xTool Creators Club

What is xTool Creators Club?

xTool Creators Club is xTool's newly upgraded membership program (formerly known as Rewards Program). When logged into your Creators Club account, you will earn points for your purchases. You can redeem these points for discounts on your next order. 

CLICK HERE to open the rewards dashboard.

What is point used for?

xTool Creators Club point is redeemable for coupon codes. 50 points = $1 off. You can redeem them at any time for different amounts of coupons for your future orders. Click here to redeem.

Once you redeem your points into a coupon, simply copy and paste the coupon into the "discount code" box at checkout. If you redeem a coupon and change your mind, it cannot be turned back into points.

You cannot combine multiple coupon codes on one order.

How do I earn Creators Club points?

You earn the points by making purchases while logged in to your xTool Creators Club account. Each dollar you spend will earn you 1 point.

Another way to earn points is to refer your friends using our referral dashboard. If your friend uses your referral code, both they and yourself will earn 3,000 points, which can be redeemed for coupons.

Does Creators Club point expire?

If you stop using your account entirely, your point will expire one year after earning it. If you earn any points, this timer is reset. Once you redeem your points for a coupon, the coupon itself never expires.

Can I combine my coupon with another discount?

No, you cannot use these discounts in combination with any other discounts.For example, "X% off" codes we occasionally send throughout the year via email cannot be used with your xTool Creators Club discounts.

What does VIP mean?

Your VIP status means that you are being rewarded for making repeat purchases in a calendar year from our store. By raising your VIP status, your purchases will earn more points. We want to reward you for your loyalty!

You will retain your VIP status for the remainder of the current year plus the following year-- you will remain in the VIP tier you achieve in 2022 until Dec. 31st, 2022.

You can view your VIP status any time by opening the points dashboard (button in the bottom left of the screen) and scrolling down to the bottom of this interface.

How do I refer a friend?

First, ensure you are logged in to your xTool Creators Club account. Then, simply open the referral dashboard and copy or share the link with your friend. Once they complete a qualifying purchase, you will automatically receive your 3000 point reward.

xTool Points & Rewards Program

As a member of the xTool Points & Rewards Program, you can earn reward points and enjoy our membership benefits by participating in various activities within the xTool site. These points can be used for unlimited purchases across the site.

How to opt-in ?

1. Create an account.

Create an account in our store.

2. Complete reward tasks to earn points.

There are many ways to earn reward points. 
And the tasks will be continuously replenished

3. Redeeming points to get coupon code.

When your points reach the redemption conditions, you can choose the corresponding points to exchange for discount codes and use them to purchase products

What rewards you can redeem ?

pointsRedeemable Coupons

How to earn redeeming points?

Ways to get pointsPointsDetail
Create an account200 PointsEarn 200 points when you create an account
Make a Purchase1 Point Per DollarEarn 1 point for every $1 you spend in our store
Refer a friend3000 Points EachEarn 3000 points for every time you refer a friend
who spends over $500.00
Share on Facebook50 PointsEarn 50 points when you share us on Facebook
Follow us on Instagram100 PointsEarn 100 points when you follow us on Instagram