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50 Awesome Wood Craft Ideas: Use Yourself or Sell!

by Winnie Li Posted on August 21, 2023

Crafting enthusiasts, have you ever marveled at the precision of a beautifully engraved wooden piece? That’s the magic of laser cutting and engraving machines at work. These incredible devices transform a simple block of wood into a masterpiece, capturing the finest details with impeccable accuracy.

wood craft ideas

The beauty of these machines lies in their versatility. Whether it’s a delicate floral pattern or an intricate geometric design, they can bring any vision to life on wood. And the best part? You have endless crafting options, from stunning home decor to unique gifts that leave a lasting impression.

Now, if you are looking for inspiration, you're in the right place. This article is packed with 50 fantastic wood craft ideas. Whether you are crafting for personal joy or thinking of selling your creations, there’s something here for everyone.

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In This Article

  • Wood Craft Ideas for Home Décor
  • Wood Craft Ideas For Storage
  • Wood Craft Ideas For Gifting
  • Wood Craft Ideas For The Kitchen
  • Wood Craft Ideas For Entertainment

Wood Craft Ideas for Home Decor

Wood brings a timeless warmth and natural elegance to any living space. From wall hangings to intricate centerpieces, its versatility shines in countless home decor crafts.

1. Narnia Tealight Candle Lamp

wood craft ideas: candle lamp

©xTool Projects

Imagine a cozy evening where a tealight holder transports you straight to the enchanting world of Narnia. That’s the magic behind the Narnia Tealight. Its intricate design comes alive when illuminated, setting a mystical ambiance perfect for those special moments.

This craft has been created by one of our xTool D1 Pro users. You can recreate with walnut plywood by downloading its laser cut files and following the craft procedure.

2. Wooden Maple Leaf Charm

wood craft ideas: wooden maple leaf charm

©xTool Projects

Nature lovers, here’s a treat for you! This wooden Maple Leaf charm beautifully captures the essence of a maple leaf. It is more than a decorative piece; you can even design to wear it as a pendant. It adds a touch of nature that you can carry or display in your home.

It’s another xTool project, made through xTool P2. The design consists of three layers: top, middle, and base. After cutting, glue the layers together to form the charm.

3. Family Door Sign

wood craft ideas: family door sign

©xTool Projects

Moving to a new place or celebrating family? This Door Sign, crafted from basswood and MDF, is the perfect way to make a house feel like home. Personalized and warm, it is a welcoming sight for anyone stepping through your door.

Crafting Method: First, laser cut the design into wood. Then, position the lettering in the center of the MDF base plate and join them.

4. Stay Cool Summer Door Hanger

wood craft ideas: summer theme door hanger

©SuperVectorGirl - Etsy

Summer's in full swing, and what better way to embrace it than with a fun door hanger? This door hanger, featuring sunglasses and ice cream, is a delightful reminder to enjoy sunny days and stay cool.

Its design may seem complex but things get much easier when you have the downloadable laser cut file. Get that, and a piece of 3mm basswood. Then, use our xTool M1 laser cutter to create this cool summer piece.

5. Modular Hexagon Frame

wood craft ideas: modular hexagon fram

©xTool Projects

For those who love changing things, the Modular Hexagon Frame is a dream come true. Its innovative design lets you expand and rearrange as you please. Whether you are showcasing memories or just looking for a versatile decor piece, this frame is perfect for all options.

Crafting Method: Start by sketching the design using XCS software. Then, laser cut into the wood through xTool M1. Wait around 45 mins and your craft is ready. You may follow this detailed procedure if you’re facing trouble designing it.

xTool M1 Laser Cutter

xtool m1


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6. Wooden Lamp Shade

wood craft ideas: wooden lamp shade

©xTool Projects

Picture a cozy corner in your room illuminated by a lampshade. This 12-sided lampshade casts a warm and nostalgic glow, transforming any space into a serene haven. Crafted with precision, each laser-cut piece comes together to create this masterpiece.

To craft this décor piece, laser cut the design on 12 equal sizes of 3mm basswood. Then, add the lamp inside and glue the pieces together.

7. Big Ben Clock Face

wood craft ideas: big ben clock face

©xTool Projects

Bring a piece of London right into your living room with the Big Ben Clock Face. This wooden clock captures the essence of the iconic landmark. It is more than a timepiece; it is a conversation starter as it takes one back to their London memories.

Crafting Tip: Get a 3mm basswood sheet. Laser cut and engrave the clock pattern onto it. Prepare the clock needle with the same method. Then, add the clock machinery to it.

8. 3D Christmas Tree

wood craft ideas: 3d christmas tree

©xTool Projects

The magic of Christmas comes alive with this 3D Christmas tree. While it lays flat, a simple slide of its pieces brings it to life. Perfect for the holiday season, this tree can be a centerpiece or an addition to your Christmas decor collection.

Crafting tip: Get the design file and then laser cut it into the wood. Once all pieces are cut, paint them with colors, and assemble them to form the 3D tree.

9. SpiderWeb Garland

wood craft ideas: spiderweb garland

©xTool Projects

Halloween calls for a touch of spookiness, and the Spiderweb Garland delivers just that. Made from wood and adorned with a jute cord, it sets the perfect eerie ambiance. Hang it up and let the Halloween festivities begin!

It’s a Halloween art piece made by one of our community members. You can also create it with 3mm basswood and xTool D1 Pro. Just follow the project design steps.

10. Candle Holder

wood carft ideas: candle holder

©xTool Projects

Set the mood for a romantic evening with this wooden Candle Holder. Laser-cut to perfection, this holder adds elegance to any table setting, making every candlelit moment memorable.

Crafting Method: The design is laser cut from a single piece of wood. After cutting, the pieces are assembled together to form the candle holder.

xTool D1 Pro Diode Laser Cutter

a woodworker making a wood project using a laser cutter


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Wood Craft Ideas For Storage

Wood, due to its sturdy nature, is an ideal material for storage solutions. Its durability ensures that items are kept safe, while its aesthetic charm adds a touch of elegance to any space. This section highlights all those endless wood crafts you can create with a laser machine, especially with xTool.

11. Wooden Storage Box

wood craft ideas: storage box

©xTool Projects

A wooden storage box is a classic and timeless piece. Its design is functional and aesthetically pleasing. It is perfect for storing small items, keepsakes, or even as a decorative piece in your living space.

How to craft: Take a basswood sheet, 3 mm thick and laser cut it based on the design. Next, All, you have to do is assemble, ensuring each piece fits snugly. The result? You get a durable and elegant box that speaks of craftsmanship and style.

12. Children’s Bookshelf

wood craft ideas: children's bookshelf

©xTool Projects

Every children’s room needs a special place for their treasured stories. This wooden bookshelf is not about functionality; it’s about sparking the imagination. Designed with kids in mind, it is sturdy and has a playful touch. 

The crafting process involves careful measurements, cutting, painting, and assembling. Once done, it stands as a testament to the love of reading you’re instilling in your child. Explore this xTool project and design it for your child.

13. Plain Tissue Box

wood craft ideas: tissue box

©xTool Projects

Who said tissue boxes can’t be made stylish? This wooden tissue box is a blend of simplicity and elegance. It is designed to fit standard tissue packs. And adds a touch of sophistication to any room.

To craft it, take a birch plywood (3mm) and laser cut its six sheets based on the design. Assemble and glue them together. 

14. Mobile Phone Stand

wood crafts: mobile phone stand

©xTool Projects

In today’s digital age, even our phone stands can be a piece of art. This mobile phone stand, designed to resemble a grand piano, is functional and decorative. It is crafted primarily from Basswood and Lauan plywood. The stand also doubles as an amplifier to redirect sound from your phone’s speaker for a better audio experience.

The crafting involves engraving, cutting, and assembling multiple components. It’s a beautiful fusion of technology and art.

15. Jewelry Box

wood craft ideas: jewelry box