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5 Best Hobby Laser Cutter Machines for At-Home Creativity

by Winnie Li Posted on October 21, 2023

DIY crafting has blossomed to become a dominant force in the realm of creative expression. Everywhere we turn, individuals are crafting, molding, and designing, bringing their visions to life with their own hands. This surge in hands-on creativity highlights the enduring appeal of personal creation and innovation.

We cannot understate the role of technology in this creative wave. Recently launched tech tools, especially the hobby laser cutters for home crafters, have elevated the crafting experience. These tools offer unparalleled precision and speed, transforming the way we approach design and fabrication. However, if you’re new to the segment, choosing the right hobby laser cutter can be a tough job. 

hobby laser cutters for home use

This article will guide you on that journey. We will spotlight the best hobby laser cutters in the market today, breaking down their features to help you find the perfect match for your creative endeavors.

In This Article

  • Top Hobby Laser Cutters for Home Use
  • Why Invest in A Hobby Laser Cutter for Home Use?
  • Features to Consider When Buying a Hobby Laser Cutter?
  • Creative Projects to Take on With Your Home Laser Cutter
  • Conclusion

Top 5 Hobby Laser Cutters for Home Use

After thorough research, we have made a list of the top 5 hobby laser cutters on the market. They have been chosen based on their versatility, compactness, and affordability.

1. xTool D1 Pro Hobby Laser Cutter

xTool D1 Pro is the best hobby laser cutter for those just starting their DIY journey. Its 10W diode laser module is a minimal investment, just costing $549. Well, if you want more power or want to cut thicker materials, it also comes in the 40W module (the first most powerful diode laser ever made).

xtool d1 pro: home laser cutter machine

Speaking of internals, the machine is spacious with a working area measuring, 430*390*50mm, which extends to 930*430mm with the xTool extension kit. This much space is enough to handle all décor and home crafts.

It has solid steel construction, and its sliding wheels are designed to last 100,000 slides. However, since it’s an open-diode laser, I recommend using it with the xTool D1 Pro enclosure. 

Material-wise, it’s versatile too. You can cut leather, opaque acrylic, wood, cardboard, felt, and paper. For engravings, it also supports glass, stone, stainless steel, painted and plated metal. In terms of software compatibility, it does support Lightburn along with xTool’s signature, XCS. 

The machine does support the engraving of cylinder objects with the xTool rotary attachment. Plus, it’s compatible with the xTool riser base which gives up additional height. 

Safety-wise, it has got a fire sensor, and a gyroscope sensor to alert when the machine isn’t positioned properly. You may also choose a fire safety set to get a fully-secure experience.

xTool D1 Pro Key Features

  • Available in power modules, 5W, 10W. 20W and 40W
  • Exceptional motion accuracy of 0.01mm
  • Supports rotary engraving
  • Maximum engraving speed of 400mm/s
  • The most affordable open diode laser cutter

2. xTool M1 Hobby Laser Cutter

xTool M1 is the world’s first 2-in-1 hybrid laser machine, ideal for homeowners, DIYers, and hobbyists. It has a laser cutter, engraver, and blade cutter, all packed in one compact unit.

xtool m1: home laser cutter

In the materials segment, it is quite popular too. It can handle over 500 materials, especially vinyl, which laser cutters cannot handle. But M1 has a dedicated blade-cutting module for that. It is simple to operate too. Simply position your material, activate the auto-focus, and witness the precision in action.

vinyl projects made with xtool m1 hobby laser cutter

Another standout feature is its 16MP camera which provides users with a real-time workspace preview. But its utility extends beyond mere visualization. It detects multiple workpieces and integrates their snapshots directly into the XCS software. This facilitates simultaneous work on diverse designs or materials.

M1 has an enclosed workspace with a tinted, laser-filtering lid. Yet, it offers plenty of space for cutting and engraving. The processing area available for laser cutting measures 385*300mm while for blade-cutting, it slightly shortens to 365*300. 

What’s more, is the ability to get most of this workspace. Firstly, you can engrave on cylindrical objects with the RA2 attachment. Then, there’s a riser base to operate on taller objects. The best part is the machine comes pre-assembled, just turn it on and begin your crafting journey!

xTool M1 Key Features

  • World’s first desktop cutter to include both laser (5/10W Diode) and blade cutter.
  • Fully Enclosed Design with laser filtering lid
  • Smart 16MP camera drag-and-drop operation
  • Supports engraving on cylindrical objects
  • Handles over 500 materials
  • Best for beginners; comes fully pre-assembled

3. xTool F1 Hobby Laser Engraver

If you want a top-notch portable laser engraver, a device you could carry around at craft shows to showcase your crafting abilities, xTool F1 is the device. It’s super portable and super fast.

xtool f1: portable laser engraver for home use

First, it is lightweight (4.6 kg) and has a handheld design, making cutting and engraving jobs easy on the go. Second, it’s super fast. You get 4000 mm/s engraving speed, a speed 8 times what you find on other desktop laser engravers. This speed is comparable to fiber lasers. F1 works on that industrial galvo technology which lets it achieve this much speed.

F1 houses two laser modules. A 10W diode laser for common materials like paper, wood, leather, acrylic, and glass. And a special IR laser for engraving metals.

Despite its small size, it is compatible with multiple xTool accessories. For instance, it does have a slide extension kit which expands the working area to 400*115mm. Plus, it also supports rotary engraving with RA2 Pro.

F1 also has one of its kind, blue light preview, which lets you visualize how the engravings would look on the specimen before you actually do it.

It is fully enclosed with a laser filtering lid to keep you safe. The built-in exhaust fan and air purpose quickly extract smoke, keeping the outside environment smell, and smoke-free.

xTool F1 Key Features

  • Most portable engraver for metal; just 4.6 kg
  • Fastest at-home laser cutter; engraves at 4000 mm/s
  • Hand-held design for ease of use
  • Switchable dual lasers, 10W diode, and 1064 nm IR
  • Blue preview for engravings
  • Laser Filtering lid

4. Glowforge Aura

glowforge aura: at home laser cutter


Aura is Glowforge’s latest smart desktop laser. It’s a 6W diode laser designed for at-home cutting and engraving jobs. Its power is enough to cut up to ¼-inch (6mm) thick materials. This includes leather, wood, veneer, paper, and acrylic.

Speaking of size, the machine can handle projects of sizes up to 304.8*304.8mm. The lid is also quite wide which lets you the operations going on inside. Plus, there’s an additional step-through slot feature that removes the cap on the length.

Moreover, there’s a smart camera that captures everything placed inside and you can drag and drop designs to cut, engrave, or score. The control is super easy with a wireless web app, Glowforge Print; you can operate it from your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Create your designs or choose from the Glowforge library, and then let the laser do its magic.

In the safety department, certain sensors alert if something is wrong within the machine.

Glowforge Aura Key Features

  • 6W Portable Diode Laser
  • Cuts up to 6mm thick materials
  • Passthrough slot for engraving on long sheets
  • Wireless Connectivity with Glowforge Print

5. Two Trees TT-5.5S

Two Trees TT-5.5S: laser cutter for home use


TT-5.5S is another open diode hobby laser cutting machine like xTool D1 Pro. However, it comes with a 5W laser diode; a smaller power, yet enough for beginners.

It has a working area of 300 by 300mm which allows for working on most school and DIY projects. The manufacturer claims that the machine can work with MDF, bamboo, rubber, cardboard, wood, and leather among some other materials. But considering the power, it will take multiple passes to achieve a cutting job.

There’s z-axis lifting, which can be configured to raise or lower the laser head (0 to 40mm) based on different material heights. You may also alter the accuracy by changing the tightness of the x-axis belt tensioner.

In the software department, it’s too versatile. Works with popular laser cutter software like Lightburn, LaserGRBL, and Benbox.

TTS-5.5S Key Features

  • Adjustable laser head height (0 to 40mm)
  • 0.08 laser spot, thanks to LD + FAC technology
  • Ample processing area, 300*300mm
  • Compatible with all popular laser software

Why Invest in A Hobby Laser Cutter for Home Use?

In the past, laser cutters were a distant dream for home enthusiasts. These machines were synonymous with hefty price tags, and massive sizes, and were primarily reserved for large businesses or industrial settings. However, just as colossal business computers evolved into smartphones, industrial lasers have undergone a similar transformation. As highlighted in the previous section, we now have smart desktop versions of these powerful tools.

These smart hobby laser cutters are quite handy and serve multiple purposes beyond a hobby. For instance, you can use them for:

Personalizing Gifts and Household Items

The magic of laser cutters lies in their ability to engrave with impeccable detail. Imagine personalizing your kitchen utensils with intricate designs or crafting an engraved signboard for your home. From gifting a customized piece of jewelry to designing unique keepsakes, hobby laser engravers open a world of possibilities.

pesonalized jerwelry made with hobby laser engraver

Crafting Unique Designs and Artwork

Precision is the hallmark of hobby laser cutters. Their accuracy allows for the creation of intricate designs and artworks that stand out. Be it a piece of wall art, a decorative item, or a statement piece for your living room, these laser cutters empower you to craft unique and personalized décor.

Potential for Small Business or Side Income

Investing in a hobby laser cutting machine seems like a significant upfront cost, but this investment can have promising returns. Beyond personal projects, you can generate a passive form of these hobby laser cutters.

There are multiple profitable crafts to make and sell with these machines – whether it’s designing and cutting unique stickers or crafting festive décor for occasions like Halloween or Christmas.

halloween crafts made with hobby laser cutter

Educational Value for Kids and Teens

Children, especially those with a keen interest in science and DIY projects, can greatly benefit from these tools. For instance, sometimes it is challenging to find the right materials or components for school laser projects. With a laser cutter at home, this hurdle is easily overcome. Whether it’s engraving a piece of wood or cutting out specific shapes from acrylic, you have a lot to try with laser cutters.

hobby laser cutter for kids' projects

Of course, safety is important, so make sure kids use these machines under adult supervision. But the hands-on experience they’ll gain, coupled with the thrill of creating, will make learning impactful and fun.

Features to Consider When Buying a Hobby Laser Cutter?

Venturing into the world of laser cutting can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially if you're just starting. And with the options out there, it’s a challenge to find the right machine. However, if you focus on just these factors, your investment in a desktop laser cutter will turn out to be fruitful.

Optical Power

The potency of a laser cutter is determined by its optical power. This power, measured in watts (W), dictates the machine’s cutting and engraving capabilities. For hobbyists, laser cutters typically come in the range of 5W to 40W. The higher the wattage, the thicker the material it can cut. However, for most home-based projects, a 10W module often suffices; it is a good balance between cost and performance.

Size and Working Area

Size and weight do matter since you may be moving the machine around the house. Luckily, laser cutters don’t carry much weight, however, if you’re looking for something portable, I would recommend a hobby laser engraver like xTool F1.

The internal space is equally important as it limits your crafting possibilities. Most machines offer a working area slightly larger than an A4 sheet, but there are exceptions. So, assess your project needs and ensure the machine’s crafting area aligns with them.

Materials Compatibility

Different laser cutters have varying compatibility with materials. While most diode cutters can work with wood, paper, fabric, leather, and opaque acrylic, and perform metal engraving, it is vital to verify the range of materials a machine can handle. Some advanced models, like the xTool M1, go a step further. They can cut materials like vinyl, courtesy of an additional blade cutter. Always check materials compatibility before buying.

Safety Features

Safety should always be a top priority when working with powerful tools like laser cutters. Seek out machines that prioritize user safety. Look for enclosed designs, laser filtering lids, flame detection sensors, and machines that turn off automatically when sensing a hazard.

Software Compatibility

All machines work with their customized software. But versatility in this area can be a significant advantage. Machines that are compatible with industry-standard software, such as Lightburn, offer users a familiar interface and a broader range of functionalities. Opting for such machines will simplify the learning curve and enhance the overall user experience.

Ease of Use

Laser machines have come a long way and most of them are designed with user-friendly features. Certain machines shine in this segment with autofocus adjustments, camera previews, and one-button operation that simplifies the whole process. Opt for these machines.

Budget Considerations

It is understandable to be cautious about investing in a tool primarily used for leisure. Fortunately, the market offers a range of options to suit various budget constraints. You can find reliable and efficient hobby laser cutters priced between $500 to $1500. Do to stay within your budget, but ensure you’re not compromising on crucial features and functionalities.

Creative Projects to Take on With Your Home Laser Cutter

We have spoken of a lot of crafting abilities of hobby laser cutters. Now let’s move to the practical segment. Here are a few creative projects that xTool users have created with their lasers:

Graduation Cap

hobby laser cutter project: personalized graduation cap

The graduation cap is a symbol of achievement and pride. With a hobby laser cutter, you can add a personal touch to this iconic piece. With xTool M1, you can cut a lettering film and paste it onto your graduation cap. You may also engrave a memorable quote, a date, or a unique design – multiple crafting possibilities.

Acrylic Name Card

hobby laser cutter project: acrylic name cards

Acrylic name cards are not only durable but also exude a touch of class. Using a laser cutter (xTool M1), you can etch intricate designs, logos, or even your name in stylish fonts onto the acrylic surface. The result is a professional-looking name card that leaves a lasting impression.

Wedding Greeting Cards

hobby laser cutter project: wedding greeting cards

Weddings are special occasions, and what better way to convey your wishes than with a personalized greeting card? With a home laser cutter, you can craft elegant wedding cards with intricate designs and heartfelt messages. The precision ensures that every detail is captured beautifully.

Wooden Land Rover Discovery Model

hobby laser cutter project: Land Rover Discovery model

For automobile enthusiasts, a wooden model of their favorite car can be a cherished keepsake. You can craft a detailed wooden model of the Land Rover Discovery. All you need is a design file, replicating the original model, and a precise desktop laser cutter like xTool M1.

Table Salt and Pepper Rack

home laser cutter project: table salt and pepper rack

A dinner table is incomplete without the quintessential salt and pepper. This salt and pepper rack is designed to keep both these essentials at arm's reach. Made using a xTool D1 pro 10W, the design is precise and the finish is impeccable. It will be a simple yet effective addition to any dinner table.

3D Puzzle Alarm Clock

home laser cutter project: 3d puzzle alarm clock

Waking up to the sound of an alarm is routine, but what if your alarm clock was a piece of art? The 3D Puzzle Alarm Clock is a unique blend of functionality and creativity. Assembling it can be a fun activity, and once done, it stands as a testament to your crafting skills.

Desk Organizer

home laser cutter project: desk organizer

Organize your workspace with style using the Desk Organizer. Crafted with xTool D1 Pro, this sleek organizer is designed to hold all your essentials, from stationery to notes, and complement any décor.

Mother Daughter Engraved Key Chains

home laser engraver project: engraved keychains

The bond between a mother and daughter is special. Celebrate this bond with the mother-daughter key chains. These keychains are engraved with designs that symbolize this unique relationship. It is a small token, but one that carries a lot of emotions. Gift it, use it, and cherish the bond it represents.

Pucket Game

home laser cutter project: pucket game

The Pucket game promises hours of fun and is a testament to the competitive spirit. The objective is straightforward: get all your game pieces across the middle line before your opponent does. The best part: you can easily craft this entertaining game with our hobby laser cutter, D1 Pro.

Thanksgiving Sign

home laser cutter project: thanksgiving sign

Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude, family gatherings, and festive decorations. What better way to welcome the holiday than with a personalized Thanksgiving sign? Using your hobby laser cutter, you can craft a sign that resonates with the spirit of the season.

Whether you choose to engrave a heartfelt message, a festive design, or even a family name, the sign will undoubtedly light up your Thanksgiving celebrations.


Smart laser technology has reached homes in the form of hobby laser cutters, which offer endless opportunities. We have seen the top products in the market, and what can be achieved with them. We hope our ideas have sparked your imagination.

At xTool, our mission is clear: we craft machines for passionate DIYers and educators, enabling them to bring their visions to life. Choose an xTool machine and fully unleash your creative potential. We eagerly await to see the magic you create with xTool!

For more questions. Please join our Facebook group to get inspired!

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