Material Testing of xTool 20W Laser Module: YouTube Livestream Takeaway

xtool 20w laser module projects

We proudly launched the most powerful 20W Diode Laser Module in the world. It is the most intense laser module of its kind and can stand out from all diode laser modules available on the market.

For our customers, we did a YouTube livestream demonstration to show what our 20W diode laser module can do. We tested different materials to show the module's power, efficiency, speed, and accuracy.

In this post, we will conclude the findings of material testing. We will highlight the capability of the 20W diode laser module, the materials it can cut in one pass, the materials it can engrave, and a lot more.

The Strongest Cutting Capacity 

Our 20W diode laser module has the strongest cutting capacity compared to other diode laser modules. It is so intense and powerful that it can cut various materials in one pass.

10mm Basswood in One Pass

We tried to cut a 10mm basswood plywood piece with the 20W laser module. It cut the wood with perfection, leaving almost no burn marks. It did the job with optimal precision, and the surface of the cutting was smooth and clean.

measuring 10mm plywood

We used the laser to create a wooden child chair and a rocking horse (pics listed at the bottom of the post). Both were made using 8mm basswood. Enthusiasts have many options of creating different furniture, toys, and other things using the 20W diode laser module.

cutting result of xtool 20w laser module on 10mm plywood

8mm Solid Wood in One Pass

First, we tested an 8mm solid piece of wood. We cut the wood piece from the middle and created a hole. Surprisingly, the laser cut the wood in only one pass, and there were fewer burn marks.

measuring 8mm plywood

cutting result of xtool 20w laser module on 8mm plywood

We also tried our 10W diode laser module, but it was unable to cut the solid wood in one pass.

Then, we tested seven different types of solid wood. The thickness was in the range of 8mm-10mm.

Bamboo plywood

Beech plywood

Cherry plywood

Walnut plywood

Fraxinus Mandshurica Wood



We set the speed of xTool D1 at 1 mm/s and power at 100%. The result was pretty amazing. The laser module cut basswood, pinewood, walnut wood, and Fraxinus Mandshurica wood in only one pass. The cut was pretty smooth, and the edges had fewer burnt marks.

The module was unable to cut beech wood, cherry wood, and bamboo wood in one pass because these are pretty stiff and dense. However, the laser can easily cut these wood types in 2-3 passes, depending on the thickness.

The 20W diode laser cuts wood pieces quickly, saving you a lot of time. It improves working efficiency.

5mm Acrylic Cutting of Different Colors Test in One Pass

Acrylic is widely used, and it is often cut using a laser to ensure perfection. We tried different color acrylics, and each of them was 5mm thick. We tested the following colors.





Dark Green

Light Green



The laser was set at 100% power, and the speed was 1 mm/sec. The laser was able to cut five colors of 5mm acrylic in one pass. Those colors were red, orange, yellow, light green, and black.

The edges were very smooth, and the pieces could be directly used without sanding and polishing.

It was unable to cut white and blue in one pass because of the wavelength of the laser. Since the laser is blue, it cannot cut blue acrylic due to the same wavelength. It cannot cut white acrylic because of the wavelength.

The Strongest Engraving Capacity

The 20W diode laser is quite powerful, and it can easily engrave stiff objects and materials. We tested our 10W laser as well as 20W laser on ceramics and granite.

The 20W laser did an outstanding job, and it created the perfect engraving in one attempt. The graving was visible, deep, and could be felt through touch. After engraving, we colored the engraved area, and it looked more than perfect.

engraving result comparison on ceramatics

engraving result comparision bewteen 10w and 20w laser module

The 10W laser was not powerful enough. The engraving was not deep and clearly visible. However, it also engraved granite and ceramic pieces a bit.

We tried the laser one more time, and this time we engraved stainless steel. The 20W laser module did the job as expected. The engraving was deeper and clearly visible. The 10W laser also did the job, but it was not deep enough.

The result of the 20W laser was like a 3D engraving that can be sensed through touching. It was similar to the results achieved by a CNC drilling machine.

Increases Work Efficiency up to 200%-250%

The 20W diode laser does the job at a very high speed. It saves a lot of time for the user and cuts and engraves objects quicker than any other laser module on the market.

We cut a square on 5mm basswood at 100% power. We tested the 20W and 10W modules to compare the time taken.

Surprisingly, the 20W module cut the square in 1 minute 1 second, while the 10W laser took 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

Thus, the 20W laser module can significantly improve the efficiency up to 250%.

Not Only High Power but also Ultra-Fine

The 20W laser module is not only powerful, but it is also ultra-fine. Usually, high-powered laser modules leave burn marks and make the area darker. The accuracy decreases with the power, but our 20W laser module has better and very high accuracy.

10w and 20w laser module engraving accuracy comparision

First, we engraved a piece of art over a piece of wood using the 10W laser module. The engraving was perfect, and it looked more than awesome until we saw the results of the 20W laser.

We then tried the 20W module, and the engraving was much better and more accurate. It was more precise and accurate compared to the 10W laser module. The minute lines and details were also visible.

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