Single-button operation and a self-contained design make the Laserbox extremely easy and safe to use

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Powerful Smart Laser Cutting Machine

The versatile xTool Laserbox redefines the conventional laser cutting & engraving, making any patterns from simple drawings to exquisite designs possible in one click.

Getting Started is Easy

xTool patented features bring laser cutting & engraving to easy access. Everyone can create within 3 intuitive steps: put in drawing, press button and get your works!

The patented features recognize red color for cutting and black for engraving by default, making sure your drawings are in red or black 2 colors.

Making Any Creative Design Possible

xTool Laserbox also integrates itself with exclusive software, providing one-stop solution to fulfill senior design and advanced cutting/engraving needs.


All-in-One Stable Software

Designed to faciliate any creative design, Laserbox software works seamlessly on both Windows and macOS.

  • Free case templates
  • 70+ various graphics
  • Photo engraving filters
  • Align or array in a click
  • Boolean operations on graphs
  • Auto image vectorizer
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  • feature-1

    Collaborative Graphic Design

    Combine versatile design tool for efficient edits and gorgeous graphic designs

  • feature-2

    Smart Image Extraction

    Take out the images,designs,or drawing from any surface in one click

  • feature-3

    Multiple File Import

    Compatible with DXF,TIF,SVG,PDF,JPG,GIF,BMP and over 10 common design format

Double Guarantee for Accuracy Upgrade

Furthermore, Laserbox enhances AI Auto-Focus to increase the accuracy of laser displacement senor automatically, and embeds 5MP camera for manual adjustment in real time.


Multi-Connection Modes for Flexible Use

Laserbox takes all scenarios into consideration, enabling you to create anytime and anywhere.

  • Work Offline for Instant Inspiration

    Take advantage of xTool patented features without Laserbox software.

  • Work Offline for Innovative Idea

    Connect Laserbox and software via Wi-Fi, USB or Ethernet as you like.

Quad Protections for Safe Environment

Comply with 9 international safety certifications, include CE, FDA, IC-ID and RoHS, xTool always ensures you to stay up to date with the safest way to use Laserbox.

  • protection-feat-item-1

    8 Early Warning Alarms

    Laserbox sends instant alerts when the integrated 8 high-performance sensors monitor abnormal errors like overheating, filter clogging, laser head shift, etc.

  • protection-feat-item-2

    Open Lid for Immediate Stop

    Laserbox ceases working once the built-in Hall sensor detects the lid open, setting up a complete safe mechanism for everyone.

  • protection-feat-item-3

    Flame-retardant Body Cover

    Laserbox adopts the fireproof material certified to UL94 V-0, the highest fire-resistance rating, maintaining a safe workplace whatever happens.

Eco-Friendly Smart Air Purifier

In addition, Laserbox equips itself with a specialised smart air purifier, which cleans the air and protects you from toxic fumes, to be more environmentally friendly.

  • Compact Desgin with Replaceable Filter

    Reduce the weight to 10.5kg, only half of the primary filters for laser cutting machine.

  • Automatic Air Filtering in Low Noise

    Adjust the aireflow in line with Laserbox working status for efficient ventilation.

Robust Desgin in Every Detail

Laserbox fully improves internal design to make it accurate and stale for long-term use.

longerservice-time longerservice-time longerservice-time longerservice-time
  • Longer Service Time

    Industrial steal linear guide and 10mm wide timing belt pulley contribute to greater horsepower and higher torque.

  • Easier Maintenance

    The focus lens and the reflecting mirror that held in place by magnets can be easily take apart for cleaning.

  • Longer-lasting Working Hours

    1.5L ultra-large capacity of coolant guarantees continuous working for all day use, typically 2 to 3 times the normal size.

  • Cleaner Opreation

    The air pump forces out compressed air to remove smoke and minimizes localized pollution for best cutting outcomes.

Discover What to Create with xTool

Unleash your creativity to cut and engrave on hundreds of Laserbox supported materials right away.

  • Leather support-materials-item-img
  • Wood support-materials-item-img
  • Acrylic support-materials-item-img
  • Cloth support-materials-item-img
  • Paper support-materials-item-img
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See What Our Customers Say

  • As good as advertised

    It is not online-only (like Glowforge), had innovative features that could help me teach my kids the process, while still allowing me to fine-tune acrylic cuts and projects needing precision fit. I really like it !!!


    John Leno

    2019. 12

  • I love Laserbox software

    Great that you have good software to go along with the machine and we can work with Laserbox offline! Other machines almost always have bad software or no software at all and you have to find one by yourself. Or if they have the software, you have to go online to their website to get it.


    Nora Gleason


    Small Business
  • Extremely simple to use

    Laserbox is the only machine out there that has the "bring the sketch to life" function!! I LOVE THAT!! So good! My boy also made a Peppa Pig himself!


    Sandra Rocha


  • Make unique gadgets

    My friend got one and I put my logo down the Wooden spoon I make. Since that, I'm so in Love with the Lasebox. I have made a lot of small things to sell and gift for family and friends. Excited to try more functions for larger items.


    Paul Norris



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    Excellent laser cutter machine for any makers, crafts, designer, DIYer, etc.

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