Yeti Laser Engraving: How to Laser Engrave a Yeti Cup

by Winnie Li Posted in November 30, 2022

If there is a choice between an ordinary Yeti tumbler/cup or an engraved and personalized Yeti tumbler/cup, what would you like to choose? Your answer would probably be an engraved and personalized Yeti because it is unique and attractive, and the engraving is according to your preference. 

laser engraved yeti cup

People use Yeti products, especially drinkware, almost every day. It is a well-known brand that does not offer customized products. If you own a laser engraving machine, you can personalize and engrave Yeti products for yourself and turn them into a business as well. It could be an excellent business idea to sell laser engraved Yeti cups, tumblers, mugs, jugs, bottles, and other products. In this article, we've covered the best laser engraver for Yeti cups and how to engrave your Yeti with it. We'll also share some Yeti engraving ideas to get you inspired!

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  • Can Yeti Cups Be Laser Engraved?
  • Best Laser Engraver for Yeti Cups Engraving
  • How to Laser Engrave Yeti Cups/Tumblers Using xTool D1 Pro
  • Yeti Laser Engraving Ideas to Personalize Your Yeti Cups

Types of Yeti Cups for Laser Engraving

As you explore the realm of personalization, there's no denying the appeal and versatility that comes with personalized engraved Yeti cups. Yeti offers a wide array of high-quality products, from their robust tumblers to versatile water bottles, sleek mugs, and sophisticated wine glasses, each of which holds unique characteristics. With the magic of Yeti engraving, these already impressive products can be elevated into truly personalized possessions, perfect for gifting or simply treating yourself.  Below are some of the popular Yeti products that you can customize with the help of laser engraving.

1) Tumblers

yeti tumbler

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Tumblers and bottles are mostly used in gyms, offices, sports, and other activities to carry water. These are used almost daily, and people also love to use them for their outdoor journeys. Tumblers are good for keeping your coffee hot all day long. You can enjoy every sip like recently made steaming coffee.

2) Bottles

yeti bottle

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Bottles are perfect for your kids. They can take them to their schools, playgrounds, or anywhere they go. These keep the water cold for your kids. In addition, you can also keep your beverages in them.

3) Mugs

yeti mug

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Mugs are perfect for drinking coffee, tea, beer, and other beverages. You can keep them at the home, office, or anywhere you like to drink. Unlike ordinary mugs, these are insulated from every corner and keep your hot coffee hot to the last sip.

4) Jugs

Jugs are mostly used for travel as they can keep about half to one gallon of water. They are preferred for outdoor trips, traveling, and camping. These keep the cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for a long time.

5) Can Insulators 

yeti can

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People also love to keep can insulators with them. They are great for sparkling drinks, refreshing juices, soft drinks, beer, and other cold beverages. They are great for outdoor trips and travels, and it is an excellent idea to keep a few of them during the trip.

6) Barwares  

Barwares are specialized cups that can be used outdoors for drinking. Normal wine glasses are not suitable for outdoors, but these can bear shocks and wear & tear.

Can Yeti Cups Be Laser Engraved?

Yes, you can engrave Yeti tumblers using a laser engraving machine. It is possible to engrave tumblers, cups, bottles, mugs, jugs, and other Yeti products. Engraving on Yeti cups can be done using a diode laser, CO2 laser or fiber laser engraving machine. The laser is powerful enough to take out the coat of the Yeti cup and engrave it. Even a 5W diode laser can do the job. However, before you start your Yeti laser engraving process, it's important to understand the following.

Coating of the Yeti

Yeti drinkware products are usually coated. This specialized coating allows laser engraving can be done directly without the application of an extra compound to engrave a Yeti cup.

Can stainless steel yeti be laser engraved?

But if you have a stainless steel Yeti tumbler, mug, or anything else, it is better to apply anodized marking spray or any other suitable compound to get better engraving results. If you engrave directly on stainless steel, the engraving will not be dark and deep enough.

laser engraved stainless steel yeti cup

The Need for Rotary Attachment

The second thing that we need for laser engraving Yeti cups is a rotary attachment. Nowadays, we can engrave cylindrical objects with a common laser engraving machine by attaching a rotary attachment, so there is no need for a dedicated machine. The rotary attachment is necessary because it rotates the tumbler, cup, or any other object 360 degrees so that engraving can be done on the whole object. 

Many manufacturers only make rotary attachments for their laser engravers, so you need to buy a compatible one that can work with your machine. There is a problem with most of the rotary attachments on the market. The attachments are not suitable for all types of cylinders. There are different types of rotary attachment, such as roller rotary and chuck rotary. Both these attachments have their own compatibility, pros & cons, and capability. 

The roller rotary can only work on regular cylindrical objects. If the cylinder is irregular, you need a chuck rotary attachment. Thus, you also need to take care of the shape of the Yeti tumbler according to the attachment you have. Or you can buy a suitable attachment according to the shape you want to engrave.

xTool has introduced the world’s first 4-in-1 rotary attachment, Rotary Attachment 2 Pro, that can work in 99% of the cylindrical engraving scenarios. 

rotary attachment for yeti cup laser engraving

It can engrave on regular as well as irregular cylindrical objects as it has a chuck rotary and roller rotary. It can also be used for ring engraving and spheres. Thus, if you have RA2 Pro, you will never face any issues while engraving Yeti cups.

4-in-1 Rotary Attachment for Yeti Cup Laser Engravers

rotary attachment for yeti cup laser engraving machine


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Cleaning After Engraving the Yeti Cup

After engraving, you will not see the results or the engraving clearly as you need to remove the excess coating from the surface. For that, you only need a sponge and water. Some people also use cleaning solutions, but water is more than enough. Once you clean the surface with gentle rubbing, you can see the exact engraving.

Best Laser Engraver for Yeti Cups Engraving

xTool D1 Pro is a high-accuracy diode laser cutting and engraving machine that can engrave on a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, coated metal, wood, leather, paper, acrylic, rock, ceramics, glass, and fabric. Therefore, it can also engrave Yeti tumblers.

laser engraving on a yeti tumbler

xTool D1 Pro is an excellent option for Yeti laser engraving because of its high precision and accuracy. The fine laser spot, measuring 0.06 x 0.06mm (the 5W version), can consider even fine details. Plus, the movement accuracy reaches 0.01mm. Thus, you get optimal quality engraving results on your Yeti cups. Thanks to its high accuracy, the vector engraving is ultra-fine and much superior to other laser engraving machines.

This engraving machine is easy to use. The specialized laser engraving software, xTool Creative Space, is also suitable for beginners. It has a separate machine setting for coated metal that makes Yeti engraving easier. 

xTool D1 Pro has four available diode modules. The power of the modules is 5W, 10W, 20W, and 40W, whereas the 40W laser is the world’s most powerful diode laser on the market. For Yeti laser engraving, users can choose any diode module as the 5W module can also do the job, but the 40W module can save time. Modules can be attached and detached when needed, so you can also upgrade your module to make the process faster and more accurate.

The rotary attachment RA2 Pro is commendable. With this one attachment, you can engrave almost any type of cylindrical object, including Yeti products. You need to purchase the rotary attachment if you don’t have one. Moreover, you also need risers to increase the height of the xTool D1 Pro. These risers can increase the height up to 140mm.

xTool D1 Pro Diode Laser Engraver

laser engraver for yeti cups


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How to Laser Engrave Yeti Cups/Tumblers Using xTool D1 Pro

Step 1: Buy a yeti tumbler

If you are buying stainless steel tumblers, make sure to buy anodized marking spray from any suitable online store. It will help in engraving deeply on stainless steel.

Step 2: Set up xTool D1 Pro and attach the risers and rotary attachment

Set up the machine and attach the rotary attachment and risers. After that, import the graphics to the software.  

Step 3: Measure the yeti tumbler

Measure the length and circumference using a measuring tape. It will give you a better idea of the size of the graphics. Now, adjust the size of the graphics on the software. You can adjust the width, height, and rotation.

Step 4: xTool D1 Pro Coated Yeti Tumbler Laser Engraving Settings

After that, select the engraving material as Coated Metal. The power will automatically be set at 100% and speed at 70 mm/sec.

Step 5: Place the tumbler over the rotary attachment

But if the tumbler is not coated, apply a thin and even layer of anodized marking spray on the tumbler. Click on the Start button on the software. Click on the framing option to know the exact positioning of the image. Make sure to turn on the Cylinder Working option.

Step 6: Start engraving

Push the start button on the machine, then it will start engraving; you need to wait for the process to complete. After that, you need to clean the Yeti tumbler. Use a normal sponge and water to clean the surface. It will remove the coating from the excess area and reveal the graphics. 

Yeti Laser Engraving Ideas to Personalize Your Yeti Cups

There are dozens of ways you can personalize your Yeti cups. It depends on your choice and preference.

1) Use a Quote

Engraving the quote on Yeti cups is an excellent idea because you will remember the quote while drinking from the cup. It is a better option because you will be using the cup in your free time, so you will have time to recall the quote.

laser etched yeti cup

2) Engrave the Name

You can personalize the Yeti cup with your name. It will be a great idea to keep a personalized cup while going to the gym or office. It can also be an excellent gift for others, and you only need to engrave the names on the tumblers/cups.

laser etched yeti cups

3) Use Your Picture

Yeti cups can also be personalized using a picture. You can engrave your own picture or your loved ones’. The cup will look more attractive and engaging.

laser etched yeti cup

image credit: by 365PrintCo via Etsy

4) Gift for Special Days

A laser engraved cup/tumbler can be presented to anyone as a gift. For instance, you can engrave it for Mother’s Day and present it to your mother. Similarly, special cups can be made for special events and dates.

laser engraved yeti cup

image credit: by ShopSunnyBox via Etsy

5) Engrave a logo

Yeti cups can also be laser engraved with a company logo. They are often used as promotional products.

Yeti Laser Engraving FAQs

1) Is Yeti Laser Engraving Durable?

Yes, Yeti laser engraving is durable. Engraving usually lasts for a long time, so even if your Yeti product is damaged, the engraving will remain intact.

2) How Much Does it Cost to Start a Yeti Engraving Business?

First, you need a laser engraving machine. It is better to choose a diode laser because it is pocket-friendly and it has a long life. You can buy xTool D1 Pro (10W) along with risers and RA2 Pro for $863.99. It can be bought with the help of affirm by paying as low as $78 per month. Then, you need to buy a few Yeti tumblers for engraving. 

3) Will Stainless Steel Yeti Rust if Engraved?

Stainless steel rusts when the thin layer of chromium oxide is removed. If the stainless steel is already coated, there is nothing to worry about. But if the stainless steel is without coating, you must apply an anodized marking spray to protect the surface of the stainless steel.

Final Words

It is possible to engrave Yeti tumblers, cups, and other products using a laser. You can do it with the help of a rotary attachment and a laser engraving machine. For small businesses, DIY enthusiasts, and professionals, xTool D1 Pro is an excellent option for Yeti engraving. It can engrave Yeti products with perfection and offer fine details in engraving.

The RA2 Pro can rotate all types of regular and irregular cylindrical products of Yeti. In addition, it is quite simple to engrave Yeti products; even beginners can also engrave using xTool D1 Pro. You only need to follow a few simple steps we have mentioned to engrave Yeti cups without any hassle.

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