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Black (60pcs)
Blue (60pcs)
Purple (60pcs)
Rose Gold (60pcs)
Green (60pcs)
Red (60pcs)
Deep Gold (60pcs)
Mixed Colors (20pcs)
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  • Ships in 1-3 business days.
  • 3.39" x 2.13", metal business cards in Black, Purple,Blue,  Deep Gold, Green, Red and Rose Gold. 
  • A set of the same color has 60 pcs and mixed colors has 20 pcs.
  • All Metal Business Cards can be engraved by all xTool machines.
  • High-quality aluminum alloy makes cards thick, firm, and durable.
  • Ideal for making your own business cards or personalizing them as gifts.
  • Eye-catching metal business cards
  • Multicolor design for added visual appeal
  • Laser engraving compatible for a professional finish
  • Durable metal material for longevity
  • Make a lasting impression with these unique cards.
  • All xTool machines.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Custom Shop Atampi

they are really cool

Richard Sandford
Great Cards

Perfect for the professional business person.

Vernon Allred

Nice business cards. Thanks

Todd Tyree
The cards are perfect!

The cards were shipped and delivered timely, and the product I received was just as advertised. Sleek, beautiful, and easy to etch on! I ordered the black ones and they came out beautifully and easy to clean up. I do recommend being careful, they do scratch up easy, so make sure to clean them with something non abrasive. Will be buying more in the future!

Debra Brinkman
In a word, awesome!

They were a little thinner than I was picturing, but once I thought about it a bit, I figured it is just the right thickness for a business card. After all, you want people to keep it, and give you call, not throw it away or convert it into a window scraper. Also, with this card, because it looks so great, people will be loathe to get rid of it. On a side note, I kind of expected to get a cut by it, but they have made the edges pretty safe and it seems just as safe as any business card.

The color revealed under the black coating is a shade of gold, not silver like I was expecting (see pics). Both colors appear in the pictures on the listing. I am not disappointed though. The gold gives a a great look with the black.

I used my Ortur Laser Master 2, 15W laser engraver. To get the results in the picture, I set it at 50% power, with the speed at 250 inches per minute and it completed in one pass. You'll have to wipe the residue off after your cut to see that metal shine through. Watch out for scratching while you engrave. I placed mine on a honeycomb platform with a piece of paper between it and the work to help mitigate the scratches.

Afterward, I hit it with a high gloss clear acrylic spray to seal it and, hopefully, keep it protected for a while. That made it a little shinier but also, unfortunately captured a few tiny particles from the air (see pic with card by itself) so maybe someone with better painting skills should use that idea.

All-in-all, I really love these cards and will probably get more in the future. If you really want to make your business stand out in a sea of paper business cards or just want a fun, cool, gift for a relative, these cards would be a great choice!