xTool  Pine Column (2pcs)
xTool  Pine Column (2pcs)
xTool  Pine Column (2pcs)

xTool Pine Column (2pcs)


High-quality column, made of pine wood. It can be easily engraved for laser engraving. You can create your own distinctive works.
2 x Pine Wood Column
100mm x 50mm / 3.94" x 1.97"         
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Wooden materials can be cut or engraved more effectively with CO2 lasers. Air-assisted CO2 laser cutting machines, such as Laserbox, are recommended. For engraving, the lines engraved by a blue-light laser on a wooden material look more like yellow, and those engraved by a CO2 laser look more like black.

Laser engraving: Align the laser focus to the surface of the workpiece and keep the same speed, the greater the power, the deeper the engraving; when the power remains the same, the slower the speed, the deeper the engraving. Laser cutting: Align the laser focus to the center of the workpiece. For a 5mm thick board, first align the laser focus to the surface of the material, then lower the laser head by 2.5mm, or raise the consumable by 2.5mm. This gives the best cutting results. For laser cutting, if the workpiece is hang in the air, the surface and cutting surface of the workpiece can be kept clean. If you put masking tape on the workpiece before cutting and remove the tape after cutting, it can also be kept clean.

Pine wood is a natural raw material. Irregular shapes, stuttering, and deviations in color are normal. You can laser engrave your favorite pattern to make a personalized coaster.

Laser engraving

Laser engraving

Device parametersSpeedPowerProcessing time
D1 10W100mm/s85%1
D1 5W100mm/s60%1
Device parametersPowerSpeedProcessing time
D1 10W95%100mm/s1
D1 5W100%70mm/s1