The engraving speed of 20W laser head can reach 10,000mm/min for the same engraving effect, while the engraving speed of other 5W machines is only 3500mm/min.

The Strongest Cutting Capacity 

Increases Cutting Efficiency

10mm BassWood Cutting in One-PASS

8mm Acrylic Cutting in One-PASS

You can easily hammer more creative product

Maximum thickness that can be cut in one pass

Laser Module20W5W
Basswood Plywood10mm3mm
Cherry Wood 10mm2mm
Walnut Wood8mm2mm
Fraxinus Mandshurica Wood8mm2mm
Black Acrylic8mm1mm

Not Only High Power but also High Fine

Use innovative compression technology to make the spot smaller and powerful, from 0.15*0.15mm to 0.08*0.15mm.


Laser Module20W
Machine Power120W
Laser Electric Power 84W
Laser Optical Power 20W
Laser Spot0.08mm*0.1mm
Wavelength455± 5nm
Laser Girdle10mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Edward Peabody
X Tool 20w

Great Product

Jeffery Lewis
Very powerful

This is an awesome laser works as advertised and easy to set up

Pleasently surprised

I knew it would be better than my 10w laser but I did not expect it to work so well. I have cut up to 12mm thick pallet wood with it like it was butter. I'm very pleased with the purchase! Thank you Xtool!

More Power - BOOM!

Compared to the smaller lasers this is a night and day difference, something to keep in mind (why I'm eyeing the 40W), the stronger the laser the more one can adjust the power-obviously however to turn the power down to not overheat the laser extends the life of said laser. 😉 If one has 5W and need 5W running 100% vs having a 10W-20W and only running a fraction of the power will last longer 🤗

Albert Kraege
20W Diode Laser Module

I am well pleased with my 20 watt module. I get at least twice the cutting speed. Easy to setup, Also like the toggle lock to set the height. Very good upgrade!

20W Diode Laser Module for xTool D1
$599.00 $699.00