden picture frame

7. Personalized Games and Puzzles

Using a wood laser engraver, you can design and create personalized wooden puzzles, board games, and toys for children and adults alike. These can be educational tools or just fun pastimes that are both functional and visually appealing.

wood laser engraver projects: wooden kid toys

8. Decorative Wooden Boxes

Unleash your creativity by cutting out intricate shapes to create your one-of-kind wooden box. Engrave intricate patterns, names, or images on the lids or sides to make them truly unique.

wood laser engraver project: wooden box

Safety Measures for Using a Wood Laser Engraver

Engraving on wood using a laser engraver is an exciting and rewarding process, but it's crucial to prioritize safety measures to prevent accidents. Before you begin engraving, it's important to ensure that your machine has the necessary safety features to protect you and your surroundings.

1. Safety Glass

The laser beams emitted from laser engraving machines are harmful for human's eyes. When operating a laser engraver or cutter, it is crucial to prioritize safety by wearing laser-specific safety glasses.

2. Flame Detection

The first safety feature that a wood laser engraving machines should have is flame detection. Due to excessive heat, there are chances of a fire. Therefore, the machine should be capable enough to detect the flame, alert the user, and stop immediately. It is necessary to prevent fires.

3. Tip Over Safety

When the machine is tipped over, the laser beams are directed in a haphazard direction where they can damage the object, harm humans, or start a fire. Thus, a safety feature is necessary to detect the tipping of the machine and stop it immediately.

4. Proper Exhaust and Ventilation System

There are various particles and fumes produced due to laser engraving and cutting. Therefore, there should be a proper exhaust system. You might need to purchase it separately for your wood engraving machine, but it is worth it. Secondly, if there is no proper exhaust, the ventilation should be optimal to reduce the effect of fumes produced by engraving and cutting wood.

5. Never Leave the Machine Unattended

Whether you are running the laser engraving machine at your home, garage, factory, or any other place, you need to be vigilant. Never leave the machine unattended because accidents can happen anytime. You must be ready to deal with them.

FAQs of Using a Laser Engraver for Wood

Q1: Is There a Learning Curve for Using a Wood Laser Engraver?

There is a learning curve for using a wood laser engraver, but it is generally manageable for most users. Familiarizing yourself with the laser engraver software, understanding the different laser settings, and learning how to prepare and position the material can take some time. 

However, many laser engraver manufacturers, such as xTool, provide tutorials, user guides, and customer support to help users get started and improve their skills. Besides, there are many smart and beginner-friendly laser engravers available on the market that can get you started quickly.

2. How Long Does it Take to Complete a Typical Wood Engraving Project Using a Laser Engraver?

The time it takes to complete a wood engraving project using a laser engraver depends on several factors, including the complexity of the design, the size of the project, the type of wood, and the power settings of the laser. 

Simple designs may take only a few minutes, and some laser engravers utilizing specific technique, such as the xTool F1 (4000mm/s engraving speed) can even complete a wood project in just a few second, while more intricate projects can take hours to complete.

3. How Thick Can a Laser Engraver Cut Wood?

The maximum cutting thickness for a laser engraver and cutter depends on the machine's power and the type of wood being cut. Generally, a 40W diode laser engraver like xTool S1 can cut through wood up to 18mm in one pass. Keep in mind that denser woods may require more power or slower cutting speeds to achieve the desired thickness.

4. What Materials Can I Engrave or Cut Besides Wood with a Wood Laser Engraver?

Laser engravers can work with a variety of materials besides wood, including acrylic, leather, fabric, glass, paper, cardboard, rubber, and some metals. 

5. Can I Laser Engrave or Cut Pre-painted Wood?

Yes, you can laser engrave or cut pre-painted wood. However, it is essential to ensure that the paint used is laser-safe, as some paints can release toxic fumes when heated by the laser. Additionally, the laser's heat may cause the paint to discolor or burn, so it is crucial to test the process on a small sample before proceeding with the actual project.

Final Words

For the best laser engraving results on wood, you need to have the right machine. You can consider the mentioned factors and safety features while selecting a wood laser engraver. We have also shared some of the best laser engraving machines that are suitable for wood engraving and cutting. The features and specifications are discussed in detail, so you can easily pick a suitable one for your needs. 

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