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Made by crafters like you.

Made by crafters like you.

Shelly Kallach

Profession: Crafter

For my daughters engagement, I made these signs for photo props!

Joe Chuter

Profession: Side Hustle

From my research I would say that the standard 10w xtool M1 would be sufficient.

Hannah Sites

Profession: Small business

my orders from the weekend! this M1 is amazing.

Riley Ashton Temple

Profession: Home Decor

I have been able to quit my job and stay home with my babies since starting my business!

Marisa Mary

Profession: Small business

Some finished work and some in progress…

Dani DelCarpio

Profession: Small business

Now I am really confident and happy with my M1 as it works very well.

Kola Katan

I love how these are turning out!

VelmaJean Luna

Had the pleasure of making this custom 3D Lasered "Teacher of the Year" Certificate for a Very Well Deserved Special Teacher.

Jennifer Lynch

Profession: Crafter

I am excited to wear it to both movies!

Katie Oehmann Mosier

Very pleased with this! Engraved, scored, and cut!

Betzy Flores

Profession: Crafter

Don’t forget how beautiful your M1 cuts vinyl and heat transfer vinyl with the blade.

Wendy Korz

Profession: Home Worker

made this laundry room sign to hopefully bring a little bit of joy every time I have to do laundry again.

Paul Langdon

Profession: Etsy Business

They are headed off to the local shop tomorrow.


Die Geheimzutat ist immer Liebe ❤️Dieses schöne Set könnt ihr ab morgen im Schränkchen finden, oder bei mir bestellen


Ich bin total verliebt 💗 hätte ich noch keinen Laser dann späteres jetzt 💕

Michelle Bilodeau Gazey

Profession: Small business

I needed some display stands, so I made them!

Iris Wedemeyer

Profession: Small business

So many possibilities to create wooden jewelry!

Chelsey Eifert

Profession: Crafter

Jumped on the hair clip band wagon.

Regina Hebel-Howard

Profession: Small Business

I made a wine gift set for wedding gift

Brandy Handrahan

Profession: Small business

I love the cute things I can create with my M1

Shawna Wallace

Profession: Home worker

It was just the sweetest day for both my husband and son.

Rachel DiPietro

Had to share my current project. I bought and sanded this table but hated it being plain so I'm engraving it.