Why xTool D1 Air Assist Set?

Blowing away hot smoke when cutting materials, reduce the temperature, and cut more clean and smooth.

Protect the laser lens

The xTool air assist device blows away acceptable debris and smoke generated by the laser head operation, protecting the laser head lens from contamination and extending the life of the laser head.

Guaranteed clean surface

It uses air to quickly reduce the temperature of the cut material surface, preventing distortion and discoloration due to high temperatures, ensuring smooth lines,complete patterns, and clean material surfaces.

Steady output power of 30L/min

Large and stable wind, with a steady output power of 30L/min, effectively removes smoke and ensures laser energy stability.

Low working noise

The noise of the air-assist unit when working is 40 decibels, which is lower than the working sound of the fan. The air assist unit can provide you with a quiet laser engraving environment.

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Parts List

Click to watch the video about how to install the air assist set for xTool D1.


Notice for xTool D1 Users

To match D1 and the air pump, extra parts below should be set up to your D1

About D1 Pro, it matches well with the air pump; no extra parts are needed.


Compatible with xTool D1 5W/ 10W & xTool D1 Pro
Power supply voltage110V/220V
Air output30 L/min
Rated power17W

Customer Reviews

Based on 294 reviews
Scott Moore
Air assist

This has been a great upgrade to an already great system.

Wesley Spence

xTool D1 Pro/D1 Air Assist Set

David Gardner
XTool D1 Air Assist

The air assist is a great (and probably necessary) add on to the D1 system to assist in obtaining clean cuts and prolonging the lifespan of the laser lens!

Roy Cabalo
A notable difference!!

I've only had my air assist about a month but the difference really is noticeable! Way less charing and just a cleaner end product. Glad I got it.

David Moffitt
So far I have only used the air assist to cool products after engraving

I purchased the air assist on recommendation from Sam's YouTube Channel, SamCraft. He did a great job explaining why we need it, and how it works. Set up is stupid easy, and the directions should be read before installing or removing any parts, as there are hidden screws that hold the shroud in place. The pump is super quiet, but does get relatively hot if left on for long periods of time. The length of tubing is more than sufficient, and the tubing can be cable tied to the wiring harness for easy management. I haven't cut anything on the XTool yet, but now that I have this in place I definitely will be cutting a lot. MidLineGraphics

xTool D1 Pro/D1 Air Assist Set
$139.00 $159.00