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How to Make Money with Woodworking - A Step-By-Step Guide

by Winnie Li Posted in January 06, 2023

In a world where digital technology seems to have taken over every aspect of our lives, the art of woodworking remains an evergreen craft that continues to attract hobbyists and entrepreneurs alike. Woodworking not only allows individuals to unleash their creativity but also offers the opportunity to make a profitable business from their passion. In this article, we will cover various ways to make money from woodworking, introduce you to the indispensable woodworking tool of laser engravers, and guide you through the process of starting your own woodworking business. Additionally, we'll reveal ten of the most profitable woodworking projects that sell, setting you on the path to success in this rewarding field. So, let's dive into the world of woodworking and discover how you can make money with woodworking.

In This Article

  • What is Woodworking?
  • Can You Make Money Woodworking?
  • Ways to Make Money Woodworking
  • The Most Versatile Woodworking Tool: Laser Engravers
  • How to Start a Woodworking Business?
  • How to Sell Woodworking Projects?
  • 10 Most Profitable Woodworking Projects That Sell
  • Conclusion

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a woodworker making a wood project using a laser cutter


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What is Woodworking?

Woodworking is the art and craft of creating objects from wood, utilizing a range of techniques such as carving, cutting, shaping, and joining. It encompasses a wide variety of activities, from the construction of furniture and cabinetry to the creation of decorative pieces and functional items. Woodworkers use various tools, including traditional hand tools like chisels and saws, as well as modern power tools and wood laser engravers, to skillfully manipulate wood and bring their creative visions to life.

a woodworker making woodworking projects using a laser engraver

Woodworking can be pursued as a hobby, a profession, or even as a means of self-expression. The versatility and adaptability of wood make it an ideal medium for both beginners and experienced artisans alike. As you develop your skills and knowledge, you can take on more complex woodworking projects, allowing your woodworking abilities to grow alongside your creativity.

For centuries, woodworking has held a significant place in human history, with skilled woodworkers being highly valued for their craftsmanship. Today, the demand for unique, high-quality, and personalized wooden items remains strong, offering those with woodworking skills the opportunity to generate income from their craft. 

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a woodworker making a wood project using a laser cutter


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Can You Make Money Woodworking?

A question that often arises among enthusiasts and hobbyists is, "Is woodworking profitable?" The answer is yes! The key to making money with woodworking lies in identifying the right niche, creating high-quality and unique products, and effectively marketing and selling your creations. Let's explore some of the factors contributing to the profitability of woodworking:

1. High demand for custom and unique pieces: In a world increasingly dominated by mass-produced items, many consumers crave unique and personalized products, such as wood gifts and wooden wall art. Woodworking allows you to create one-of-a-kind pieces tailored to individual preferences, which are highly sought after by customers.

personalize wooden coasters with a laser engraver

2. Versatility: Woodworking offers a wide range of possibilities, from custom furniture and home decor to smaller items like cutting boards and wooden toys. The versatility of the craft allows you to cater to various markets and find the perfect balance between your interests, skillset, and the demands of potential customers.

3. Online sales opportunities: The rise of online marketplaces and social media platforms has made it easier than ever to showcase and sell your woodworking projects. By leveraging these channels and building a strong online presence, you can reach a wider audience and attract more customers.

4. High profit margins: With the right approach, you can achieve high profit margins in woodworking. By sourcing materials at competitive prices, optimizing production processes, and pricing your products appropriately, you can maximize your earnings while keeping customers satisfied.

5. Growing interest in sustainable and eco-friendly products: As people become more environmentally conscious, the demand for sustainable and eco-friendly products is on the rise. Woodworking enables you to use responsibly sourced materials and create items that last, which can be a strong selling point for your business.

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a woodworker making a wood project using a laser cutter


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Ways to Make Money Woodworking

Transforming your woodworking passion into a profitable venture involves exploring various avenues to generate income. Below are some ways you can make money with woodworking, both online and locally:

Sell crafts online

One of the most effective ways to reach a wider audience and sell your woodworking projects is through online platforms. Online marketplaces like Etsy, eBay, and Amazon Handmade cater to artisans and crafters, providing an excellent platform for showcasing and selling your products. Additionally, you can create your own website or leverage social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to display your creations and connect with potential customers.

Sell crafts locally

Another way to generate income is by selling your woodworking projects in your local community. Participate in local craft fairs, farmers markets, or artisan events to display your products and engage with customers face-to-face. Collaborate with local boutiques, gift shops, or furniture stores to stock your items on consignment, allowing you to tap into their existing customer base. Local sales opportunities help you build a strong reputation, gain valuable feedback, and create lasting relationships with customers.

sell woodworking projects locally

Create custom furniture

Offer custom-made pieces tailored to individual preferences and requirements, such as personalized gifts, bespoke furniture, or unique home decor items. Custom woodworking projects can be highly profitable, as customers are often willing to pay a premium for personalized products that meet their specific needs and tastes.

Teach woodworking classes

Share your expertise and passion for woodworking by offering classes, workshops, or tutorials. Teaching woodworking skills can be a steady source of income and helps you establish yourself as an expert in your field. You can conduct classes in person at a local community center, makerspace, or even at your own workshop, or create online courses to reach a global audience.

Create and sell woodworking plans

If you have a knack for designing woodworking projects, consider selling detailed plans, patterns, or blueprints to fellow woodworkers or DIY enthusiasts. You can offer these plans through your website or online marketplaces, or even create instructional videos and monetize them through YouTube or other video-sharing platforms.

Woodworking services

Offer specialized woodworking services such as wood repair, refinishing, or restoration. Many people have wooden furniture or antiques that require maintenance or restoration, and your woodworking skills can help meet this demand. Collaborate with local interior designers, architects, or contractors to provide custom woodworking solutions for their projects, such as cabinetry, mouldings, or built-in furniture.

Licensing your designs

If you have unique and innovative woodworking designs, you can license them to manufacturers or retailers. Licensing agreements allow other companies to produce and sell your designs in exchange for royalties or a one-time fee, providing you with a passive income stream.

Write articles or start a woodworking blog

Share your knowledge, experience, and passion for woodworking by writing articles or starting your own blog. As your audience grows, you can monetize your content through advertising, sponsored posts, or affiliate marketing.

By exploring these different ways to make money with woodworking, you can create a diversified income stream that leverages your skills, knowledge, and creativity. Whether you choose to sell crafts online, engage with your local community, or share your expertise through teaching or writing, you have the potential to turn your woodworking passion into a profitable business.

The Most Versatile Woodworking Tool: Laser Engravers

In the world of woodworking, having the right tools is essential for creating high-quality products and streamlining your production process. While traditional hand tools and power tools have their place, laser engravers have emerged as one of the most versatile and efficient woodworking tools available.

Laser engravers work by using a high-powered laser beam to engrave designs into wood and many other materials, as well as cutting through various materials with incredible precision. The benefits of using laser engravers in your woodworking business include:

Speed and efficiency: Laser engravers are much faster than manual methods because they rely on computer-controlled technology, which eliminates the need for manual adjustments and positioning. By automating the engraving and cutting process, the laser beam can move swiftly and accurately across the material, following a pre-programmed design. This results in significantly reduced production times, allowing you to complete more projects in less time and increasing your overall productivity.

Precision and accuracy: The laser engraving and laser cutting process allows for exceptional detail and accuracy due to the laser's pinpoint focus and computer-guided movements. This level of precision enables you to create intricate designs, patterns, and shapes that would be difficult or time-consuming to achieve using traditional tools, which may be subject to human error or limitations in control. The laser's ability to produce consistent, fine lines and edges leads to a higher quality finish, giving your products a professional and polished appearance.

Versatility: Laser engravers can be used on a variety of wood types and thicknesses, making them suitable for a wide range of woodworking projects. From cutting out intricate shapes to engraving detailed designs, laser engravers can handle it all. Additionally, their cutting and engraving abilities extend beyond wood, allowing you to work with materials such as acrylic, leather, fabric, and more.

Consistency: With a laser engraver, you can reproduce the same design multiple times with exact precision, ensuring consistent quality across your products. This is particularly important when cutting pieces that need to fit together seamlessly, as the laser ensures precise cuts every time.

Personalization: Laser engravers can easily create custom and personalized items by engraving names, logos, or unique designs, adding value to your woodworking projects and appealing to customers looking for unique, personalized pieces.

Reduced material waste: The precision of laser engravers minimizes material waste, besides, the laser cutting and engraving is a non-contact process, allowing you to cut and engrave with minimal damage to the surrounding wood. This not only reduces your material costs but also aligns with environmentally conscious practices.

xTool P2 55W CO2 Laser Cutter

a woodworker making a wood project using a laser cutter


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How to Start a Woodworking Business?

Starting a woodworking business can be an exciting and rewarding venture for those passionate about the craft. Here are some essential steps to help you establish a successful woodworking business:

Develop a business plan

A solid business plan is the foundation of any successful business. Outline your goals, target market, product offerings, pricing strategy, and marketing approach. Include an analysis of your competitors and identify your unique selling points that set you apart from others in the market. A well-researched and comprehensive business plan will guide your decision-making.

Acquire the necessary skills

Ensure you have the required woodworking skills to create high-quality products that meet your customers' expectations. Invest time in honing your craft, learn new techniques, and stay updated on industry trends. Consider taking courses, attending workshops, or working with an experienced woodworker to develop your skills further.

Invest in quality tools and equipment

Your tools and equipment are critical to the quality and efficiency of your woodworking business. Invest in reliable and versatile tools such as laser engravers, which can increase the speed, precision, and diversity of your products. Ensure you have adequate space for your workshop and maintain a safe and organized work environment.

Obtain necessary permits and license

Depending on your location, you may need specific permits or licenses to operate your woodworking business. Research the requirements in your area and ensure that you're in compliance with local regulations.

Establish an online presence

Develop a website and utilize social media platforms to showcase your products, share your story, and engage with potential customers. Online marketing is essential for reaching a wider audience and increasing your visibility in the market.

Network locally

Connect with your local community by participating in craft fairs, farmers' markets, and artisan events. Form partnerships with local retailers, interior designers, or contractors who can help promote your products and services.

Licensing your designs

If you have unique and innovative woodworking designs, you can license them to manufacturers or retailers. Licensing agreements allow other companies to produce and sell your designs in exchange for royalties or a one-time fee, providing you with a passive income stream.

How to Sell Woodworking Projects?

Determine the Right Price

Before setting a price for your woodworking projects, you need to consider the materials and labor you will use, and the time you will put into each project. Make sure to research and find out what other woodworking projects are selling for in your area and online. This will give you an idea of how much you should charge for your projects. Once you have done your research, you will need to decide on a price for your projects. Make sure to stay competitive and price your projects accordingly. Consider offering discounts or incentives to customers who purchase multiple projects at once.

Selling Your Projects Online

Creating an online store is a great way to reach more customers and increase sales. Consider using a website builder such as Shopify to create an attractive and professional website for your business. Once you have built an online store, you need to optimize it for search engines. This will help customers find your site and make it easier for them to purchase your projects. Use keywords and SEO best practices to optimize your site for the best results.

Market Your Woodworking Projects

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook are excellent tools for reaching potential customers. Create a profile on these sites and post pictures of your projects. This will draw attention to your work and help you reach more potential customers. Additionally, you can use social media sites to engage with your followers. Ask questions and encourage conversations that will help you understand what customers are looking for and how you can better serve them. This will help you build customer relationships and increase your sales chances. Online platforms like Etsy, Amazon, and eBay are great places to list and sell your woodworking projects. When setting up your accounts, including detailed descriptions, competitive prices, and high-quality photos of each project.

Finding Local Stores to Work With

When you're ready to start selling your projects, you can start by approaching smaller, locally-owned stores in your area. Make sure to research each store beforehand and make sure they carry similar products to the ones you are selling. This will help increase your chances of making a sale. You can also reach out to larger stores or chain stores. You may need to demonstrate a proven sales track record before they consider carrying your products, so be prepared to show them what you've done in the past.

 Selling Your Projects at Craft Fairs

Selling your woodworking projects at a craft fair can be a great way to share your creations with the world. Take the time to display each project attractively and ensure they are well-protected from the elements. Consider investing in a canopy or tent to protect your projects from the weather. It would be best to consider what products you'll offer at the fair. Think about the types of projects you're best at and focus on those. Ensure enough stock to cover the entire event so you stay supplied early. Finally, consider using bright colors and eye-catching signage when creating an attractive display for your projects. This will help draw attention to your booth and make it stand out from the competition.

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a woodworker making a wood project using a laser cutter


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10 Most Profitable Woodworking Projects That Sell

Identifying the most profitable woodworking projects is crucial to the success of your woodworking business. These woodworking projects that sell can help maximize your profits and cater to the demands of the market. Laser engravers can be particularly useful in creating unique, intricate, and personalized designs for these projects. Here are ten woodworking business ideas that have proven to be highly profitable.

Custom furniture

Crafting unique, custom-designed furniture, such as tables, chairs, and bookshelves, can attract customers willing to pay a premium for one-of-a-kind pieces tailored to their specific needs and preferences. Laser engravers can be used to cut desired shapes and engrave personalized messages onto the furniture, enhancing their appeal and adding a touch of customization.

woodworking projects that sell: custom furniture

Home decor items

Wooden home decor items, such as wood wall art, candle holders, or decorative trays, can attract customers looking for unique and stylish additions to their homes. Laser engravers can be utilized to create these items from scratch by cutting out your desired shapes and then adding personalized engraved text or patterns, enhancing their visual appeal and making them truly one-of-a-kind pieces.

woodworking projects that sell: wood wall arts

Wooden cutting boards

Laser engraved wooden cutting boards are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Laser engraving can be used to engrave various theme designs, monograms, or logos onto cutting boards, making them unique and personalized gifts for different scenarios such as weddings and housewarmings, as well as a good addition to the culinary journey. Try to offer cutting boards of different wood types, sizes, and shapes to cater to a wide rang of customers.

woodworking projects that sell: cutting boards

Rolling Pins

Rolling pins have been around for centuries, and they remain one of the most popular woodworking projects to date. Rolling pins can be engraved with various designs to cater to different events and themes, which makes the baking experience even more interesting, making them one of the most sought-after woodworking projects.

woodworking projects that sell: rolling pins

Personalized signs

Laser-engraved wooden signs for homes, businesses, or special events are popular woodworking projects that sell, such as wedding welcome signs, wedding table numbers, and welcome home signs. With a laser engraver, you can create wood signs in different shapes and customize them with personalized messages according to your clients' needs.

woodworking projects that sell: wood signs

Picture frames

People prefer personalized wooden picture frames to display their precious memories in a stylish way. Laser engravers can be used to add intricate engravings, patterns, or personalized messages to the frames, making them unique and meaningful gifts or home accessories. You can offer frames in various styles and sizes to cater to different customer preferences and home decor styles.

woodworking projects that sell: picture frames

Wooden toys

Eco-friendly and durable, wooden toys are popular among parents looking for alternatives to plastic toys. Wooden toys like puzzles, cars, trains, or building blocks can appeal to both children and collectors. With a laser engraver and some creativity, you can turn a piece of wood into an interesting game.

woodworking projects that sell: wood puzzles

Wooden jewelry

Jewelry has always been in demand. Utilizing a laser engraver, you can greatly expand your product offering.Whether you're looking to make earrings of intricate designs such as mandalas, or minimalist ones such as geometrics or monograms, laser engravers have all it covered. 

woodworking projects that sell: wooden jewelry

Pet furniture

Crafting pet furniture like dog beds, cat trees, or feeding stations can tap into the growing market of pet owners seeking stylish and functional items for their furry companions. Laser engravers can be used to personalize pet furniture with the pet's name, breed silhouette, or other unique designs, making the items even more appealing to pet owners who value customization and quality.

woodworking projects that sell: pet bowl holders

Storage solutions

Wooden storage solutions, such as shelves, wine racks, or magazine holders, offer practical and attractive ways to organize and display items in the home. Laser engravers allow you to create a piece that compliments the client's home style and adds personalization, setting you apart from the competitive market.

woodworking projects that sell: wine racks

By focusing on these most profitable woodworking projects and incorporating the use of laser engravers, you can create a diverse product line that caters to different customer needs and preferences. This variety, combined with the unique and personalized touches achievable with laser engraving, will help you stand out in the market and boost the overall profitability of your woodworking business.


Woodworking is a great way to make money. You can create beautiful pieces of furniture and other woodworking projects with creativity and skill. Plus, with a laser engraver, you can take your projects to the next level and make even more money. If you want to make money with woodworking, the XTool D1 Pro is the perfect laser engraver to get started with. So get creative and start making money with woodworking today!

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