xTool P2 CO2 Machine

xTool P2

Versatile and Smart Desktop 55W CO2 Laser Cutter

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xTool d1 pro laser engraver

xTool D1 Pro

Ultra accurate. Powerful. Fast.

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xTool m1 laser & blade cutter

xTool M1

Your first laser & blade cutter.

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xtool f1 portable laser engraver

xTool F1

Portable IR & diode laser engraver.

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machine comparison

Machine Comparison

Which machine is right for you?

xtool-selected laser materials


Assorted materials selected by xTool.

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xtool accessories


Fully expand your creativity.

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Get creative. Get empowered.

Making with xTool is without boundaries: making gifts, starting a hobby, or even making some money.

personalizing gifts with xtool

Gift making

Making is making you sweeter.

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start laser engraving business

Side hustle

You start a hobby. You get plenty.

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To inspire and be inspired.

laser engraving projects

Facebook Group

Where xTool members share ideas and help themselves.

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laser engraving projects


Get through the learning curve with our tutorials for beginners and pros alike.

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laser engraving projects


Stay tuned with xTool from here.

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