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20 Profitable Crafts To Make And Sell In 2024

by Winnie Li Updated on March 06, 2024

Handmade crafts are stealing the spotlight. Everywhere you look, from craft fairs to online platforms, artisans are showcasing their unique creations and reaping the rewards. The world has developed a newfound appreciation for the personal touch and authenticity that handmade items bring.

crafts that sell well at craft fairs

Enter the era of laser cutting and engraving machines. These advanced machines offer intricate designs and unmatched precision, redefining the limits of creativity in crafting. With a laser cutting machine, artisans can achieve details and finesse previously thought impossible.

So, what’s in store for you in this article? We are spotlighting 20 profitable crafts to make and sell. We will be sharing ideas regarding sorting, making, and selling these crafts online and offline.

In This Article

  • Trending Crafts To Sell Online And At Craft Fairs
  • Where to Sell Crafts?
  • Finding Crafts That Sell Well: Factors To Consider 
  • FAQs on Making Crafts to Sell
  • Conclusion

Trending Crafts To Sell Online And At Craft Fairs

After thorough market research, we are ready to present 20 craft ideas to sell that stand out in both online marketplaces and craft fairs. These crafts to make and sell have been handpicked for their popularity and demand. We have some home décor items, jewelry, kitchen accessories, stationary and festive crafts.

All of these crafts can be made through xTool Laser cutting machines. All you have to do is download the laser cut files of these crafts (available at their respective references). Do keep our xTool project tips in mind while selecting the material and cutter for these crafts.

Now, go through our list to find crafts that sell well and capture the attention of enthusiastic buyers.

1. Welcome Door Hanger

crafts to make and sell: welcome door hangers

xTool Projects

A warm greeting starts at the door with this welcome door hanger. It is perfect for online platforms catering to home décor enthusiasts, and a hit at seasonal craft fairs. Crafted with laser cut precision, these pieces welcome guests with style and is an ideal housewarming gift.

2. Colored Ceramic Tile Wall Art

crafts to make and sell: ceramic tile wall art

©xTool Projects

With spray paint on tiles, this art piece brings a splash of color and creativity to any room. It is suitable for living rooms, hallways, or even offices. This could sell well at online art-focused platforms and shine at local exhibitions.

3. Wooden Lampshade

crafts to make and sell: wooden lampshades

©xTool Projects

Illuminate your space with a touch of the woodwork. A wooden Lampshade offers a warm and nostalgic ambiance, perfect for bedrooms or cozy reading corners. It is ideal for online marketplaces that focus on home furnishings. It would a piece that sell well at craft fairs during autumn or winter.

xtool s1 laser cutter

xTool S1

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4. Engraved Mirror 

crafts to make and sell: engraved mirrors

©xTool Projects

This piece combines the elegance of a mirror with the beauty of laser engraving. It’s a delightful addition to any room, adding luminary and depth. Whether it’s for a children’s room or a chic living space, this mirror is sure to impress. It will sell well at craft fairs or events centered around home themes.

5. Bamboo Tissue Box 

crafts to make and sell: engraved bamboo tissue box

©xTool Projects

The Bamboo tissue box is not just functional but also a decorative piece. Engraved and scored with intricate designs, it is perfect for living rooms or offices. Given its functional nature, it’s a prime item for local craft fairs or online stores focusing on handcrafted home essentials.

6. Laser-cut Earrings

craft to make and sell: geometric earrings

xTool Projects

With laser cutting, handmade jewelry items can be made with various designs and materials. They are a statement piece that can elevate any outfit. Perfect for fashion-forward individuals looking for unique jewelry pieces. It's one of the easy crafts to make and sell at artisan jewelry stores and online platforms like Etsy. 

7. Earrings Display Stand 

crafts to make and sell: earrings display stand

©ByLaser – Etsy

A functional yet stylish way to display your earring collection. Its laser-cut design adds a touch of elegance to any dressing table. It is ideal for jewelry store displays or for crafters selling at fairs to showcase their earring creations.

8. WildFlowers Laser Cut Necklace

crafts to make and sell: laser cut necklace

©Sugarandvicedesigns – Etsy

This is a necklace that captures the beauty of wildflowers through laser cutting. It resonates with nature lovers. This necklace would be a best-selling item at craft fairs, especially during spring and summer seasons. It is also a great fit for those e-commerce stores that focus on nature-inspired jewelry.

9. Engraved Wood Cutting Board 

crafts to make and sell: engraved wood cutting board

©xTool Projects

This cutting board is a piece of art for your kitchen. Durable and aesthetically pleasing, it is crafted from high-quality Finnish birch plywood and laser engraved with a unique design. It’s perfect for selling at kitchenware stores or at local farmer markets where handcrafted items are appreciated.

10. Wooden Coasters

crafts to make and sell: wooden coasters

©Stripandstripesshop – Etsy

Blending Nordic home decor and functionality, these coasters with their moiré pattern protect surfaces while adding a touch of elegance. They are laser cut of wood to achieve the unique moiré pattern. These coasters will sell well at home decor stores or online platforms that focus on Scandinavian or minimalist designs.

11. Coffee Cup Holder

crafts to make and sell: coffee cup holder

©xTool Projects

This coffee cup holder, crafted with precision, offers a modern touch to any kitchen or office space. Ideal for coffee lovers, it’s a great addition to bustling cafes or trendy workspaces. It will sell greatly near local coffee shops or online coffee lovers' communities.

xtool p2 laser cutter

xTool P2

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12. Leather Corset Belt 

crafts to make and sell: leather corset belt

©GoyarAtelier- Etsy

This genuine leather corset belt is a fashion statement. Given its unique design, it will likely be a best-seller at high-end fashion boutiques or online platforms catering to fashion enthusiasts. It is perfect for those women who want to add an edgy touch to their outfits.

13. Laser Cut Handbag 

crafts to make and sell: laser cut handbags

xTool Projects

This handbag isn't just a bag; it’s a work of art. With intricate laser-cut designs, it combines both functionality and style. It offers ample space for essentials. This handbag would be one of the best-selling handmade items in gift stores.

14. Shawl with Laser-cut Designs 

crafts to make and sell: shawl with laser-cut designs

©NicoGruzling – Etsy

Elevate your fashion game with this bamboo shawl. This shawl is crafted from a soft bamboo jersey and adorned with laser-cut details along its bottom edge. You can recreate those designs with xTool laser cutters. This would be a best seller at fashion boutiques and online stores like Etsy.

15. Desktop Organizer 

crafts to make and sell: desktop organizers

xTool Projects

Organize in style with this laser-cut desktop organizer. With compartments designed for efficiency, it is a perfect product for those who love a tidy workspace. Given its universal use case, it will be at office supply stores, local craft markets, or online stationery stores.

16. Wooden Bookmarkers 

crafts to make and sell: wooden bookmarks

xTool Projects

These wooden bookmarks, crafted from premium wood, are a blend of modern design and tribal artistry. With personal cutouts, you can add a touch of elegance to each piece. As they perfectly match book lovers, they would sell well at literary events, book fairs, or as thoughtful gifts for birthdays.

17. Stationary Holder 

crafts to make and sell: stationary holder

©xTool Projects

A stationary holder is a functional and decorative piece designed to keep your workspace organized. Made from high-quality basswood, this holder is laser-cut to perfection, ensuring a snug fit when assembled. Considering its use case, it is ideal for office spaces, study rooms, or as a gift for students and professionals.

18. Greeting Cards

crafts to make and sell: laser cut greeting cards

xTool Projects

Personalized greeting cards have a charm of their own. It can be tailored with the recipient’s name, making it all the more special. These greeting cards are popular at birthday parties, anniversaries, or any celebratory event where a personal touch is appreciated.

19. Halloween LED Décor Piece 

crafts to make and sell: halloween led decor piece

©SuperVectorGirl - Etsy

Halloween is all about spooky decorations, and these decorative crafts are always trending on the Etsy platform during the fall.

This LED décor piece is perfect for setting the mood. Designed by xTool P2, this piece features intricate laser-cut designs that come alive with LED lights. It’s great for Halloween parties, haunted houses, or adding spooky vibes to your home.

20. Gingerbread House

crafts to make and sell: gingerbread houses

©xTool Projects

Craft a festive Gingerbread House with a unique twist. This project, inspired by a traditional gingerbread house, is made from sturdy cardboard and features intricate laser-cut designs (made through xTool M1).

This gingerbread house is not only a delightful holiday decoration but also a testament to the blend of traditional craft with modern technology. Ideal for selling at holiday markets.

Where to Sell Crafts?

Crafting isn’t a hobby; for many, it’s a livelihood. Whether you’re crafting intricate jewelry, or creating unique art pieces, there is a market out there eager for your creations. But where exactly can you sell your crafts?

Well, you can sell crafts online or through offline channels. Let’s dig deeper into those selling channels:

1. Where to Sell Crafts Online?

  • Etsy: A global marketplace for unique and creative goods, Etsy is the go-to platform for artisans. It is user-friendly, has a vast audience, and is specifically tailored for handmade items. Speaking of platform fees, you’ve to pay $0.20 per listing and a 6.5% fee on sold crafts.
  • Amazon Handmade: A subsection of the e-commerce giant, Amazon Handmade offers handcrafted goods on a platform with a vast reach. It is a curated community where artisans can sell their unique, handcrafted products to millions of customers. Handmade has a subscription-based model, especially for artisans, at $39.99 per month. There’s no other listing or payment processing commission.
  • Big Cartel: Designed for makers, artists, and small businesses, Big Cartel is an easy-to-use platform to showcase and sell your crafts. For less than or equal to 5 products, the platform is free. While there’s a $9.99/month subscription plan for 50 products and $19.99 for 500 products.
  • Facebook Marketplace: Facebook Marketplace is a rapidly growing platform that allows individuals and businesses to sell locally or ship products. It is integrated with the Facebook app, making it accessible to a vast audience. For shipments less than $8, you have to pay $0.40 while for the rest shipments, there’s a 5% commission.
  • Shopify Store: If you’re looking to have more control over your brand and business, creating your own Shopify store is an excellent choice. It provides tools to set up your online store, manage inventory, and handle payments. Shopify has monthly and yearly plans for creating stores, starting as low as $39 a month for the basic plan.

2. Where to Sell Handmade Items Locally?

  • Craft Fairs: These events gather craft enthusiasts and buyers in one place. It is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your handmade products, interact with customers, and make sales.
  • Pop-up Shows: Temporary retail events and pop-up shows offer artisans a platform to sell their products for a short duration, often in high-footfall areas.
  • Farmers' Markets: Not just for fresh produce, farmers’ markets are also a hub for local crafters. It is a great place to introduce your crafts to the local community.
  • Boutiques: Many local boutiques are on the lookout for unique, handcrafted items to add to their inventory. Building a relationship with boutique owners can lead to regular sales.
  • Gift Shops: Tourist spots, hotels, and local attractions often have gift shops that stock local crafts. It is another excellent avenue for artisans to reach a wider audience, including tourists.
  • crafts to sell at gift shops
xtool f1 laser engraver

xTool F1

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Finding Crafts That Sell Well: Factors To Consider 

Crafting has always been a blend of art and commerce. After finding the platforms to sell these crafts, the next bigger challenge is finding crafts that not only resonate with the audience but also bring in profits.

How To Find Crafts That Sell Online?

In the vast world of online commerce, standing out with your crafts requires a strategic approach. The heart of this is market research. Market trends give you insights into what customers are currently seeking.

For instance, Etsy issues Marketplace insight reports on a seasonal basis; you can consult that for current trends. Their latest report, surrounding Early 2024 trends, reveals that 

boho wall art-related searches grew by 50% YoY basis and custom charm necklaces grew by 227%. 

Apart from gauging demand through e-commerce platforms, you can use social media. With their vast user bases and real-time engagement metrics, they are a goldmine of information. Find out crafts that get the most likes, shares, or comments; this can help you identify potential best-sellers. Additionally, join craft communities and forums to get firsthand feedback from fellow artisans and enthusiasts.

While mainstream trends are essential, there’s undeniable value in catering to niche markets. Niche crafts target specific groups, allowing for a more personalized approach. By offering unique crafts that cater to particular interests or needs, you can establish a loyal customer base. These specialized markets often have less competition, and customers in niche segments are typically willing to pay a premium for items tailored to their preferences.

How Do I Decide What To Sell At A Craft Fair?

Finding what sells well at craft fairs requires a blend of market insight and personal passion. Start by researching current crafting trends to identify popular items. Attend other craft fairs or browse online platforms to see what’s in demand.

While trends are essential, it’s crucial to align them with your strengths. Choose crafts you are passionate about and can produce with quality.

Next, consider the audience of the craft fair. Is it holiday-themed? A birthday or a Wedding? Tailor your products to resonate with the attendees. For instance, crafts related to upcoming holidays or local events can be particularly appealing.

Also, think about the practicality of your items. Functional crafts, handcrafted jewelry, often have a broader appeal due to their utility.

FAQs on Making Crafts to Sell

What Are Some Profitable Crafts To Make And Sell? 

Profitable crafts include laser-cut handbags, bamboo shawls with laser-cut designs, and personalized greeting cards. Geometric earrings and engraved wood cutting boards also have a high demand.

How To Sell Crafts Online?

Crafts can be sold online through platforms like Etsy, Amazon Handmade, BigCartel, and Facebook Marketplace. For small businesses who want customized online stores/sites, Shopify would be an excellent option.

What Are The Craft Trends For 2024?

The 2024 craft trends emphasize laser cutting and engraving, with items like wooden lampshades and door signs gaining popularity. Niche crafts, especially those catering to festive themes, are also in demand.

What Sells At Craft Fairs?

Unique and affordable items with a personal touch, such as laser-cut jewelry, home décor, and seasonal crafts tailored to holidays and special occasions, are top sellers at craft fairs.


Crafting in the digital age has evolved beyond traditional methods, opening doors to infinite possibilities. From understanding market trends to selecting the right platform for sales, success in crafting a business requires creativity and strategic planning.

Whether it’s intricate jewelry designs, personalized home decor, or unique fashion accessories, laser technology elevates craftsmanship to unparalleled heights.

For those looking to merge passion with profit, laser cut crafting emerges as a promising avenue. It not only allows artisans to create detailed and unique products but also caters to the growing demand for personalized and bespoke items in the market.

Explore xTool laser cutting and engraving machines today, and take your crafting endeavors to new horizons!

For more questions. Please join our Facebook group to get inspired!

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