Self-adhesive Vinyl (20pcs)
Self-adhesive Vinyl (20pcs)
Self-adhesive Vinyl (20pcs)

Self-adhesive Vinyl (20pcs)



  • Ships in 1-3 business days.
  • 12" x 10", Self-adhesive vinyl in 10 assorted colors.
  • PET Heat Transfer Vinyl is applicable to xTool M1.
  • Premium and durable quality make it easy to cut, weed, and transfer.
  • Ideal to personalize various gifts and ornaments for any occasion.
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Pine wood is a natural raw material. Irregular shapes, stuttering, and deviations in color are normal. You can laser engrave your favorite pattern to make a personalized coaster.

It's a PVC film coated with self-adhesive on the back. It comes with a variety of colors, is waterproof and has no adhesive residue. 

1.  DesignDraw or trace the design.
2. CutPlace the shiny plastic side up on the cutting mat.Load the cutting mat into the machine and cut your design with a pointed blade.3. WeedRemove the workpiece from the cutting mat and remove the excess lettering film with a weeding tool.4. PastePeel off the pattern from the release paper, paste it to the desired position, smooth it evenly, and eliminate the bubbles to finish pasting.

Laser engraving

Device parametersSpeedPowerProcessing time
D1 10W100mm/s85%1
D1 5W100mm/s60%1