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1/8" Walnut Plywood (6pcs)



  • Ships in 1-3 business days.
  • 11.70" x 8.27"× 1/8" premium Walnut plywood won't warp or deform.
  • Walnut Plywood can be laser-cut and engraved by all xTool machines.
  • The eco-friendly natural Walnut plywood with beautiful grain.
  • Please allow a ± 1/2 inch variation for length and width sizes and a ±1/12 inch variation in thickness.
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  • 【Natural quality】 The unfinished sheets are made of natural wood with smooth surface, sturdy surface and natural luster. These sheets won't release any toxic fumes when laser processing, non-allergic without huge knots or rough spots.
  • 【Excellent performance】 These Walnut Plywood sheets feature high-quality Walnut Plywood, tested durability , clean texture, and sturdy surface. It is super easy to cut and engrave for various occasions.
  • 【Wide application】It is commonly used for crafts, laser engraving and cutting, and all sorts of DIY projects. Make it special and memorable with your creative ideas. A good way to improve creativity of children and communication with your children.
  • 【Environmentally friendly】Our Walnut Plywood sheets all come from high-quality Walnut Plywood, and it is easy to process with all your thoughts. The set of our Walnut Plywood sheets are made of degradable and environmentally friendly materials, without resulting in any pollution.
  • To help you create more easily is the mission of xTool. It is our pleasure to provide you with more enjoyable products. Would you mind sharing pictures or videos of your creative works? They will be the greatest rewards for us.  

Laser cutting

Device parametersPowerSpeedProcessing time
D1 10W100%5mm/s2
D1 5W100%6mm/s3

Laser engraving

Laser engraving

Device parametersSpeedPowerProcessing time
D1 10W100mm/s85%1
D1 5W100mm/s60%1
Device parametersPowerSpeedProcessing time
D1 10W45%80mm/s1
D1 5W80%90mm/s1