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Award-winning Smart Laser Cutter & Engraver

  • Live Preview
  • AI Auto Focus
  • Bring Sketch to Life
  • Personalize Souvenirs

Live Preview

With a built-in 5 MP ultra-wide-angle camera, Laserbox gives you a preview of your design on the material you select.

AI Auto Focus

Visual identification auto focus allows you to skip thickness setting, it can automatically finish the focusing process.

Bring Sketch to Life

Directly draw on the basswood boards without tedious settings. Easily complete your project, with just 3 steps.

Personalize Souvenirs

According to the official form templates, personalized souvenirs can be produced in batches.

Powerful Compatibility and Flexibility

  • 3 Connection Options
  • Image Extraction
  • Supports Multiple Formats
  • Customize Your Materials

3 Connection Options

Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet are supported.

Image Extraction

Laserbox,the laser cutter & engraver can extract the image on any object's surface and integrate it into your design project

Customize Your Materials

Laserbox, the laser cutter & engraver supports 9 design formats (SVG,DXF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, PDF, TIF, CR2), saving you more time on converting formats.

Personalize Souvenirs

Customize the thickness of the materials and set up engraving size in the official software. You can engrave what you want to create unlimited possibilities.

Robust Design

  • robust_item

    Industrial Grade Linear Guide

    Compared with other desktop laser cutter & engravers, Laserbox is more wear-resistant, has higher positioning accuracy, and has a longer lifespan, helping you save costs.

  • robust_item

    Air Assist System

    The air pump minimizes the pollution around the machine by forcing out a burst of compressed air to remove smoke and fumes.

  • robust_item

    Flue design

    The smoke exhaust port of Laserbox, the laser cutter & engraver is located in the working area to directly remove the smoke from the working area. So the laser path won't be affected and engravings could be more precise.

  • robust_item

    Easy to Maintain

    The focus lens and the reflecting mirror of Laserbox, the laser cutter & engraver are fixed by magnets. Maintenance can be completed within a few minutes.

Safe and Clean


Smart Smoke Purifier

The smart smoke purifier of Laserbox, the laser cutter & engraver can automatically enable itself and auto-adjusts settings based on your Laserbox's working status, ensuring efficient ventilation.


Open Lid and Stop

Laserbox, the laser cutter & engraver stops working the moment you open the lid, making it completely safe for users, especially for children.


Eight Early Warning Methods

Laserbox relies on multiple high-performance sensors that can monitor it in real-time and immediately alert it to various issues, such as overheating, water cooling system errors, and more.


Safety Certification

Product design complies with the safety requirements and certification standards of many countries, ensuring product safety and quality.

Reviews From Laserbox Owners

  • "It is not online-only (like Glowforge), had innovative features that could help me teach my kids the process, while still allowing me to fine-tune acrylic cuts and projects needing precision fit. I really like it !!!"




  • "Laserbox is the only machine out there that has the “bring the sketch to life” function!! I LOVE THAT!! So good!" Other machines almost always have bad soft ware or no software at all and you have to find one by yourself. Or if they have the software, you have to go online to their website to get it. But you have good software to go along with the machine and you can work with Laserbox offline !"



    Small business

  • I am so enjoying my Laserbox. I have a few laser cutter & engraving machines , but why I like Laserbox best is that I can use it to modify the design quickly. I have been running a successful handmade stuff business for about 2 years. I believe I can make more benefit from Laserbox.




  • My friend got one and I put my logo down the Wooden spoon I make. Since that, I'm so in Love with the Lasebox. I have made a lot of small things to sell and gift for family and friends. Excited to try more functions for larger items.





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  • Laserbox

    Supports USB WIFI LAN, more flexible and convenient operation. It can be used both networked and unnetworked.
    Industrial steel linear guide provides high accuracy, great structural strength, wear-resistant abilities, and a long service life.
    Supports multiple formats such as DXF,SVG,PDF,JPG,GIF,BMP,PNG,TIF,CR2 etc
  • Other laser cutters

    Only the Wi-Fi connection is supported. It cannot be used without an internet connection. In addition, the smoothness of operation is affected by the network environment
    Aluminum linear guide is used. It has low structural strength, poor wear-resistant abilities, and a short service life .
    Only SVG,PDF,JPG,GIF,BMP,PNG format files are supported. However the frequently-used DXF format isn't supported.

Shipping and Warranty

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