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25 Easy Wood Burning Ideas and Projects

by Winnie Li Posted on March 22, 2023

Wood burning art or pyrography is a traditional form of art in which the artist decorates wood or sketches something through burn marks. It requires exceptional skill, control, focus, and a massive amount of time.

Laser engraving is the modern way of wood burning that uses a laser beam to create burn marks controlled by a computer. With that being said, it offers more precise and accurate results every time you try wood burning. You can give importance to the tiniest details, which is usually not possible by hand. Secondly, it is much easier and quicker than traditional freehanded wood burning.

wood burning art

Using a laser engraving machine, you can make exceptional pieces of wood burning art. We are going to list the top 20 DIY wood burning ideas that beginners can try using their laser machines. You can either use these ideas for your gifting, home décor, or selling products online.

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  • Wood Burning FAQs

Wood Burning Ideas for Home Decor

Wood burning art can add rustic charm and personality to your home decor, whether you want to make wood wall art, signs, coasters, trays, or spoons. In this section, we will show you some cool and easy wood burning ideas for home decor that you can try yourself.

Wood Burned Wall Clock

wood burning ideas - wall clocks

Image by wewoodlove via Etsy

A wood burned wall clock is a functional yet decorative wood burning idea. You can either burn the numbers or other decorative designs onto the face of the clock. This would not only be a fun project but also add a personal touch to your timekeeping. Depending on your preference, it can be as intricate or as simple as you like.

Wood Burned Signs with Family Name or House Number

wood burning art - house number

Image by SolPixieDust via Etsy

When thinking about creative wood burning ideas, consider crafting a wood-burned sign with your family name or house number. You can engrave it using your laser machine to write whatever you want. It is one of the simplest ideas for home décor. It is better to use solid wood for this project or waterproof plywood.

Burned Wooden Planters or Flower Pots

wood burning ideas - wooden planters

Image by 194GiftHouse via Etsy

Another innovative wood burning idea is to create customized wooden planters or flower pots. Using waterproof plywood, you can make a planter or flower pot to your desired size and intricately engrave designs on it. Don't forget to add a dash of color with paint to enhance its beauty.

Wooden Wall Art with Intricate Designs

wood burning ideas - wood wall art

Image by PersonalMementos via Etsy

An exceptional wood burning idea is creating intricate wooden wall art pieces. With a laser engraving machine, you can either burn a beautiful image on wood orcut out intricate designs. The wood burning effect and its different intensities for colors and contrast are mesmerizing. You can either use plywood or solid wood for this project.

Wood Burned Cutting Board

wood burning ideas - cutting boards

Among the popular wood burning ideas for the kitchen is the wood-burned cutting board. You can create a personalized cutting board that also doubles as a wall hanging. Simply get a suitable size board and engrave your favorite quotes, graphics, or even a recipe on it.

Decorative Wooden Spoon Set

wood burning ideas - decorative spoons

If you're looking to add more flavor to your dining time. These spoon sets can be an attractive wood burning idea. You can also hang decorative spoon sets on the walls. It is a decent yet unique home décor idea that people would love to compliment. A wide range of spoon sets is available on the market. You can buy any wooden set of your liking. Then, you can burn them using your laser machine. You can write your name, a small quote, or anything you like. 

Wood Coasters

wood burning ideas - coasters

Image by NaMooStudioUS via Etsy

Wood coasters can make an excellent addition to your list of wood burning ideas.  Wooden coasters can be personalized and customized through wood burning. These are also ideal for special occasions and events, such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

You can engrave pre-made wood coasters. But if you want to do something unique, you can also make coasters by cutting wood. It is possible to cut wood in any shapes for a more personalized touch.

Wood Burned Boxes

wood burning ideas - jewelry box

Wooden boxes, whether for jewelry, tissues, or gifts, can be customized according to your liking, making them an attractive wood burning idea. Use your laser machine to engrave these boxes and make them truly unique.

Wooden Hangers

wood burning ideas - hangers

Image by TheHoovlerHouse via Etsy

Incorporating eco-friendly measures into your wood burning ideas, consider creating personalized wooden hangers. These durable hangers can be made from thin plywood or hardwood and customized using your laser machine. 

Wood Wine Bottle Holder

wood burning ideas - wine holders

Another practical wood burning idea is a wood wine bottle holder. This holder, made from 3-4mm plywood, can help you organize your wine bottles while adding a stylish touch to your dining table or fridge.

Wood Burned Picture Frame

wood burning ideas - picture frames

Image by WildLaserEngraving via Etsy

Looking to make your photoes display area more prominently? Try this wood buring idea. Ready-made wooden picture frames are easily available and you just need to engrave the pattern you like. You can even take this project to the next level by cutting the frame to achieve a hollowout design.

Wood Burned Door Sign

wood burning ideas - wood door signs

Image by thelaserengravingco via Etsy

Door signs can be an interesting wood burning idea. They're not only practical in terms of identifying rooms but can also serve as a piece of decor. You could burn a favorite quote, the name of the room, or any other design into the plaque to make it unique to your home. These can be used on the doors of bedrooms, bathrooms, or even on walls as decorative plaques.

Wood Burned Candle Holder

wood burning ideas - candle holders

Image by CustomGiftCoUK via Etsy

Wood burned candle holders can bring an added warmth to your space. This is an excellent wood burning idea to add a cozy and intimate touch to your room. You can burn various designs around the candle holder, or even add a quote or significant date for an added personal touch.

Wood Burned Ornaments

wood burning ideas - christmas ornaments

Wood ornaments make for a great wood burning idea and they can be used as decoration throughout the year. Especially during the holiday season, wood burned ornaments can add a unique touch to your Christmas tree. You can burn different patterns, images, or words into these ornaments to make them truly special.

Wood Burned Birdhouse/Bird Feeder

wood burning ideas - bird feeders

Image by DungeonDwellersWW via Etsy

If you enjoy the company of birds in your garden, a wood burned birdhouse or bird feeder is an excellent wood burning idea. You can personalize the birdhouse with personalized wood burned designs, creating a unique sanctuary for your feathered friends. Whether you want to include a welcoming message for the birds or just decorative patterns, this idea will undoubtedly add charm to your outdoor space.

Wood Burning Ideas for Gifting

Wood burning is not only a relaxing hobby, but also a great way to make personalized gifts for your friends and family. You can use wood burning to create beautiful patterns on wooden objects, transforming ordinary wooden items into extraordinary wood gifts

Wooden Earrings

wood burning ideas - wooden earrings

For a thoughtful gift that showcases creativity, wooden earrings are an exceptional wood burning idea. You can burn a unique pattern or design into the earrings, making them a one-of-a-kind accessory that showcases the beauty of the wood's grain and the artistry of the burn.

Wooden Keychain

wood burning ideas - keychains

Image by ReginaLtd via Etsy

A personalized wooden keychain is a simple yet meaningful gift idea. This wood burning idea allows you to burn the recipient's name, initials, or a special symbol that holds significance into the keychain, making it a daily reminder of your thoughtfulness.

Wood Burned Bookmarks

wood burning ideas - bookmarks

Image by BelvedereCollections via Etsy

Wooden bookmarks are a perfect gift for book lovers. This wood burning idea can be personalized with a favorite quote, an inspiring message, or a design, turning a simple bookmark into a cherished keepsake.

Wood Burned Serving Tray

wood burning ideas - serving trays

A wood burned serving tray is an excellent wood burning idea for someone who loves hosting or appreciates unique kitchenware. You can burn a beautiful design or a heartwarming message into the tray, making it a centerpiece during gatherings or a conversation starter during tea time.

Wooden Cooking Utensils

wood burning ideas - cooking utensils

Image by CustomieGifts via Etsy

Gift a set of wooden cooking utensils engraved with personalized messages or designs. This wood burning idea is perfect for a culinary enthusiast, adding a personal touch to their kitchen utensil collection.

Wooden Jewelry Box

wood burning ideas - jewelry box

image credit: by DUSTandTHINGS via Etsy

 If you're looking for a gift that combines practicality with a touch of personal elegance, a wood burned jewelry box is a great option. This wood burning idea allows you to create a personalized keepsake that will be cherished and used daily. The box can be engraved with the recipient's name or initials, or with a design that holds special significance to them. You could even wood burn a small message on the inside lid for an added surprise. 

Wooden Phone Case

wood burning ideas - wooden phone cases

A wooden phone case with a personalized wood burned design is a distinct and functional gift that stands out from the usual plastic or silicon alternatives. This wood burning idea enables you to customize a practical accessory with unique artwork, quotes, or the recipient's initials, making their device truly one of a kind.

Engraved Photo on Wood

wood burning ideas - engraved wood photo

An engraved photo on wood is a unique and thoughtful gift. This wood burning idea allows you to transform a cherished photograph into a lasting piece of art. The photo is laser engraved onto the wood, creating a visually striking contrast with the natural grain. Perfect for commemorating special occasions, this gift blends sentimentality with rustic charm, making it a truly memorable piece.

Wooden Engraved Guitar Picks

wood burning ideas - guitar picks

Image by KnottyGiftsDotCom via Etsy

For guitar lovers, a wood burned guitar pick is a unique and thoughtful gift. You can engrave the pick with the recipient's initials, a favorite music symbol, or even the logo of their favorite band. This wood burning idea is sure to strike a chord with them.

Wooden Cufflinks

wood burning ideas - cufflinks

Image by ChristopheArtisanat via Etsy

For the sophisticated individuals in your life, consider gifting personalized wooden cufflinks. This chic wood burning idea adds a bespoke touch to formal attire. You can intricately burn initials, symbols, or patterns that hold significance to the recipient into these cufflinks, making them not just a fashion statement but also a meaningful keepsake. 

Wood Burning FAQs

Q 1 :   Is Wood Burning Difficult?

If you want to do wood burning freehand, then it is a bit difficult, and you need to learn a lot. But you can do it using a laser wood burner. It is quite simple and does not require any experience.

Q2. What is the Best Wood Burning Tool?

The best tool for making wood burning art depends on your skill level, budget, and personal preference. However, one of the most popular and versatile tools for wood burning art is the wood laser engraver

A laser engraver is a device that uses a focused beam of light to cut or engrave materials with high precision and speed. Unlike other wood burning tools that require manual control and constant temperature adjustment, a laser engraver can be programmed to create complex and detailed designs with ease. A laser engraver can also work on various materials and thicknesses, making it ideal for different types of projects.

Q3. Tips for Successful Laser Burning Wood

If you want to see the best results for wood burning using a laser, then follow the given tips.

  • Choose the right type of wood according to the project. Its thickness, color, and material should be according to the requirements.
  • Clean the surface of the wood before you burning it. Make sure it is dry and clean. 
  • If you can make your own design, you can try it. But designs are available for free on various websites. Plus, you can also buy design files from Etsy.
  • The last important tip is the settings. You need to set the right power and speed to get the best results. For this, you should do the power-speed test on a spare material and then engrave it on the actual object.

Q4: What is the Best Wood for Laser Burning?

Almost any type of wood can be used for laser burning, but make sure the color of the wood is light because the dark engraving will look exceptional. You can use plywood as well as solid wood. 

buy plywood for creating wood burning art

Q5: How to Burn Designs/Images into Wood?

One of the easiest ways to burn an image into wood is by using a laser engraver. Here are some simple steps to follow:

  • Edit your image using an image editing software such as Photoshop or GIMP. You may want to adjust the brightness, contrast, color, size, orientation, etc. according to your preference. 
  • Save your image as a file format that is compatible with your laser engraver software such as JPG, PNG, BMP, etc.
  • Load your image file into your laser engraver software and set up the parameters such as speed, power, etc.
  • Place your material on the working area of your laser engraver machine and secure it with clamps if needed.
  • Start the engraving process by pressing the start button on your machine or computer.
  • Wait until the engraving process is finished and check if everything looks good.

For more detailed instructions on how to use a laser engraver for burning images into wood, you can check out this guide.

Q6: Can You Make Money with Wood Burning? 

Yes, you can make money with wood burning. People love to have such items for home déco, gifting and other purpoese. The wood burning ideas are limitless. You can sell your items on Etsy, local stores, and websites. Moreover, there is an opportunity to work with other businesses. Here is a step-by-step guide to starting a wood burning business.

For more questions. Please join our Facebook group to get inspired!

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