• Ships in 1-3 business days.
  • A must-have material pack with 19 kinds of popular materials, 245pcs laser materials. Perfect for getting started with laser machines such as xTool M1.
  • xTool M1 is capable of cutting and engraving materials that are typically processed by Laser and Blade. That means more possibilities for you to prepare gifts for every occasion. Stop worrying about running out of ideas!
  • You can use your machine and this material pack to bring your wish list items to life - home decorations, wood items, and more.
  • All materials come with recommended parameters that can help you get the ideal craft effect.
  • Due to inventory shortage, this product is only available in the United States and Canada.
  • 4 x Laser Marking Colored Paper 1 x Black Walnut Plywood
  • 1 x Basswood Plywood
  • 5 x Transparent Frosted Acrylic Sheet
  • 20 x Kraft Paper
  • 1 x Canvas Tote Bag
  • 3 x PU Leather
  • 9 x Colored Glossy Acrylic Sheet
  • 20 x PU HTV Vinyl
  • 20 x Self-adhesive PVC Sheet
  • 20 x Metal Card
  • 30 x White StickerPaper
  • 1 x Card Holder
  • 4 x Stainless Steel Dog Tag
  • 2 x Stone Coaster
  • 2 x Wood Coaster
  • 100 x Wood Tag
  • 1 x Wooden Phone Stand
  • 1 x Jewelry Set
  • All xTool machines.
xTool M1 Premium Material Box (245pcs)