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15 Best Personalized Office Gifts for Employees

by Winnie Li Posted on December 03, 2023

Gifting your employees is a thoughtful way of acknowledging their hard work and dedication. And opting for personalized gifts elevates this gesture, making it even more special. Imagine their delight when they receive a gift with their name on it. 

Now, here’s a challenge! Many companies view the creation of personalized gifts as a daunting task, often assuming it to be costly and time-consuming. However, the advent of compact laser engraving machines has simplified this process significantly. These machines offer the power and flexibility to customize a variety of gifts quickly and efficiently. 

For companies or organizations in search of unique and personalized gift ideas, or laser engraving business owners looking for lucrative business opportunities, we have compiled a list of the 15 best office gifts for employees. These items are not only easy to source but also highly functional and perfectly suited for laser engraving. Let's make our employees happy!

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Top Personalized Office Gifts for Employees

The ideal gift harmonizes with your office culture and aligns with your employees' needs. It should be an item they can use daily or a keepsake that serves as a reminder of their past achievements and inspires them to strive for even greater heights. Considering this, here’s a list of the 15 best personalized office gifts for employees. 

1. Engraved Employee Awards

personalized office gifts: engraved employee awards

Customized awards and shields serve as a unique and memorable gift. These awards can be engraved with the recipient's name and possibly their achievement or the occasion. Such personalized tokens are ideal for end-of-year ceremonies or recognition events. The elegance of glass coupled with custom engraving makes these awards a keepsake that employees can cherish for years.

If you’re wondering about tools to engrave, we would recommend xTool P2. It is one of the most powerful CO2 lasers on the market, with 55W optical power and engraving speeds up to 600mm/s. Unlike other types of lasers that may require pretreament of the glass, it can directly engrave on the glass with excellent results.

xtool p2 laser engraver

xTool P2 55W Desktop CO2 Laser Cutter

View Details

2. Personalized Acrylic Desk Business Card Holders

personalized office gifts: engraved acrylic desk business card holders

A business card holder is a convenient and stylish way to display and organize business cards, making them easily accessible for both the owner and visitors. This desk accessory is ideal for professionals who engage in regular networking. Clear acrylic would be an ideal choice for making these holders as you can easily laser engrave it with an employee’s name and designation.

3. Customized Mousepads

personalized office gifts: customized mousepads

A customized mousepad is a functional and personal addition to any office desktop. By featuring a name, a motivational quote, or a unique design, it transforms into a statement piece that reflects the personality and style of its owner. Moreover, a mousepad with a distinct design or personalization is less likely to be misplaced or mixed up with others in a shared office environment.

4. Personalized Bamboo Pens

personalized office gifts: engraved bamboo pens

In an office setting where pens are commonly used and often generic, a personalized bamboo pen stands out for its uniqueness and eco-friendly material. The engraving adds a level of personalization that makes the pen more than a tool for writing, it becomes a symbol of the owner's identity and style. Such a pen is likely to be treasured by its owner as it will be their constant companion for signing documents and jotting down notes. 

5. Personalized Notepads

personalized office gifts: engraved notepads

A personalized notepad is a practical and stylish choice for office meetings and conferences. These notepads can be customized with the individual’s name and the branding of your organization. They serve a dual purpose: as a functional item for note-taking during important discussions and as a promotional symbol for your workspace. The personalization adds a sense of ownership and pride for the user. 

6. Personalized Business Card Wallets

personalized office gifts: engraved business card wallets

A business card wallet is a practical gift for employees, especially when crafted from metal. This functional accessory keeps their important cards organized, reflecting their professionalism. You can laser engrave them with their name initials. 

For customizing such small items, we have a compact and hand-held laser engraver, xTool F1. It uses an advanced Galvo technology, which lets it engraver at 4000 mm/s. Imagine engraving a wallet in just a few seconds. It does work equally well on metals, with a dedicated IR laser module for that.

7. Personalized Glass Coasters

personalized office gifts: engraved glass coasters

Personalized glass coasters are both functional and decorative. They can be customized with names, logos, or meaningful quotes. These coasters not only protect surfaces from drink spills but also add a personal touch to the office environment. The elegance of glass coupled with personalization makes these coasters a thoughtful office gift, signifying attention to detail and care. 

8. Personalized Desk Planters

personalized office gifts: personalized desk planters

A personalized desk planter is a delightful addition to any office or classroom setting. Engraving each planter with an employee’s or teacher’s name makes it a special and unique gift. These planters enhance the aesthetic of a workspace and contribute to a more vibrant environment.

Imagine an office where each desk features a small, green plant in a planter that bears the name of its owner. For schools, it’s an excellent way to appreciate teachers. This could serve as a piece of nature that brightens their desks and days.

9. Personalized Office Door Signs

personalized office gifts: engraved office door sign

A personalized office door sign is an excellent gift for managers or staff with individual office spaces. You craft these signs by engraving high-quality opaque acrylic with the recipient's name and title. They offer a professional touch to office doors and enhance the personal space of the recipient. Such signs are not only functional but also add a sense of pride and ownership for the individual.

10. Personalized Acrylic Desk Name Plates

personalized office gifts: engraved acrylic desk name plate

For employees who have recently been promoted or have a dedicated office desk, a personalized acrylic desk name plate is a thoughtful gift. Featuring clear acrylic, these nameplates can have the employee’s name and designation. They sit prominently on desks and present a sleek, modern look. This gift is a great way to acknowledge an employee’s position and make them feel valued in their workspace.

11. Personalized Tumblers

personalized office gifts: engraved tumblers

Another perfect office gift for employees. These tumblers are useful for staying hydrated throughout the workday and can also reduce the use of disposable cups. This also makes them an eco-friendly choice. The personalization ensures that the tumbler is easily identifiable, which reduces the likelihood of mix-ups.

12. Personalized Drinking Glasses

personalized office gifts: engraved glasses

A personalized glass is a simple yet thoughtful gift. You can customize a glass with a person's name or a special message to transform it from an ordinary item into something meaningful. These glasses can be used in the office for water, coffee, or other beverages, making every sip a little more special. 

13. Personalized Picture Frames

personalized office gifts: engraved picture frames

A personalized picture frame is an excellent way to capture and cherish memorable moments in the workplace. An engraved frame with a special picture of a memorable past event is an excellent option. You may also laser engrave their simple portrait. This gift will serve as a reminder of positive experiences and team spirit; a meaningful addition to any employee's desk or office space.

14. Personalized Power Banks

personalized office gifts: customized power banks

In today’s fast-paced world, employees often forget to charge their smartphones. The battery drainage fear keeps worrying them throughout the day. A power bank is a highly practical and customizable solution. Engraving it with the employee's name or a motivational quote makes it unique. 

15. Customized Luggage Tags

personalized office gifts: customized luggage tags

For employees who travel frequently for meetings, conferences, or workshops, customized luggage tags are a thoughtful gift. With the employee's name and contact engraved, the luggage is easily identifiable and less likely to be misplaced. These tags add a personal touch to travel gear and make business trips a bit more special and organized.

How To Customize Office Gifts For Employees With Laser Engravers?

Thinking of how you can replicate these office gift ideas? Well, here’s a simplified procedure for customizing office gifts for employees with a laser engraver. 

Source a Gift Item

First, you need to carefully select a batch of items. Choose items that employees will find useful daily. Compact and small items are ideal, as they can be easily customized. Refer to our suggested list for ideas. Focus on gifts suitable for laser engraving i.e. things made of leather, wood, acrylic, glass, or metal.

Get a Laser Engraver

Next, you need a laser engraver for personalizing the gifts. Since you’ll be customizing multiple products, you need something powerful. A machine that has power and can work on multiple objects simultaneously. We have something that exactly matches this description, xTool P2

xtool p2 laser engraver

xTool P2: The Best Laser Engraver for Personalizing Office Gifts In Batch

xTool P2 is one of the most powerful compact CO2 laser engravers on the market. With its 55W power, it can cut and engrave through a range of materials including wood, cardboard, glass, acrylic, and leather.

It has a spacious interior, measuring 600 by 305mm. This size is enough for working on multiple projects. Yes; it can batch engrave too. Place multiple luggage tags, wallets, or coasters and it engraves them with just one command. Speaking of speed, it engraves at 600mm/s, your customization will take a few minutes. 

office gifts batch personalization

If you’re wondering about engraving cylindrical objects like tumblers or glasses, it supports a rotary attachment, RA2 Pro, needed for engraving such objects. All, in all, it’s a perfect investment for customizing gifts.

Design and Personalize

Create a simple design on graphic design software and import it into laser control software. Considering our use case, it will just be a stylish name. So, you may just use the xTool XCS. It is the laser control and design software which works on all xTool machines. Once you’re one with design, with just one click, you can engrave on multiple objects. 


Personalized gifts for employees strengthen their bond with the organization. These gifts add sentimental value and enhance relationships. From the ideas we just listed, it’s clear you’ll need a laser engraver for a customization job.

xTool P2 is an excellent package for crafting customized gifts. This one-time investment will demonstrate its value for years, helping to create memorable and appreciated tokens for employees.

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