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What’s New

xTool F1 Ultra

xTool F1 Ultra

20W fiber & diode dual laser engraver.

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xTool Screen Printer

xTool Screen Printer

Add vibrant colors to your laser world.

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xTool RA2 Pro Plus

xTool RA2 Pro Plus

Enhanced RA2 Pro for versatile processing.

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xTool F1 Pedal & Button Switch

xTool F1 Pedal & Button Switch

Tailored for F1 enthusiasts.

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Stainless Steel Tumbler with Handle (40oz)

Black Velvet Ring Box with LED Light

Perfect for special occasions.

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xTool Smoke Purifier Pre filter

Smoke Purifier Pre filter

Capturing larger visible particles.

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LED Display Board Kit

Perfect attention-grabber for market stalls.

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Dark Green Wooden Jewelry Stand (Set of 3)

Stylish appearance, serving as excellent decoration.

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1/8" Ten-Colored MDF Board (10pcs)

Ideal for making DIY craft projects.

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Guitar-Shaped Keychain Holder (3pcs)

Ideal gift choice for guitarists and music lovers.

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Screen Printing Ink (16oz)

Provide vibrant colors and excellent coverage.

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Black Floating Frame with Kraft Box (10pcs)

Perfect for holding ornaments or small-sized keepsakes.

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Black Floating Frame with Stand (10pcs)

Lightweight and easy to place.

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Meet Our Machines

xtool p2 laser cutter

xTool P2

Flagship desktop CO2 laser cutter

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xtool s1 laser cutter

xTool S1

Flagship diode laser cutter

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xtool f1 laser engraver

xTool F1

The fastest laser for on-the-go personalization

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xtool d1 pro laser engraver and cutter

xTool D1 Pro 2.0

Robust DIY laser engraver

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xtool m1 home crafting machine

xTool M1

The perfect home crafting machine

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Leading by Innovations

Forward with WORLD-FIRST Inventions

Leading the way with 12 world-first inventions, we set new standards in the laser industry.

Process Extra-Long Materials Automatically

Our AutoPassthrough™ Technology allows for seamless, precision engraving and cutting on materials up to 118 inches long.

The First to Engrave on Curved Surface

xTool CurveAce™ feature creates perfect 3D models, expanding your creative possibilities with a variety of curved materials.

The Strongest Yet Easiest Laser Software

Our XCS offers our latest models and guides for creating the best and friendliest practices. Creating has never been this easy, even for beginners!

The World-First Safety Set

We bring the World-First safety kit, ensuring a safer crafting space and journey with flame detection, alert system, and auto-extinguish features.

Discover the fields where xTool can help you excel.

For Hobby

Craft Making

Unlock your creativity by crafting, and enjoy your 'me time'!

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Graphic Designing

Liberate your imagination and see how truly genius you are!

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Home Decorating

Home crafting and DIY become more enjoyable when they're easier.

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Wood Working

High-quality furniture, decorations, and crafts by precise cutting and efficient production capabilities.

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For Business

Craft Fair

Show your genius creativity at a fair or a festival with portable xTool.

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Small Business

Boosting your business with xTool, your talent can be a lot of value for money.

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Custom Branding

A laser-enhanced way to boost your brand identity and local/online business.

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In-Store Customization

The laser-engraved jewelry can add delicacy and personal touch to any outfit.

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Real Estate Agent

Create a unique laser-engraved business boosting client engagement, sales, and network growth.

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Spark creativity with exceptional laser cutting and engraving experience!

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So Easy and Fun

From limitless creativity to reality. From any material to any shape!

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Just 3 Steps

Witness the Magic Unfold in Seconds!





Acrylic Art

Holiday Gift


Home Decor

Wooden Frame

Beer Basket

Wedding Gift

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We have 500+ staff in our R&D team that make all those cool features happen.

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