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xTool D1 Pro 20W Home Laser Business Bundle - Basic

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Stainless Steel Tumbler kit (20oz)


Customized Coaster

Slate Coaster (4pcs)


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xTool P2 + F1 Ultimate Productive Business Duo

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Batch Engraving to Grow Business
Effortlessly Create with XCS
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Batch Engraving to Grow Business
Effortlessly Create with XCS
Unlock Magic with a Single Button Press

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25 lasered products and ideas of products I've made and sold. having and running my custom product line has allowed me to leave my career as a teacher and go full tike as a maker. I hope this inspires you to see a small portion of what the world of lasering is capable of.

Chads Custom Creations

This is me with my side business NV Custom Crafts at my largest and best show yet! I make custom home decor, but my biggest sellers are door hangers. I can’t wait to start creating 3-D designs with my P2 that I just pre-ordered on Wednesday!

Natalie Vege Vallianatos

Everyone that comes to my booths always compliments the wide variety of items i have available. Now that I have done events for over a year, and several in my town, I have regular customers, and a nice online following that gets me regular sales between shows 😊

Ashley May Lacroix

My first craft show! I’ve done several since! The xtool has been an awesome investment and paid for itself in the first few months! ❤️ my xtool

Chelsey Russell

I participated in my first Pop-up yesterday and managed to sell the majority of my inventory! Super happy with only coming home with about 10 pairs of earrings out of about 40. I also came home with about four commissions. I'm not quitting my day job, but it's a lot of fun for some side hustle.

Felicia Hartirness

This video was a fun and unique way to show you the potential of adding laser engraving into your woodworking business. It does cost time and money to get started but once you ge the ball rolling you can start earning a lot!

The Reformation Woodshop

What to Make for Your Side Hustle?

A wooden wall hanging, a front door sign, or an engraved charcuterie board and spoon would make a home sweeter or festive. These home decors are in great demand especially when it comes to festivals.