Compatible with Machines of Different Sizes


For D1 / D1 Pro & other laser engraver

Enclosure Max

For Extended D1 / D1 Pro & other laser engraver

Upgraded to Max with Add-on

Remove the front piece, assemble with 4 Extension add-on, and then you get the Enclosure Max!

Foldable & Portable


Be able to engrave anywhere: inside & outside


Quickly assembly in 1 minute to upgrade

Safety Protection: Fireproof & more stable structure

Efficient Ventilation

Using the principle of airflow, fresh air is fed into the cover through the air inlet and then discharged outwards from the diagonally positioned exhaust fan.

*Increasing the ventilation efficiency by 200%.

Free Exhaust Fan & Pipe are offered.

Health Protection

17.9*9.8 inch, 455*250 mm viewing window, made of blue light filtering PC,Observing the machine operating in a safer way.

Isolating 99% of the dust particles, odors, and noise during the cutting and engraving process.

View Window * 2

Convenient to observe the whole process

Available for varieties of the open laser cutter

Large working space of 625*613*314mm (24.61*24.13*12.36 inch)Compatible with most open-engraving machines.

Compatible with 3 series of D1, 3 power ports for different height states of the machine.(The three side cable holes of the current enclosure are designed to be compatible with the 30mm risers. So when you are using our 45mm risers, the holes may not fit perfectly with the cables. This issue will be resolved in our new enclosure.)

Large working space of 1180*610*310mm (46.45*24*12.2 in) 

Compatible with most Extended open-engraving machines.

Design Details

Velcro Belt

 for tool storage

Limit Rope

Easy to open/close lidWill support the upper cover when it is halfway open

Exhaust Pipe

Screw steel wire with high expansion and bending, combined with double layer nylon cloth. The length is about 2.0m


Table header 0EnclosureEnclosure Max
Size625*610*310 mm (24.6*24*12.2 in)1180*610*310mm (46.45*24*12.2 in)
View window size455*250 mm(17.9*9.8 in)Enclosure view window *2
Weight3.4 kg6.3 kg
Material4mm honeycomb board material combined with 600D flame retardant polyester fabric4mm honeycomb board material combined with 600D flame retardant polyester fabric
View window materialBlue light filtering PCBlue light filtering PC

Customer Reviews

Based on 101 reviews
Great Enclosure

The enclosure is great and easy to set up. Really cuts down on the fumes and order in your work space. I have the extension set up with the riser legs. I added a 1x4 frame with little L brackets on the top to hold the cover in. This raised the cover up so it fits over the D1 pro with the risers attached.

Stan Jones

The inclosure is a great product. my problem was that I have an ATEZR and it is about 6 inches to large. so I did a little modification by replacing the front an back panels with Plexi. then used a added supports on either side for the top to sit on.
It works Great and im more than satisfied with the product.

Mark Luna

xTool Enclosure: foldable and smoke-proof cover for D1/D1 Pro and other laser engravers

Fred Cole
xTool Enclosure

I the enclosure as well as the air purifier. Both work as expected. I do like that I can use this in the house without the smoke and fumes.

John Roberts

The enclosure was great, went together easy and keeps the smoke out of my shop. could not ask for better.
Thank you
John Roberts

xTool Enclosure: foldable and smoke-proof cover for D1/D1 Pro and other laser engravers
$179.99 $199.99