[Pre-order] xTool Smoke Purifier
[Pre-order] xTool Smoke Purifier
[Pre-order] xTool Smoke Purifier

[Pre-order] xTool Smoke Purifier

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*Compatible with xTool M1, Laserbox Rotary, Laserbox Pro.

$499.00 $999.00

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  • Multiple Filtration: xTool Smoke Purifier uses 3-layer filtration including premium activated carbon and HEPA filters to achieve 99.97% purification rate, removes toxic fumes, dust, and unpleasant odors via laser cutting.
  • Longer Lifespan: xTool Smoke Purifier uses brushless motor which is high quality and durable, plus the big-size filter (250*195*390mm) can last about 3 months*.
  • Quiet Cleaning: xTool Smoke Purifier avoids noise during the operation with no more than 55dB* noise rate to give you a quiet working environment.
* An estimation based on the common using frequency.
**According to our current lab testing data, may change due to the machine's optimization.

Size: 420*250*410mm
Weight: 14kg
*Estimated Shipping Date: June, 2022
Pre-order now to get one pre-filter replacement for free!