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20 Unique Christmas Ornament Ideas for A Stylish 2024

by Winnie Li Posted on August 28, 2023

Christmas decorations have always been a cherished tradition. Over the years, they have evolved from simple homemade crafts to the highly personalized, standout pieces we see today. Today, there is a growing trend towards ornaments that echo individual tastes.

With advancements in technology, especially with the introduction of laser cutting and laser engraving, creating personalized ornaments has taken a delightful turn. This approach not only promises intricate designs but also ensures long-lasting keepsakes. Whether you are looking to adorn your home or find that perfect gift, the magic of laser technology never disappoints.

And for those who are always on the lookout for the next big thing in Christmas decor, this article promises to inspire with 20 fresh and stylish ideas. Among them, laser cut Christmas ornaments hold a special place, blending modern tech with timeless charm.

laser cut Christmas ornaments

In This Article

  • Getting Started With Laser-Cut Ornaments 
  • Laser Cut Christmas Ornaments to Get Inspired
  • How to Make Christmas Ornaments with a Laser Cutter? 
  • Conclusion

Getting Started With Laser Cut Christmas Ornaments 

Let’s start with the basics. So, what exactly is laser cutting technology? Consider it as a focused beam of light, so intense that it can slice through materials like a hot knife through butter. But instead of a knife, we are using the sheer power of light.

One might wonder about the use case of this amazing tech. From the rustic charm of wood to the sleek look of acrylic, and even the delicate touch of paper, the choices are vast and varied. Each material you craft with laser brings its unique vibe to the festive table.

And here’s the exciting part: laser cutting machines offer unmatched precision. With this technology, crafting detailed ornaments becomes a delightful reality.

Laser Cut Christmas Ornaments to Get Inspired

Christmas ornaments hold a special place in our holiday celebrations; each craft symbolizes joy, memories, or traditions. With the advent of laser cutting machines, crafting these ornaments has become simpler and easier.

We have compiled a list of 20 laser cut Christmas ornaments to showcase what’s possible with this technology. Dive in and get inspired!

1. Laser Cut Start Christmas Tree Topper 

laser cut Christmas ornaments: laser cut start Christmas tree topper

©Paola via xTool Projects

A star on a Christmas tree is a symbol of hope and the shining pinnacle of the festive decoration. This particular design is a laser-cut star for a Christmas tree. It is a beautiful addition to the festive season, bringing elegance and tradition to your home.

You can download the laser cut file for free and create this laser cut Christmas tree topper in minutes.

2. Engraved Glass Christmas Ball Ornaments 

glass Christmas ornaments: engraved glass Christmas balls

©catra8104 via xTool projects

Christmas ball ornaments are a classic choice for tree decoration. These particular ornaments are painted glass balls (store-bought) that have been engraved all around. The engraving has added a personalized touch, making each ornament unique.

They have been crafted by one of the community members with the xTool Creative Space (XCS) software and a 10W xTool M1. You can also follow the detailed procedure, and get yourself a customized decoration piece that adds elegance to the Christmas tree.

3. Laser Cut Acrylic Snowflakes 

plastic Christmas ornaments: laser cut acrylic snowflakes


Snowflakes symbolize winter’s beauty and uniqueness. This laser-cut acrylic snowflake is perfect for adding a wintry feel to any space. Available as a Coreldraw, cdr file, it is designed for those who love to craft and decorate. 

Each snowflake is meticulously crafted, capturing the intricate details of nature’s frozen masterpiece. Whether you hang it on your Christmas tree or use it as a window decoration, it will bring a frosty charm to your festive decor.

4. Laser Cut Acrylic Christmas Ornaments

laser cut acrylic Christmas ornaments

©liquidhandwash via Instructables.com

Christmas is all about spreading joy and creating memories. These laser cut ornaments just do that. With trees, reindeer, and snowflake shapes, they add a modern touch to your Christmas tree. Each ornament shines and reflects light, creating a magical ambiance. Crafted with love, they will surely make your festive season memorable.

5. Laser Cut Wooden Christmas Ornaments 

laser cut wooden Christmas ornaments


Wooden ornaments bring a rustic charm to Christmas celebrations. If you're looking to adorn your tree or want a Christmas gift for your loved ones, these wooden pieces are sure to spread festive cheer. It is also available as a cdr file and can be laser cut via smart laser tools like xTool M1.

xTool M1 Craft Laser Cutter

xtool m1 craft laser cutter


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6. Laser Cut Christmas Tree Layered Baubles 

laser cut layered Christmas baubles


Layered baubles bring depth and dimension to Christmas tree decorations. They are a treat for those who enjoy a multi-dimensional look on their tree. These baubles are detailed and have a playful vibe, making them a delightful addition to the festive season. 

7. Laser cut 3D Christmas Baubles

laser cut 3d Christmas Baubles


Imagine a bauble that pops out, adding a 3D effect to your Christmas tree decorations. This design offers exactly that – a 3D Christmas bauble crafted with laser precision. The laser-friendly format, the cdr file, makes it accessible for crafting aficionados. The bauble’s intricate design ensures it is a focal point and adds modernity to traditional festive décor.

8. Laser Cut Moon Christmas Decoration

laser cut Christmas decorations: moon decor


The moon has always been a sign of mystery and beauty. This moonpiece also radiates a calm, serene vibe. It is an enchanting way to light up your holiday celebrations. You can download its Coreldraw file, and craft a perfect decoration piece that gives a celestial vibe.

9. Personalized Laser Cut Name Pendants

laser cut Christmas ornaments: custom name pendants


Add a personal touch to your Christmas tree with these laser-cut name pendants. These ornaments can be tailored to feature any name or word of your choice.

10. Christmas Decorative Nightlight Stars 

laser cut Christmas ornaments: decorative nightlight stars


Stars have always illuminated our nights, and this design brings that celestial glow right into your home. This nightlight star is not only a Christmas tree decoration but also a functional piece, casting a soft light that sets the mood for the holiday season. Download its laser cut file and illuminate your Christmas nights.

xTool D1 Pro DIY Laser Cutter

xtool d1 pro diy laser cutter


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11. Laser Cut Christmas Tree Keys 

The lore behind these keys is charming: for homes without a chimney, children might worry about how Santa Claus will deliver their presents. The Christmas tree key offers a magical solution. It’s said that this key, when left out, grants Santa one-night access to the home, ensuring that he can leave gifts for the children. 

Now, we have some great Christmas key ornaments for your kids:

Laser Cut Christmas Tree Snowman Key

Christmas tree decorations: snowman key


This snowman key is a playful and innovative way to decorate, blending the charm of a snowman with the functionality of a key. It promises to be a quirky addition to your Christmas tree decorations.

Laser Cut Christmas Tree Reindeer Key

Christmas tree decorations: reindeer key


Reindeer and Christmas go hand in hand. This design combines the festive spirit of a reindeer with the functionality of a key. 

Laser Cut Christmas Tree Gingerbread Man Key

Christmas tree decorations: ginerbread man key


This design brings the delightful gingerbread man to your Christmas tree decorations in the form of a laser-cut toy. It’s a sweet way to sprinkle a bit of holiday cheer on your tree.

Laser Cut Christmas Tree Gift Key Ornament

Christmas tree decorations: gift key


Gifts are a staple of the holiday season. This design captures the essence of gift-giving in a key ornament. This gift key ornament is sure to catch the eyes and spark conversations.

Laser Cut Christmas Snowflake Key 

Christmas tree decorations: snowflake key


Snowflakes are synonymous with winter wonder. This particular key is a fusion of festive beauty and functionality, which makes it a captivating addition to any Christmas tree decorations.

Laser Cut Santa Key Christmas Tree Decoration

Christmas tree decorations: santa key


Santa Claus is coming to town, and he might need a special key! This design offers a Santa-themed key, perfect for the holiday spirit. The key combines tradition with innovation.

xTool D1 Pro DIY Laser Cutter

xtool d1 pro diy laser cutter


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12. Laser Engraved Merry Christmas Ornaments

laesr engraved Christmas ornaments


Christmas wishes come alive with this laser engraved ornament! This design showcases a “Merry Christmas” message, encapsulating the joy and warmth of the season. It is available in another laser-friendly format, SVG. So, you can easily craft it with the laser cutter.

13. Snowglobe Ornaments

Christmas tree decorations: snowglobe ornaments

©kelseyrpearman via xTool Projects

Imagine capturing the magic of winter in a tiny globe. This laser cutter project brings to life a holiday snowglobe ornament. It’s a charming piece that can be customized to fit any style or color scheme. Plus, it can be placed on the tabletop with its solid base.

It is one of the xTool community projects. The creator wanted a unique snowglobe ornament and decided to craft one from scratch. The design process involves laser cutting on materials like wood and acrylic. You may follow the procedure to recreate this art piece.

14. Mini Shot Beer Ornaments 

Christmas tree decorations: mini-shot beer ornaments

©ginawayne69 via xTool Projects

These mini-shot ornaments are a fun twist to traditional Christmas tree decorations. They are not just any ornaments; they’re a celebration in miniature form. Perfect for those who love a dash of quirkiness in their festive decor.

15. Gingerbread Family Mason Jar Ornaments

Christmas tree decorations: gingerbread family mason jar ornaments

©Wendy K. via xTool Projects

This project showcases a delightful gingerbread family mason jar ornament. It’s a quick creation, taking just about 10 minutes with xTool M1, but the sentiment it carries lasts a lifetime. This ornament is a beautiful blend of tradition and creativity, making it a cherished piece for any Christmas tree decorations.

xTool M1 Craft Laser Cutter

xtool m1 craft laser cutter


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16. Personalized Layered Home Town Map Ornaments

Christmas tree decorations: layered home town map ornaments

©Paul via xTool Projects

Celebrate your roots with a touch of festive charm! The ornament showcases a detailed map of one’s hometown, layered for added depth. With name engraving of your loved ones, it could serve as an excellent Christmas gift.

Its crafting process is a bit long and complex. However, considering the result and sentimental value it showcases, the craft is worth the effort.

17. Funny Coworker Christmas Ornaments

funny coworker Christmas ornaments

©Creative Mom Kamela via xTool projects

This funny coworker Christmas ornament is designed with simplicity in mind. You can personalize it using your favorite fonts, along with decorative elements like hearts, stars, and triangles. It provides a light-hearted way to celebrate the festive season with a coworker.

It’s another xTool Project; the creator chose Walnut wood for this ornament. You can recreate it with the same steps he followed.

18. Christmas Name Tag Ornaments

Christmas tree decorations: name tags

©Wendy K. via xTool Projects

This collection of Christmas ornaments combines functionality with a personal flair. There are two distinct styles in the collection. One style incorporates a cut-out and allows for names to be effortlessly integrated, while the other style is ideal for straightforward name engraving. 

The permanent marker coloring brings vibrant hues to the ornaments with the score lines ensuring the ink remains pristine.

19. Paint An Ornament Class Gift 

Christmas ornaments with paint to personalize

©stefanie_hollingsworth via xTool Projects

Perfect for Christmas and even Valentine's Day, these ornaments invite kids to paint and personalize. You can buy watercolors separately and get them painted in style.

Made with 3 mm basswood, they are solid, sturdy, and a profitable craft to sell. You may sell them as the creator did manage to attract multiple customers.

20. Laser Engraved “Amazing Grace” Ornaments

laser engraved Christmas ornaments with Amazing Grace song lyrics

©d.designzforyou via xTool Projects

This piece, intricately engraved on MDF wood, showcases the timeless message of grace. It’s an xTool Community Project made with our xTool D1 Pro. It’s a straightforward and stylish craft holding “Amazing Grace” song lyrics in it.

xTool D1 Pro DIY Laser Cutter

xtool d1 pro diy laser cutter


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How to Make Christmas Ornaments with a Laser Cutter? 

As interest in laser cut and laser engraved ornaments rises, now is the perfect time to explore this creative avenue. Here’s how to craft beautiful Christmas ornaments using a laser cutter:

1. Choose a Design

The crafting process starts with the design. You need to have a design for your laser cut ornament. Find inspiration from various Christmas ornaments we listed here or create your own. You can also consult sites that offer free laser cut files

2. Select the Material

Choose the right material based on your design and preference. Some common materials for laser cutting ornaments include wood (like basswood), acrylic and paper.

3. Pick a Laser Cutter

The choice of laser cutter plays a crucial role in ensuring precision and quality. Recommended options include the xTool laser cutters, especially the M1 and D1 Pro models. They are exceptionally precise when it comes to cutting and engraving wood. 

4. Finishing Touches

After the laser cutting and engraving process, the craft is almost complete. It just needs some final touches. You may paint it, add glitter, or include other decorative details to enhance its look.


The allure of personalized Christmas ornaments has seen a significant rise, with laser cut and laser engraved ornaments leading the festive charge. These ornaments, from intricate snowflakes to personalized tag ornaments showcase the unmatched precision and versatility of laser technology. The trend underscores a blend of tradition and innovation, where age-old festive symbols meet cutting-edge crafting techniques. 

As we approach the holiday season, these laser-crafted ornaments stand as a testament to creativity and the timeless spirit of Christmas. Embrace this trend and let your festive celebrations shine brighter than ever.

For more questions. Please join our Facebook group to get inspired!

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