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$799.00 $999.00

US Plug (110V)
AU Plug (220V)
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xTool Smoke Purifier

Ships in 1-3 business days.
$799.00 $999.00

$799.00 $999.00
Ships in 1-3 business days.

Product Specs

SpecsTable header 1
Machine size425mmx250mmx410mm
Input Voltage110V / 220V
Sound Level55dB

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Richard Goodman
Better Than Expected

I mostly use the xTool M1 for cutting plywood. Before purchasing the smoke purifier the house would fill with the smoke from the project at hand. Now that I’m using the purifier it is a lot better. There is only a faint smell of smoke after cutting the plywood.

Matt Buckholdt
Must have!

We recently got our D1 Pro and did not realize how much smoke would emanate from the cuts & engraving, it was pretty extreme! We even placed the unit under a window with a fan and there was still a lot of smoke and smell. Ordered this unit in hopes to use our D1 Pro without setting off the fire alarm. This air purifier was life changing, no smoke and the smell was very very minimal. We did not vent outside so only the unit is doing the filtering. This is a must have if you are doing any sort of laser work indoors where you don't have the ability to properly exhaust.

Thomas McGraw
So far so good

Notable improvement in the workspace! Works great!

xTool Smoke Purifier is awesome

This smoke purifier exceeded my expectations. It is quiet and easy to use. Most of all it got rid of the smoke and smell that I used to have when using the laser cutter.

Elie Attieh
Recommended Product

I have purchased the Smoke Purifier for the xTool M1 Laser Engraving Machine. I work in a fairly small room and the purifier is a life saver. Thank you xTool for the premium quality material and efficiency.
Looking forward to expand my range of xTool products.