xTool D1 Pro/D1 Air Assist Set
xTool D1 Pro/D1 Air Assist Set
xTool D1 Pro/D1 Air Assist Set
xTool D1 Pro/D1 Air Assist Set
xTool D1 Pro/D1 Air Assist Set
xTool D1 Pro/D1 Air Assist Set

xTool D1 Pro/D1 Air Assist Set

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Why xTool D1 Air Assist Set?

Blowing away hot smoke when cutting materials, reduce the temperature, and cut more clean and smooth.

Protect the laser lens

The xTool air assist device blows away acceptable debris and smoke generated by the laser head operation, protecting the laser head lens from contamination and extending the life of the laser head.

Guaranteed clean surface

It uses air to quickly reduce the temperature of the cut material surface, preventing distortion and discoloration due to high temperatures, ensuring smooth lines,complete patterns, and clean material surfaces.

Steady output power of 30L/min

Large and stable wind, with a steady output power of 30L/min, effectively removes smoke and ensures laser energy stability.

Low working noise

The noise of the air-assist unit when working is 40 decibels, which is lower than the working sound of the fan. The air assist unit can provide you with a quiet laser engraving environment.

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Parts List

Click to watch the video about how to install the air assist set for xTool D1.



Due to batch reasons, the air pump is randomly shipped in two appearances, but the function, performance, and price are the same.


Compatible with xTool D1 5W/ 10W & xTool D1 Pro
Power supply voltage110V/220V
Air output30 L/min
Rated power17W

Customer Reviews

Based on 250 reviews
Devan Hutchens
Awesome Machine!

This was the first laser I've owned and I couldn't be happier with the purchase! I ordered the 10WPro with RA1 rotary and air assist. The laser was delivered within days of ordering and was packaged extremely well. The laser was operational in less than 2 hours after starting to unpack, and the instructions are very clear and easy to follow. I would definitely recommend getting the honeycomb tray and air assist, it helps tremendously!

Does the Job

Although the price is relatively high, it has performed as advertised. A good investment

Nice little unit

A good basic unit. It moves enough air to make a difference while being gentle on the ears. I run it on all my projects to keep charring down and smoke and dust away from the lens.

Justin Smith
Excellent investment

First laser machine. Used without air assist and I cooked my lens. After discovering the ins and outs of my mistake and how to avoid it, I got the air assist. Lord does it make a difference in keeping the lens clean and cuts/engravings are soooooo much better. I highly suggest purchasing this with any xTool lasers

Damon Landschoot
Runs Quiet. Vibration isolators are outstanding.

Does exactly what it is supposed to. I thought this thing would make the work table hum like a bass speaker, but the rubber feet are actually well designed vibration isolators. Nice job XTool!