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10 Personalized Wedding Ornament Ideas

by Winnie Li Posted on November 20, 2022

Laser machine owners try to find some unique and appealing ornament ideas for themselves and their customers. Personalized wedding ornament is a great niche and quite trending these days. If you have never tried wedding ornaments, you are missing a massive market.

laser engraved wedding rings

Every wedding couple would love to make their special day memorable, and the decor plays a very important role. Therefore, people look for trending, decent, and catchy wedding ornaments. 

We are here with some exciting, unique, hot-selling, and eye-catching laser-cut wedding ornaments that you can make using your laser engraver and cutter. You can also add creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to make these ideas more appealing and catchier. 

In This Article

  • Laser-cut Wedding Invitations
  • Laser-cut Wedding Welcome Signs
  • Personalized Wedding Picture Frame
  • Personalized Wedding Table Number Signs
  • Personalized Wedding Dessert
  • Personalized Wedding Glasses/Cups
  • Personalized Wedding Envelope Box
  • Personalized Wedding Candle Holders
  • Personalized Wedding Rings Box
  •  Personalized Wedding Ornaments

Personalized Wedding Invitations/Cards

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

Laser cut wedding invitations are unique as well as appealing. People love them because they are something new, different, and quite trending; however, they are not very common.

You can make wedding invitations on wood, acrylic, and cardstock using your laser engraving and cutting machine. There are tons of designs and ideas you can implement.

Acrylic Invitations

If you are making the card using acrylic, you will need an acrylic sheet. Then, you need to engrave the design on it. Make sure the frost writing is clear enough. Otherwise, you can also use metallic foil to write anything on acrylic. 

laser cut acrylic wedding invitation

image credit: MyPrintMan - Etsy

A CO2 laser cutter machine can cut the foil stickers, and then you can paste the letters on the acrylic sheet. Some people also cut letters from acrylic sheets and paste them on another sheet to make wedding cards.

Cardstock Invitations

Cardstock is another suitable material for wedding cards. Exceptionally cut and eye-catching designs can be cut easily using a laser machine. It is much easier than acrylic wedding cards.

laser cut cardstock wedding invitation

image credit: BoxedWedding - Etsy

Laser-Cut Wooden Invitations

The easiest material is wood. It is not very common, but you can also engrave the card on a piece of wood. It also looks appealing.

laser cut wooden wedding invitation

image credit: BoxedWedding - Etsy

Personalized Wedding Decorations

Wedding Welcome Signs

At every wedding, there is a special sign on the door or entrance to welcome people. This sign should be exceptional to catch the attention of the viewers before entering the venue.

With a laser machine, there are limitless ideas and ways to make wedding welcome signs. From simple designs to intricate ones, you can make almost anything.

Usually, acrylic and wood are used to make these signs.

Acrylic Welcome Signs

If you are using acrylic, you will have to engrave it on a large acrylic sheet. With that being said, you need a large machine that has enough engraving area to make the sign. Along with engraving, you can also use metal foils for letters.

laser cut acrylic wedding welcome sign

image credit: MoniquePaperArt - Etsy

Wooden Welcome Signs

On wood, you can directly engrave using a laser machine. Moreover, you can also stick laser cut alphabets and suitable designs for weddings. The alphabet can be cut from an acrylic sheet or plywood.

laser cut wooden wedding welcome sign

image credit: OHCgifts - Etsy

If you can paint, then you can make these signs more beautiful and unique. It will be a plus, and there will be extra profit.

Personalized Wedding Ornaments

For the special decoration of the wedding venue, you need personalized wedding ornaments. 

Different types of ornaments can be made. You can make baubles, banners, wall hangings, etc. All these things can be personalized with the names of the couple and the date. You can make them on acrylic and wood, depending on the ornament.

The photo of the couple can also be engraved on the ornaments. For instance, you can engrave the photo on the baubles, and these can be used to decorate the wedding tables or the stage.

Another great idea is the name of the couple cut on a big acrylic sheet. This can be placed at the center of the stage. It will catch the attention of the guests at a glance.

laser cut wedding nane signs

image credit: poststudioprojects - Etsy

There are limitless possibilities, and you can make these items for your customers. These are hot-selling items and are usually bought in larger quantities, so you can make an excellent profit here.

Personalized Wedding Picture Frame

A picture frame is a nice gift idea for weddings, and people usually present it to their loved ones.

To make the frame personalized, you need to engrave the names, dates, romantic quotes, and patterns/designs. The frame can be made using acrylic as well as wood. You can make small and large photo frames, depending on the size of the laser machine.

laser cut wedding picture frame

image credit: KubuStore - Etsy

The frame can be for one or multiple pictures. You can get various laser-cut files and designs for the frame by searching on Google. However, if you know how to use Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, or similar software, you can make your own files.

Personalized Wedding Envelope Box

The envelope box is a must for every wedding. However, most people use the common boxes available on the market. Personalized boxes can catch the attention of people, and they can also serve as a decor piece. Thus, it is better to have it at weddings.

laser cut wooden wedding envelope box

image credit: KubuStore - Etsy

People who know about this idea surely go for it for their wedding because it is unique and eye-catching. Such boxes can be made using acrylic, which is the best option; however, wood is also used.

You will need a few acrylic sheets to make the sides of the boxes. Keep in mind that your laser machine should have enough engraving and cutting area to make a large box. 

First, you only need to make a simple box. Then, you can decorate it with colorful acrylic. You can make it personalized by cutting the name and wedding date, plus a message for the guests. Other than that, you can make patterns and designs to decorate the box from the outside.

Making a personalized box is easy, and there is an excellent profit margin. You can brainstorm some designs and check out the current boxes available on the market.

Personalized Wedding Bunting

Your guests will first observe and notice the welcome signs and buntings. Intricately designed signs showing the bride and groom’s names with a quote will add charm to the event and make it magical. Add a heart around, a moon and stars, and some leaves. Your imagination is the limit. Typical materials used are acrylic and wood, but you can ask for glass or metal if you like the jingle sound.


image credit: Etsy

It is in recent times, and laser etching has made the job more beautiful for personalized wedding ornaments like bunting. Initially, these were made from leftover materials. Now if you want to add more galore, like paper cuttings showing more collars, you can include fine-cut sturdy paper using a typical laser cutter and engraver.

Wedding Confetti Cones

No matter the culture, throwing rose petals or your favorite flower is practiced worldwide. Different cultures use a variety of things to hold these petals. But confetti cones are the latest trends to hold these.

wedding confetti cones

image credit: Etsy

These aren’t wedding ornaments per se, but adding each family member and friend’s name while handing them out, will make them welcome and included. Printing names using ink is costly, so many go for laser cutting or etching. Cost-effectiveness and cute designs make you love your wedding tons. Using art or thick paper will make it easy to hold and can’t be easily squeezed, which is best cut with CO2 source laser cutters.

If you are in the wedding business, don't forget to include this as an aspect of your engagement ornament, as your clients will love the thought.

Personalized Wedding Table Decorations

Personalized Wedding Table Number Signs

You might have seen boring table number signs at weddings, and this boring idea can be turned into an exciting and profitable business. The couple would definitely love to have personalized table number signs that will show their names and the date.

Making table number signs is pretty simple. If there are pre-made signs available, you only need to engrave them. However, you can also make it from scratch.

Acrylic Table Number Signs

Acrylic is preferred for table number signs because of its shiny appearance. It looks more appealing. You can cut acrylic using your laser machine. But keep in mind that clear acrylic cannot be cut using a diode or blue laser; you need a CO2 laser for that. Then, you need to write the table number and other things to personalize the sign.

laser cut acrylic wedding table number

image credit: angewangedesigns - Etsy

Wooden Table Number Signs

Wooden signs can also be made using a laser machine, and they are easier to make compared to acrylic.

laser cut wooden wedding table number

image credit: LisaAngelLtd - Etsy

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Personalized Wedding Glasses/Cups

Having personalized wedding cups, wine glasses, water glasses, and other items is a great idea. The wedding couple would love to have these glasses and cups at their wedding. It will amaze the guests and make the wedding more memorable.

laser engraved wedding glasses

image credit: YoonekGifts - Etsy

Glasses can be etched using a laser engraving and cutting machine. You can do it with a common diode laser. However, it is not that simple. 

Before engraving, you must apply tempera paint or similar coating on the glass, and then it will trap the heat of the laser and etch its surface in no time. Later, the applied coat of pain is removed using lacquer thinner or water.

Personalized glasses are quite trending. You can sell them easily in online stores for weddings, gifting, and other purposes. For weddings, you can write the names on the glass. Here is a complete step-by-step guide on how to etch glass with a laser machine.

Personalized Wedding Candle Holders

Wedding candle holders can be used on the tables in a wedding ceremony. It is excellent for night weddings and special themed ceremonies. Secondly, people also use these holders in the bedroom for an elegant and pleasing light.

There are limitless designs of candle holders. These can be in the shape of a box, candle, glass, cube, etc. You can easily find dozens of design ideas.

If you want to make candle holders using a laser machine, you can also do that. You can make the holder from scratch using plywood. The laser machine can cut intricate patterns and designs along with the names of the couple and the date of the wedding. When the candle lights up, you see an elegant shadow due to the laser-cut design. It looks mesmerizing and appealing. 

laser cut wedding candle holder

You can also engrave the pre-made candle holders or make your own if you know wood carving. Once you have the holders, you can personalize them for the wedding. Pictures, names, quotes, and almost anything can be engraved.

Personalized Wedding Seating Card

While you are already making your wedding more personalized for making it unforgettable, be sure to include laser-cut seating cards for the whole deal. These personalized wedding ornament will look fabulous if you use acrylic material. You can go with wood for a more natural look if you like. Remember, different machines use different powers and methods based on the material you use. So if you plan on using acrylic for signs, we recommend looking for a cutter that has a CO2 source laser cutter.

wedding seating card

Based on total cost, all you need is to personalize them with names, table numbers, or simply different for adults and kids.

Personalized Napkin Holders

These will be part of your table wedding ornaments which you should insist on getting as most wedding planners will include them in the package. The cost is negligible compared to how beautiful and charming your big day will feel.

personalized napkin holders

With the help of laser-cutting machines, you can now make striking designs. For example, they can be anything like etched names, passing through a heart-shaped ring, or a winter tree if you are getting engaged or married in winter. You get the idea that you can design everything that will match the décor considerations of the event. You can choose the material, paper, cloth, wood, or others that will change what power a typical laser cutter and engraver requires.

Personalized Wedding Wine Stopper

What wedding or engagement party is complete without wine? And why not add more personalization to your engagement ornament using laser-etched cork designs? You can find many designs and ideas when you search online that will inspire you. You can write the couple’s names, welcome quotes, or anything you like on these customized stoppers.

personalized wedding wine stopper

With the help of laser-cutting machines, you can now make striking designs. For example, they can be anything like etched names, passing through a heart-shaped ring, or a winter tree if you are getting engaged or married in winter. You get the idea that you can design everything that will match the décor considerations of the event. You can choose the material, paper, cloth, wood, or others that will change what power a typical laser cutter and engraver requires.

Customized Wedding Dessert

When it comes to wedding dessert, people do not pay attention to its customization. Food or dessert can also be customized, and this is the best and most unique way to please guests and do something new. It is not very common, so people would definitely love it.

Wedding desserts can easily be customized using the right laser machine. Whether it is a cookie, cupcake, tart, pie, etc., you can make it customized. The names of the wedding couple or the date can be written on the dessert, and it will definitely astonish the guests.

personalized wedding desserts

If you own a laser engraving business, you can offer food engraving services. Keep in mind that not all machines are suitable for this task. Make sure to check if the machine can do that. 

CO2 and diode lasers are usually used for food. There is no harm in printing on food items; it is completely safe. The laser only creates burn marks on the surface of the food. For more details related to engraving food using a laser, read this thorough guide.

Laser-cut Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding ornaments such as props, dolls, or similar stuff are old school and expensive. You can have personalized toppers for your incredible cake full of emotion and beauty made with laser cutters. The best thing is that you can keep them for future use in your home.

Why not use them later as Christmas tree ornaments, place them on the fire mantel, or fix them on your room door?

personalized wedding cake

Making cake toppers with wood or plastic is typical. Still, you can choose any material to fit the mood and theme. The type of laser cutter changes with the material chosen for the topper; make sure their speed is good with a focused beam. This allows for more intricated designs.

Personalized Wedding Accessories

Personalized Wedding Rings Box

Ring boxes available on the market are quite common, and people usually buy them for various occasions. For something unique and different, a personalized wedding ring box is the best idea. It will be a one-of-a-kind ring box for the wedding couple.

Wood is the best material to make the box; however, you can also make it using acrylic. Acrylic boxes are usually simple, but you can use colored acrylic and make different layers to make the box mesmerizing.

You can make a heart shape or any pattern/design on the top of the box, along with the names. There can be romantic quotes on the sides with some symbols and figures related to the wedding. 

personalized wedding rings box

There are also pre-made boxes available on the market. You can buy them, tweak them, and engrave them using your laser machine.

Personalized Wedding Cufflinks and Tie Pins

Want to make your wedding more special? Cufflinks and ties etched with "forever and always" or "till death do us part" are excellent lines for personalized wedding ornament. You can gift each of the best men and bride grooms with their personalized pieces as a token of gratitude for their support.

Cufflinks and tie pins

You can choose some nontraditional themes using pop culture references, like movies and games monograms, your favorite author’s book, and the symbol of your religion as an etching. These are subtle additions to the wedding but add love and thought to the fun of finally tying the knot.

Personalized Wedding Clothing & Shoes

Laser-cut Lace Wedding Dress

Add style to your wedding dress with amazing designs you can order from laser cutters. These designs are out of this world and something more than engagement ornament to swoon over. Wedding dresses with laser-cut designs are becoming more and more popular. Some couples have even used laser-cut machines to make complete wedding dresses from scratch, costing them nothing compared to how expensive they are.

laser-cut lace wedding dress

You can also get inspiration from the unbelievable wedding designs available online. . These designs are typically made on laser cutters which are larger in size and support power up to 75W.

Laser-cut Burgundy Wedding Shoes

Match your shoe designs with your intricately cut dress, a match made in heaven. Laser cutting has opened a new and exciting world of fabulous designs, which wasn’t possible before. You can match anything you wear on your auspicious day using laser cutting. Furthermore, you can choose any color for both dress and shoes.

laser-cut lace wedding shoes

We recommend red or burgundy for a special theme not practiced in the West. Western can go with the idea of all-white.

Personalized Wedding Hangers

Last on the list of your wedding ornaments are customized hangers crafted using a laser cutting machine that can work on wood, utilizing higher speeds. Simple names with "Best Man," "Bride's Maid," "Loving Friend," etc. can be etched onto them for your wedding. Wood and plastic are the most often used materials for hanger designs, and to get the most out of your design, you mustenure using a tube CO2 laser cutter.

laser-cut wedding hanger

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