Smart 40W CO2 laser engraver & cutter to for any art, business and leisure uses.

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Patented Single-Button Operation

You can directly draw on the material, place drawings besides the material, or customize official designs for quick cutting and engraving. Everyone can create within 3 steps only. No computer required.

All-in-One Desktop Freeware

Compatible with both Windows and macOS, the exclusive software for Laserbox provides one-stop solution to faciliate any collaborative graphic design and advanced cutting/engraving needs.


Laserbox automatically converts image to scalable vector graphics, allowing for re-creation with no quality loss.

Dual Guarantee for Accuracy Upgrade

Laserbox enhances AI Auto-Focus to increase the accuracy of laser displacement senor technically, and embeds 5MP camera for manual adjustment in real time.

Multiple Connection Modes for Flexible Use

Feel free to choose to connect Laserbox and software via Wi-Fi/USB/Ethernet, or use Laserbox Pro alone without computer. Create anytime and anywhere.

Quad Protections for Safe Environment

Comply with 9 international safety certifications, include CE, FDA, IC-ID and RoHS, xTool always ensures you to stay up to date with the safest way to use Laserbox.

 8 Early Warning Alarm

Open Lid for Immediate Stop

Flame-retardant Body Cover

Eco-Friendly Smart Air Purifier

Laserbox also equips itself with a specialised smart air purifier, which cleans the air and protects you from toxic fumes, to be more environmentally friendly.

  • Compact Desgin with Replaceable Filter

Reduce the weight to 10.5kg, only half of the primary filters for laser cutting machine.

  • Automatic Air Filtering in Low Noise

Adjust the aireflow in line with Laserbox working status for efficient ventilation.

Robust Design in Every Detail

xTool fully improves the design of Laserbox both externally and internally, contributing to longer service time, easier maintenance, long-lasting working hours and cleaner operation.

Robust Design in Every Detail

Featured in 40W CO2 laser cutter and engraver, Laserbox startup works perfectly on paper, wood, acrylic, cloth, leather, rubber, cork, plastic and over 100 materials.