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Laser Material Explore Kit (111pcs)
xTool M1 Premium Material Box (245pcs)
F1 Material Explore Kit (93 pcs)
Office Bundle (84pcs)
P2/Laserbox Translucent Acrylic Bundle (12pcs)
Home & Living Material Kit (41pcs)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Ken Kier
Good to get the ideas flowing!

It was a nice addition to get the material package with the laser. It gave me several materials to test and get use to the tool and how it works. I still have not taken advantage of all of the various materials. This is only because I had a few projects I needed to get done and just have not had the time. It did give me enough variety to be comfortable preparing my other projects that I am giving as gifts.

Dan Diamond
Good way to start

I got the 119 item package, still have a lot to get through.
But having these has given a great way to learn. As well as having enough to explore & develop the skills. Lots I wish was in there, but plenty to launch a new hobby/biz!

Xtool D1 pro 5w

I love the machine, it’s super easy to learn and use. Only thing I don’t like is I got the 5w and it’s slow and some things I can’t cut through (or you have to do multiple passes) so I would definitely recommend getting the bigger watt but other than that it’s a great machine!

John Roberts

Material Package

G Alder

Nice package especially if you’re new to laser engraving. Has a few samples of different materials to try out with your new machine.