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20 Top Leather Projects That Sell

by Winnie Li Posted on February 06, 2024

Leather’s versatility and durability are unmatched. It’s a favorite for many, thanks to its long-lasting nature. From fashion to furniture, leather items are everywhere. And guess what? They are always in demand. People love the quality and feel of leather goods, which keeps their market buzzing.

Now, let’s talk about something cool - laser cutting and engraving. This technique transforms leather into works of art with intricate designs and flawless details. It opens up possibilities for crafting unique and captivating items that truly stand out.

leather projects

So, why are we here? This article aims to inspire and inform you about the top leather projects that can be sold for profit. If you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting, there's something here for you.

In This Article

  • Benefits of Using Laser Cutting and Engraving for Leather Craft Projects
  • Popular Leather Crafts That Sell
  • Conclusion

Benefits of Using Laser Cutting and Engraving for Leather Craft Projects

Leather engraving is an ancient art form practiced by skilled artisans. Including the antique hand leather engraving, there are about 7 different ways to engrave leather. Laser engraving is the quickest and most precise of all.

In leather laser engraving, a super intense light beam cuts or marks leather with unmatched precision. It lets you create those complex designs that manual methods can't achieve. Every cut is sharp, and every engraving is detailed.

Laser engraving elevates leather work. It brings out the material's natural beauty, adding depth to designs. Your projects gain a professional edge, rich in detail.

The best part: the accessibility and profitable nature of leather projects. Earlier laser technology was limited to just industries. But with compact xTool laser cutting and engraving machines, you can stylize and customize leather items at home. The process is quicker, and efficient and opens a passive income stream. 

a leather project made with an xtool laser machine

Popular Leather Crafts That Sell

Now, let’s move to the key section of this article. Here we present the top leather projects that sell and provide an opportunity to cash your hobby.

1. Personalized Leather Patches for Hats

leather projects: personalized leather hat patches

Custom hats meet unique styles with personalized leather patches. You can choose different hats and patches based on your taste. Engraving on a full-grain, vegetable-tanned look leather is recommended. This approach guarantees a distinctive look, both for business branding and personal flair. Each patch, dyed and cleaned post-engraving, presents a unique texture, showcasing your personal effort and style.

2. Personalized Leather Wallets

leather projects: personalized wallets

Slim, minimalist wallets crafted from premium leather offer both style and function. They are ideal for the modern man to hold essentials without the bulk. Here, personalization options include adding laser-engraved names, initials, or messages.

3. Personalized Leather Money Clips

leather projects: personalized leather money clips

Leather money clips provide a sophisticated way to carry cash and important cards. With laser engraving, they become more than just a practical item; they are a statement. The compact design makes them an excellent alternative to traditional wallets. They are perfect for groomsmen's gifts or a special occasion.

4. Laser-Cut Leather Bags

leather projects: laser-cut leather bags

Laser-cut leather bags stand out for their intricate designs and superior craftsmanship. With laser cutting, you have the flexibility to design them in various styles, from totes to clutches. Every precise cut and the engraving on top it, makes the bag an art piece - an item liked by fashion-forward individuals. 

5. Leather Trays

leather projects: engraved leather trays

Engraved leather trays can serve as elegant organizers or decorative pieces. They are best for holding keys, jewelry, or as a desk accessory. The engraving – be it a name, special date, or customized message – adds a personal touch, making them ideal gifts for anniversaries or special occasions. Being made from high-quality leather, each tray is both durable and stylish, with edges that ensure items stay secure.

6. Leather Earrings

leather projects: earrings

Do you love wearing different kinds of jewelry options? Try making leather earrings. They are a lightweight and unique accessory option. Their uniqueness lies in the material's natural texture, which is enhanced when they are custom engraved.

You can laser cut them in a variety of shapes, from feathers to geometric designs. To further make them stand out you can dye them in vibrant colors or engraved patterns.

7. Leather Bracelets

leather projects: bracelets

Customized leather bracelets are a blend of rustic charm and personal expression. These accessories can be personalized with names, initials, or special dates, which makes them meaningful gifts or keepsakes. With multiple color and style options, they cater to both men and women.

8. Leather Jewelry Box

leather projects: jewelry boxes

Travel in style with an engraved leather jewelry box. This compact case keeps your valuables secure and organized while on the go. The exterior, crafted from soft, engraved leather, gives a luxurious feel. Inside, multiple compartments and a velvet lining protect your jewelry from scratches. Its size is perfect for tucking into a suitcase or handbag, making it an ideal travel companion.

9. Leather Keychains

leather projects: keychains

Keychains are common utility. The addition of leather makes them more durable and gives them a professional look. To style and customize, you have the option to laser engrave. Cut different sizes and colors of oil-tanned leather and customize it with a name, logo, or a special date. Whether for personal use or as a thoughtful gift, these keychains add personalization to everyday essentials.

10. Personalized Leather Flasks

leather projects: personalized leather flasks

Personalized leather flasks make the perfect gift for groomsmen or any special occasion. When wrapped in high-quality leather, flasks offer class and sophistication. The leather wrap not only looks great but also provides a comfortable grip. You can engrave them with initials or a stylish pattern to add a personal touch.

11. Leather Journals

leather projects: journals

A personalized leather journal is a companion for capturing thoughts, dreams, and plans. A premium covering not only gives it a professional look but also allows for creativity. It can be laser laser-engraved with name and initials, or meaningful quotes. The engraving adds a personal touch, making it an ideal gift for writers, travelers, or anyone who loves taking notes during meetings.

12. Leather Bookmarks

leather projects: bookmarks

Readers know the significance of bookmarks; it takes them exactly to the adventurous spot they left. And if you have handmade leather, their feel further elevates the reading experience. Their durable construction ensures they can be treasured for years, becoming more beautiful with age.

Every time you look at those bookmarks, it reminds you of the sender. If creating for yourself, you can engrave an inspirational quote that motivates you every time you sit down to read a book.

13. Personalized Leather Luggage Tags

leather projects: luggage tags

Luggage tags make it easy to spot your luggage in crowded baggage. And if you have personalized ones, that makes it much easier to travel. And if that’s leather, that means it is here to stay for years to come. 

For personalization, you have different options. For instance, you can add the couple’s names and wedding dates to turn them into a thoughtful wedding or anniversary gift. The laser engraving ensures the details won't peel or rub off, which makes these tags a lasting memento of the special day.

14. Leather Business Card Holders

leather projects: business card holders

Leather business card holders offer a sleek and professional way to carry your cards. They keep your business cards organized and make sure your important cards stay in perfect condition for your next meeting or networking event. 

The compact design fits easily into a pocket or purse, making it an ideal accessory for professionals on the go. As these cards are available in various colors and finishes, you can personalize them with name initials or a logo. They could be a great corporate gift.

15. Leather Coasters

leather projects: coasters

Being made from high-quality leather, leather coasters protect surfaces from water rings and spills while adding a stylish accent to your decor. The natural beauty of the leather, combined with precise laser engraving, ensures that each coaster is not only functional but also a unique piece of art.

They can be personalized with names, wishes, or logos. The best option when it comes to gifting for weddings, housewarmings, or corporate events.

16. Engraved Leather Photo

leather projects: engraved leather photo

An engraved leather photo transforms a cherished memory into a timeless keepsake. Perfect for an anniversary gift, this unique piece captures a special moment on genuine leather. This gift stands out for its craftsmanship and the unique way it commemorates love and significant milestones.

The process of photo laser engraving on leather is relatively simple. All you need is a fine-quality leather engraver, such as xTool S1, and a simple design.

xtool s1

xTool S1

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17. Leather Map

leather projects: leather map

Want to save your shared journeys and adventures? Leather map is a perfect way. Whether it’s your third or ninth anniversary, this custom piece can chart significant locations in your adventurous life as a couple. It also serves as a unique wall art that adds warmth and personal touch to any home.

18. Leather Watch Straps

leather projects: watch straps

High-quality, handmade leather watch straps offer a classic and timeless accessory for watch enthusiasts. They can be made in various styles and colors to match different watches and preferences. The option to engrave them with custom designs, names, or quotations is an added benefit.

19. Leather Dog Collars

leather projects: dog collars

Pet owners love spoiling their furry friends, and a custom leather collar or leash is no exception. These collars are made from high-quality leather that withstands the rigors of daily use while maintaining its integrity and appearance. They can be personalized with the pet's name, contact information, or decorative elements such as studs and embossing.

20. Leather Passport Cover

leather projects: passport covers

For the frequent traveler, a personalized leather passport cover adds a touch of luxury to their journey. With pockets for additional travel documents or cards, they keep your travel essentials organized and easily accessible. You can customize them with initials, names, or travel-inspired stamps and designs.


Leather's durability, flexibility, and timeless elegance allow for endless creativity in design. Whether you create a personalized leather wallet, bookmark, or keychain, leather's versatility shines through.

We have only scratched the surface with the leather projects mentioned here. They are meant to inspire your creativity. Now, it’s your turn to take the reins. Grab an xTool, unleash your imagination, and craft your own unique leather projects. Don’t forget to share your creations with us through xTool Projects.

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