We are passionate about making it easier for everyone to make things.

Our stories

xTool is part of Makeblock, a world-renowned coding robot manufacturing & education company. So our story actually started with a lot of love and a little inspiration: how to make it easier and safer for kids to engrave and cut out their doodle drawings?

As of now, we have more than 100 partners (distributors) worldwide. In the U.S, xTool Laserbox is loved and recognized by more than 1000 makers.

Our achievements

We're familiar with maker tools and fascinated with them.

Our products

Laserbox Startup (2019)

Laserbox Pro (2019)

Laserbox Rotary (2021)

Laserbox D1 (2021)

We are a group of geeks & engineers who build great laser cutters and laser engravers for craft makers. Meanwhile, we are fanatics of handmade products. We delve into various parameters and spare no effort to optimize the details of our customers' experience. We are constantly improving our service and value any feedback from you. Follow us on Facebook for more updates!

Our users