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Hydro Flask Engraving: The Best Way to Customize It

by Winnie Li Posted in September 08, 2023

Hydro flasks are stainless steel bottles, which are known to keep drinks and beverages cold for up to 24 hours. These insulated bottles fit perfectly in cupholders and are a favorite among many. From gym-goers to daily commuters, everyone loves the efficiency of these bottles.

But there’s more to these bottles than meets the eye. With hydro flask engraving, you can add a personal touch using laser engraving technology to Hydro Flasks bottles, tumblers and other drinkware. Imagine a tumbler with a sleek company logo, a personal monogram, or detailed graphics. That’s quite possible now with a laser engraver

But how can you create a custom hydro flask? That’s where this article comes to the rescue. The article will guide you through the hydro flask laser engraving process, and how you can customize your flask with the best hydro flask laser engraver in town, xTool D1 Pro. So, let’s do it now.

custom laser engraved hydro flask bottles

In This Article

  • What Kind of Laser Would You Need to Customize a Hydro Flask?
  • Factors to Consider When Choosing a Laser Engraver for Hydro Flasks
  • Best Laser Engraver for Hydro Flask Engraving
  • How to Customize A Hydro Flask with Laser Engraving?
  • Conclusion

xTool D1 Pro Diode Laser Engraver

xTool D1 Pro diode laser engraver


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What Kind of Laser Would You Need to Customize a Hydro Flask?

Stainless steel is a favorite material for hydro flasks due to its shiny surface, durability, and resistance to corrosion. The stainless-steel construction along with the vacuum insulation is what maintains the inside temperature.

hydro flask bottles

Image Credits: Expresso Tenango

Tumblers or hydro flasks usually have anodized coating on their outer surface, which makes them an excellent candidate for laser engraving. However, the choice of laser depends upon whether they are powder-coated or not. The following lasers can be used for engraving stainless steel hydro flasks:

Fiber Lasers: These are the top choice for engraving stainless steel. Their wavelength can be absorbed by metals, including stainless steel, making them efficient for the job. They are often used in large-scale businesses due to their power and precision. With just one pass, the engraving is clear and visible.

Diode Lasers: These are typically blue lasers with a wavelength that can be absorbed by the material. If the hydro flasks are coated then these lasers work fine. However, for stainless steel ones, they require multiple passes, and in some cases, it won’t work.

CO2 Lasers: These lasers have a wavelength that works well for non-metals. As in diode laser, a marking spray is needed.

Infrared Lasers: These lasers are designed primarily for engraving metals, especially precious ones. Their beams are easily absorbed by metals, ensuring clear and visible results without any pretreatment.

xTool D1 Pro Diode Laser Engraver

xTool D1 Pro diode laser engraver


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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Laser Engraver for Hydro Flasks

Want a laser engraver for customizing your hydro flask? It may seem a difficult task. However, it’s all about understanding the needs and matching them with the right features. Here’s what you need to look for when choosing a hydro flash engraver:

1. Material

Hydro flasks or tumblers are made of purely stainless steel with a colorful coating. Engraving stainless steel isn’t a job every laser engraver could do. Ideally, fiber lasers are the best for steel. However, since our use case is small, diode or CO2 lasers would work fine on coated flasks. For uncoated ones you may paint or spray them with a coating.

2. Rotary Attachment

Hydro flasks are rounds so how could linear laser beams work on them? That’s where rotary attachment comes in. It is like the turntable for your tumbler. To engrave designs that wrap around the tumbler, the flask is inserted on it. The attachment rotates it 360 degrees for the design to be etched on it all along the circumference.

This part is mostly available as an add-on; you may have to buy it separately for rotary engraving.

3. Laser Power

Think of this as the muscle behind your engravings. A higher-powered laser means faster and deeper engravings, especially on tough materials like stainless steel.

4. Size and Cost

Size matters, especially when it comes to fitting the machine in your workspace. 

Mostly, one buys these types of machines for crafting small DIY projects. In most cases, the budget is constrained. You need a machine that provides true value for money. A machine under $1500 would be a decent choice.

5. Safety Features

We are talking about lasers here, so safety is very important. Look for machines that come with features like auto shut-off, protective enclosures, and fire alarms.

6. Versatility

Maybe today it’s hydro flasks, but tomorrow it could be wooden plaques or glass awards. A machine that can handle a range of materials gives you the freedom to expand your creative horizons.

laser engraving projects of different materials

xTool D1 Pro Diode Laser Engraver

xTool D1 Pro diode laser engraver


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Best Laser Engraver for Hydro Flask Engraving

We revealed the best laser engraver for tumblers in an earlier post. But could the same for hydro flasks? Is there any machine, that meets our requirements? Let’s find out.

xTool D1 Pro

laser engraving on a tumbler

xTool D1 Pro, with its compact size and powerful diode laser modules, is ideal for laser engraving hydro flasks. It comes with the necessary power and add-ons you require for engraving flasks.

D1 Pro is available in 5W, 10W, 20W, and 40W diode lasers. The first two modules, which have a spot size of 0.08 x 0.06 mm, and 0.08 x 0.09 mm respectively, are sufficient for engraving hydro flasks. The latter two are better for laser-cutting applications.

For rotary engraving applications, such as hydro flask engraving, xTool offers attachment separately RA2 Pro. However, it is compatible with D1 Pro. 

RA2 Pro is a 4-in-1 functional rotary attachment. You can use RA2 as a roller rotary, ideal for extra long, wide, and irregular cylinders, such as wine glasses. As a chuck rotary, which is perfect for mugs, tumblers, and hydro flasks. As a sphere rotary for spherical balls or as a ring rotary for rings.

rotary attachment for hydro flask engraving

The next best thing about this rotary attachment is its soft padded jaws. They not only provide a strong grip but also safeguard brittle objects and reduce friction. There’s also a separable level tool, which stabilizes irregularly shaped cylinders during the engraving process.

D1 Pro is super accurate with a motion accuracy of 0.01 mm. No comprises on speed as well. The engraver’s working speed can reach up to 400 mm/s, ensuring that you always stay ahead of orders or personal projects.

Finally, let’s talk about safety. The machine is equipped with a fire alarm and a gyroscope which shuts it off when unbalanced. And it’s the world’s first machine to offer autofire extinguishing capability (sold separately). As the machine detects a fire, it throws off CO2 immediately to put it off.

xTool D1 Pro Diode Laser Engraver

xTool D1 Pro diode laser engraver


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How to Customize A Hydro Flask with Laser Engraving? [The Complete Process]

Now that we know the engraving process, and have the best laser engraver, let’s see how you can create a customized laser engraved hydroflask.

Step 1: Pre-Engraving Adjustments

Familiarize yourself with xTool D1 Pro. You may go through its user manual or watch tutorials. Believe me, it’s super easy to use!

Once you’ve got an idea of how it functions, set the xTool D1 Pro. Elevate its height using the provided risers. This ensures the laser has enough clearance over the flask. 

Next, connect the rotary attachment, making sure it is adjusted to accommodate the flask’s shape.

Step 2: Cleaning and Measurements

Give your Hydro Flask a thorough cleaning; make sure it is free from dust or any particles. If your flask is uncoated stainless steel, apply a thin layer of laser marking spray and let it dry.

Once done, take accurate measurements of the flask’s dimensions. Using software like XCS, import and adjust your design to fit these measurements. You may add dry beans or rice to weigh down the flask. This lets the flask turn freely during engraving.

Step 3: Place the Hydro Flask into the Engraver

Position your Hydro Flask on the rotary attachment, ensuring it is secure. You need to use its chuck rotary functionality.

Step 4: Begin the Engraving Process

Before you engrave, preview the design’s placement on the flask using the software’s framing feature. Select framing in XCS, then push the start button on the machine.

Once framing is complete, and everything looks good, initiate the engraving process. Finally, clean off any residues from the flask.


Laser engraving has revolutionized the way we personalize items like hydro flasks. With the right tools, such as the XTool D1 Pro, customization becomes a breeze.

Whether you’re looking to add a personal touch or brand a collection of flasks, laser engraving offers precision and lasting results. Next time you pick up a hydro flask, think of the endless design possibilities that await!


Can hydro flasks be laser engraved?

Yes, hydro flasks can be laser engraved. The stainless steel surface is ideal for creating detailed and permanent designs using laser technology.

What is the best way to customize a hydro flask?

The most effective way to customize a flask is through laser engraving. It provides a permanent design, allowing for intricate patterns, logos, or text.

Can you engrave hydro flasks with a diode laser?

Diode lasers, like xTool D1 Pro, are effective for engraving hydro flasks. They offer precision, especially on coated surfaces, ensuring clear and lasting designs.

What is the best laser engraver for hydro flasks?

The xTool D1 Pro stands out as a top laser engraver for hydro flasks. Its combination of power, precision, and flask-friendly features makes it a favorite among engraving enthusiasts.

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