The honeycomb panel set is a necessary part for laser cutting and engraving machines. It can be used to place the materials to be processed, protecting your desk and improving your creation.

 With its large size, this honeycomb panel set is a good choice for various laser machines, including xTool D1/D1 Pro.

 Besides, it accelerates the exhaustion of smoke, which is very hot and may make the workpiece turn yellow. We also provide an aluminum panel that can protect your desk from burning. For safety, four corner protectors are provided for the set.

 Hopefully, this set will be a big surprise for you.


  • Large in size, applicable to various laser machines, including xTool D1/D1 Pro.
  •  Used to place materials to be cut or engraved, working in combination with the aluminum panel to protect your desk.
  • Made of iron and aluminum, stable, firm, durable, and rustproof.
  • Fine workmanship, flat and smooth with uniform honeycomb holes Honeycomb design, facilitating smoke exhaustion and thus protecting material such as wood against the smoke and improving your creation.


  • 1 x Honeycomb working panel 19.68 x 19.68 x 0.87 inch ( 50 x 50 x 2.2 cm )
  • 1 x Aluminum panel 19.68 x 19.68 x 0.039 inch ( 50 x 50 x 0.1 cm )

Customer Reviews

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happy with the honeycombs

I looked at several options before purchasing the Xtool Honeycomb panel. I bought the Xtool panel because the grid is higher quality and won't bend or dent easily. Also, it's made of iron, which opens up the option of using magnets to keep things in place. I now have two Honeycomb panels, since I got an extension kit for my D1 Pro.

Honeycomb working panel

it works great. first time user.

Mike Mrcy
Great protection

The grid and the plate underneath works quite well especially with the air assist unit to keep the cuts clean and no burn residual.

Robert Becker
Great quality surface for Laser projects

This working panel protects my desktop and provides the perfect surface for laser projects. Items for cutting and etching that have protrusions from the back are even better, as the honeycomb pattern helps to keep the protrusions from keeping the product from being level and helps keep it from moving.

Great Add On

This was a huge improvement to my workspace. Holds materials well, using the magnets, keeps materials in alignment. The heat sink, is also nice.

xTool Honeycomb Working Panel Set for D1 Pro/D1
$139.00 $159.00