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Introducing xTool P2: The Smart and Powerful CO2 Laser Cutter

by Winnie Li Posted on April 05, 2023

After two years of development, we are proudly presenting our intelligent, powerful, and innovative CO2 laser cutter, xTool P2 laser cutter. It is equipped with cutting-edge technology, extraordinary features, and state-of-the-art design that will take your small business to the next level.

xTool P2 is a smart and one-of-a-kind CO2 laser machine. It possesses some new features that are being introduced for the first time in a desktop laser machine. It offers a futuristic experience that laser enthusiasts and users would love.

Let's dive into some exceptional features of the machine.

55W Immense Power

The first notable feature of the machine is its massive optical power that can cut materials like a hot knife through butter. It just needs only one pass to cut 18mm black walnut or 20mm acrylic. Due to the incredible power, the machine cuts and engraves at a very fast speed. It works 6-12 times faster than diode laser machines on the market. The maximum engraving speed can be up to 600 mm/s.

xtool p2 can cut 20mm acrylic in one pass

Laser users mostly use 3mm plywood for their laser cutter projects. The machine can cut 3mm basswood plywood at 35 mm/s. With that being said, users can do their job faster than ever before. Surprisingly, the machine also has a built-in air assist, which makes cutting faster and cleaner. There is also a built-in fan to remove the smoke from the area; thus, the materials do not get burnt edges or marks after cutting.

Multiple Smart Cameras

xTool P2 stands out from the crowd because of its multiple smart cameras. These make the machine smart and intelligent. There are two 16MP smart cameras to capture the live preview of the working area at an amazing resolution. It also helps in focusing the laser machine automatically by recognizing the height and type of the material.

The panoramic camera of the machine can take the whole preview of the working area in just a few seconds, providing a clear and complete view of every direction. 

Moreover, there is a close-range camera that is fixed on the laser module. It gives a zoomed image of the area under the laser head to adjust the position more accurately.

Automatic Passthrough

Automatic passthrough is the mind-blowing feature of xTool P2. It eliminates the restriction on the length of the object being cut or engraved. The material can enter from one side and leave from the other. With that being said, you can feed the material without worrying about its size.

You can attach the Automatic Conveyor Feeder to the machine. It is like a conveyor belt, which will automatically feed the material for engraving. It can engrave materials up to 118 inches long in one go. 

You can even feed an infinite length manually; the machine won't complain. It makes the machine more versatile, and you can work on more projects and products. 

Curved Surfaces Engraving

Normal laser engraving machines are not capable of engraving curved surfaces. It is because the focus of the laser is fixed. But xTool P2 has solved this problem. It can automatically construct 3D models of objects. Once the model is constructed, the machine knows the optimal focal length of the laser at every point. It adjusts the focus accordingly, and that's why the machine can engrave curved objects with ultimate perfection.

Large Working Area

The working area of the laser machine is much larger than common desktop machines. The bed size is 26.7'' x 14.1'' , while the processing area is 23.6'' x 12.1'', which allows you to engrave a maximum pattern measuring 23.6'' x 12.1''. As the machine has an automatic passthrough, there is nothing to worry about the length.The machine can work on materials that are up to 2.7 inches high. But if you want to engrave thicker objects, use the riser base, which allows you to engrave up to a maximum height of 8.5 inches. 

Thus, there is an option to work on materials of different heights. Due to these adjustable dimensions, you can work on a wide variety of projects. It enhances your inventory and opens doors to new creations.

Batch Processing

All objects in the engraving area can be processed at the same time. The 16 MP cameras give you a very clear and crisp live preview. Therefore, you can precisely position the designs and patterns over the objects. Once everything is done, start the machine, and it will engrave all objects in one go, which saves a lot of time for small business owners.

xtool p2 batch processing

Extensive Material Compatibility

The laser machine is compatible with a wide range of materials, whether it be non-metal or metal. 

Firstly, it can work on almost all non-metals, even the ones that diode lasers cannot process. Its 10,640nm wavelength can be absorbed by the majority of non-metals, including leather, acrylic (all colors), wood, stone, ceramics, paper, cardboard, rubber, glass, etc. You can cut some materials and engrave almost all of them using the laser machine.

xtool p2 cuts acrylic of all colors

If you want to engrave glass, then this machine does not require spray paint or marking paper. You can directly engrave on the glass. This makes working on glass a lot easier and faster.

The machine can also engrave metals. It can work on coated metals, anodized alloys, stainless steel, etc. To get optimal results, you need to spray on the metal first. The results of metal engraving are exceptional.

Incredible Safety Features

xTool has given extra attention to the safety of the machine and its users. You won't find these many safety features in other machines on the market.

The machine is completely enclosed; there is no way the laser or the smoke can escape. With that being said, users can use the machine in their houses without any hassle. There is a lid on the machine, which has a light-filtering glass. You can watch directly through it, and it won't harm your retina. Secondly, the lid has an automatic lock, which does not allow you to open it when the machine is running.

In case of an emergency, the user can use the emergency button. It can quickly shut down the machine. The innovative feature of the machine is exception warnings. In case of any issue with the machine, such as lack of cooling water, mother hyperpyrexia, etc., you will see a warning. So, you will only operate the machine in normal conditions and be able to take the measures at the right time.

Moreover, you can also attach the fire safety kit that can extinguish the fire on its own. It can detect the flame, trigger the alarm and extinguish the fire to ensure you a safe workspace.

The machine can deal with smoke and debris. The built-in exhaust fan and air assist can remove the smoke in no time. Thus, the working area does not get polluted.

360 Degree Cylindrical Engraving

xTool P2 can engrave cylindrical and spherical objects using the rotary attachment. It is compatible with xTool RA2 Pro, which is the world's first 4-in-1 rotary. The rotary attachment can work as a sphere rotary, roller rotary, ring rotary, and chuck rotary, allowing you to attach almost all items and engrave them in 360 degrees.

Compatible with Advanced Accessories

The machine is compatible with some advanced accessories that can multiply its abilities and enhance its features. For cylindrical and spherical objects, you can use the rotary attachment. If you want to work on large materials, you can get the automatic conveyor feeder and work on larger materials up to 118 inches in length. By using the smoke purifier, the exhaust air can be cleaned. It won't pollute the area you are working in. Last but not least is the Fire Safety Kit, which prevents fire accidents by quenching fire automatically.In the future, you will also see more accessories to upgrade the laser machine.

Revamp Your Laser Business Using xTool P2

xTool P2 is undoubtedly an innovative, smart, and one-of-a-kind CO2 laser machine that possesses some unique features compred to other similar machines on the market. It can cut and engrave at an incredible speed to increase your overall productivity. It enables you to work on larger and curved objects and enhances your inventory with some new products. The best part is that it is completely safe and an ideal choice for beginners. If you want to take your laser engraving business to the next level, this machine could be an excellent option.

xTool P2 55W CO2 Laser Cutter

xtool p2


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