xTool D1 Review: Best Diode Laser Engraver for Beginners

by Raymond Lei Posted in April 17, 2022

Laser engraving was invented about five decades ago, but it was inaccessible to common people for decades because of the high cost, big machinery, and hazards. It was not easy to start a laser engraving business at home or from a small shop.

a collection of laser engraving items

Surprisingly, in the last 5-10 years, many companies have thought about making a portable and desktop laser engraver that can be accessible to everyone. xTool, established by Makeblock, is one of the pioneer companies that has introduced one of the most pocket-friendly, starter-friendly, and space-saving laser engraving machines with innovative features and extraordinary results.

Makeblock is undoubtedly a world-renowned company in the area of coding robot manufacturing and education. The company started a new brand, xTool, to make laser engraving easier and safer for kids to engrave and cut their doooodle drawings. Now, you can imagine how safe xTool machines would be.

xTool has made laser engraving easier anad safer for kids

xTool has introduced four laser engraving and cutting tools till now. In this post, our primary focus is xTool D1, which was introduced in 2021 and is one of the most selling products of the company and one of the most preferred laser engravers on the market.

xTool D1 is an innovative and high-accuracy desktop diode laser engraving and cutting machine. It is the Red Dot Winner 2022, making it one of the most innovative and creative laser engravers on the market. It is more than ideal for starting a laser engraving business, DIY lovers, hobbyists, professionals, and artists. It makes laser cutting and engraving easier and safer.

xtool D1 is the Red Dot Winner 2022

xTool D1 is quite popular on the market and among laser tool users. So, we decided to review the product in detail. We will have an in-depth xTool D1 review to cover every aspect of the machine, including its good and bad. We will try to cover everything to educate readers so that they can decide whether the machine is worth it or not.

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  • xTool D1 Features
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  • Buyer's Guide: Is xTool D1 Worth the Price?
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xTool D1 Specifications

 Models xTool D1 - 10W  xTool D1 - 5W 
 Machine Power 60W 36W
Laser Electric Power 40W 25W
Laser Module Output Power  10W 5W
 Laser Spot 0.08*0.08 mm (0.003*0.003 inch) 0.08*0.08 mm (0.003*0.003 inch)
Wavelength   455 ±5 nm 455 ±5 nm 
 Routing Speed 10000mm/min  10000mm/min
 Working Area  432 * 406 mm (17 * 16 inch) 432 * 406 mm (17 * 16 inch) 
 Max. Workpiece Height  50 mm (2 inch)  50 mm (2 inch)
 Max. Worpiece Height with Risers   50mm+X*45mm(each set riser height column)  50mm+X*45mm(each set riser height column)
Voltage Input   100-240V 50-60HZ 100-240V 50-60HZ 
 Voltage Output  12V 3A 36W 12V 5.5A 60W 
 Connecting Interfaces  USB/Wi-Fi/TF card  USB/Wi-Fi/TF card
 Certification  FCC / FDA / CE FCC / FDA / CE 
 Operating Systems  Windows/macOS/Android/iOS  Windows/macOS/Android/iOS
 Control Software Laserbox Software/ Laserbox App/LightBurn   Laserbox Software/ Laserbox App/LightBurn
 Product Weight 5kg  5kg 
 Package Weight 6kg 6kg 
Product Size (L * W * H)  600*590*150 mm (23.6*23.2*5.9 inch) 600*590*150 mm (23.6*23.2*5.9 inch) 
Package Size (L * W * H)  620*345*130 mm (24.4*13.6*5 inch) 620*345*130 mm (24.4*13.6*5 inch) 

Pros and Cons of xTool D1


1) Innovative Diode Laser

The most important thing in xTool D1 is the innovative diode laser that makes the output more powerful. In the 10W diode laser module, there are two laser sources used. The laser beams from these sources are combined with the help of a synthetic lens. Then, all the beams are compressed at a tiny spot using a convex lens.

xTool D1 uses two laser soucrs

Due to this innovative technology, the laser has become more powerful. The 10W diode laser works as a 15W laser. Moreover, the company has also introduced the world's most powerful laser module, which contains four laser sources.

2) High Accuracy and Precision

The accuracy of xTool D1 is praiseworthy. With the help of a convex lens, the beams are compressed at a very tiny spot having dimensions of 0.08 x 0.08mm. It helps in making ultra-fine engravings with minute burn marks. The lines are very accurate and clear down to 0.06mm.

xTool D1 has a very tiny laser spot measuring 0.08*0.08mm

xTool D1 is perfect for fine details. It does not matter how fine the image or graphics is; the machine considers minute details and edges. The images and vector graphics are engraved at very high precision. The 3D effect of the engraving is clearly visible and accurate from the edges. 

3) Long Life Span

The machine is built to last for a long time. Firstly, it is a diode laser engraver, and diode lasers last more than CO2 laser machines. Secondly, the built quality of the machine is more than amazing. The frame of the machine is made of steel. It offers maximum durability, stability, and long life. In contrast, other common laser machines are usually made of aluminum, which is not as rigid and robust as steel.

In addition, the shaft and wheel of D1 are also made of steel. Therefore, they are capable of supporting more than 100,000+ slides. These steel parts last more than plastic parts and increase the life of the machine about three times.

xTool D1 has a long life span of supporting 100,000+ slides

4) Excellent Repeat Positioning Accuracy

The outstanding repeat positioning accuracy of D1 sets it apart from other machines. If you try to make vector graphics using typical laser machines, the lines and engraving will not be accurate. Fine lines might mix with each other or lose their original track.

xTool D1 offers excellent engarving accuracy

With xTool D1, even at a very high speed, the engraving is done with ultimate precision. The reason behind the accuracy is the sturdy all-steel frame and wheels. The machine offers a repeat positioning accuracy of less than 0.02mm, which is quite rare on the market. It ensures high accuracy even after years of use.

Moreover, the synchronous belt can be tightened to eliminate the movement gap. It makes the machine stable and improves accuracy and precision. The best part is that you only need to tighten the screw using a screwdriver.

5) Large Engraving Area

The engraving area of D1 is more than enough to engrave a wide range of objects. The size is about 432 x 406mm, which is more than the size of an A3 paper. It is large enough to engrave portrait images on different materials.

xTool D1's engraving size is 432*406mm

Due to the large engraving area, the user does not have to move the object and pause/resume engraving. The complete object can be engraved in one go.

6) Easy-to-Use

D1 is ideal for beginners who want to start laser engraving. It is a simple yet user-friendly tool that makes laser engraving easier, safer, and quicker. xTool has its software for D1 called Laserbox Basic.

Moreover, it is also compatible with professional engraving software, Lightburn. Users can choose the software they want and use the machine without any problem.

xTools has a library of video tutorials and quick start guides for new users. There are also project tutorials available for the ease of the customers. Thus, anyone can use the tool without any prior expertise and expertise. In addition, the support team is always there to help you out.

The company has also provided the optimal setting of speed, power, and the number of passes for different materials according to thickness. The users can refer to the sheet and set the optimal parameters.

7) Works on a Wide Range of Materials

D1 is compatible with a wide range of materials. It is a diode laser machine, so it can easily engrave different types of plywood, solid wood, leather, metals, paper, acrylic, fabric, rock, glass, and ceramics. Moreover, it can also cut acrylic, paper, leather, and wood.

With this wide range of material compatibility, the user can make many items and objects. There are more chances of showing creativity with different materials.


*All the limitations mentioned below have already been resolved in the updated version D1 Pro.

1) Mobile App Only for Engraving

The application is available on the App Store, and you can search Laserbox for xTool. On Android devices, you can search for Laserbox on the Google Play Store. But these applications only support engraving at the moment, so you cannot use them for cutting. However, the company is still working on it, and the updated versions will be able to cut as well.

2) No Limit Switch

With the help of the limit switch, the laser is capable of returning to the same point where it started. The switch is necessary to do a few laser engraving tasks; otherwise, the engraving will be slightly off the track.

xTool D1 does not have a limit switch in the current model. But when you try to position the laser at the same spot, it is only 0.02mm off, which is not noticeable.

However, the next version of xTool D1 is going to have the limit switch.

3) No Emergency Button

For safety reasons, there should be a button to turn off the machine immediately when needed. But there is no emergency stop button on the machine. 

However, there are other safety features to stop the machine in unusual scenarios. The machine stops if it gets hit or knocked by the user or any object. Moreover, if the machine accidentally falls on the ground, it stops immediately.

How to Set Up xTool D1?

After getting your parcel, unbox it. First, make sure everything is included in your packaging. The list of the included items is here.

  • Front plate
  • Rear plate
  • Optical shaft components
  • Middle plate
  • Left plate
  • Right plate
  • Power cable
  • Power adapter
  • Motor and laser cables
  • Laser module
  • USB cable
  • Lubricant
  • Safety goggles

If you have ordered anything else, such as risers, the honeycomb panel, the material pack, or anything else, you will also have it inside your package.

There is also a video tutorial to make everything easier. Check this video guide for setting up the D1 machine.

  • First, join the front plate, rear plate, left plate, and right place. 
  • Tighten sixteen M4x8mm screws and two M4x25mm screws.
  • Fit the middle plate and tighten four M4x15mm screws. Tighten one M4x25 screw in the middle plate.
  • Drag the middle plate towards the rear plate. It is time to fit the optical shaft components.
  • Install the coupling at the ends of the optical shaft and put the timing pulley through the timing belt. Insert the shaft into the bearing. Tighten the screws on the couplings.
  • Flip the machine over for the connection of cables. Connect the motor to the main control board. Connect the motor & laser cables to the main board. 
  • Insert the connectors at the other end of the motor & laser cables into the motor on the middle plate and laser. Use cable ties to fix the cables.
  • Install the laser on the middle plate and connect its cable.
  • Adjust the focus.
  • Use cable ties to fix the laser module cables.
  • Install the TF card on the board.
  • Adjust the tightness of the synchronous belt using the screws.
  • Connect power and computer to the machine. Now, you are ready to use the machine.

 xTool D1 Features

1) High Speed

xTool D1 works at a very high speed of 10,000mm/minute. It is the routing speed of the machine given in the specifications. When you try the machine, the speed is faster than other diode laser machines.

If you are using the 20W laser module, the speed will be unmatchable because it is the world's most powerful diode laser module. It cuts objects in one pass and at a very high speed.

Due to excellent speed, the time of the user is saved. The more the optical power of the laser, the more speed the machine will offer. 5W and 10W modules are available with the machine, while the 20W module is sold separately.

2) Specialized Software

The specialized software of D1 is Laserbox Basic. The software can run on Windows or macOS. The Android and iOS versions are still under development.

The software is quite simple and easy to use. Beginners can start using the laser machine with the help of simple software. They can easily learn how to use the application and how to adjust various settings. The guides are available on the website and YouTube channel.

The software is specially made for the machine, so it has all the features, parameter settings, and other things in one place. It works perfectly well and offers optimal results.

3) Different Laser Modules

The laser module of D1 can be changed. There are three modules available from xTool. The optical power of these modules is 5W, 10W, and 20W. You can easily change the module on your own when required.

Users can buy different modules according to their needs. When they need excessive power, they can use a 20W module, and when they need low power, they can go for a 5W module. 

4) Rotary Engraving

xTool D1 can also engrave regular and irregular cylindrical objects. But for that, you need to buy a rotary attachment available from xTool. The best part is that the Rotary Attachment 2 Pro (RA2 Pro) is the world's first 4-in-1 rotary attachment on the market.

Cylinders can be engraved with ultimate precision. The rotary attachment moves the cylinder while the laser machine does the job with its fine spot of concentrated laser beams.

xTool D1 can engrave cylindrical objects

5) Multiple Data Transfer Options

The data can be transferred to the machine through various options. Obviously, the data can be transferred through the software. Moreover, you can use Wi-Fi, USB cable, or TF card for data transfer.

6) Easy Focus Adjustment

Focus adjustment is one of the prominent issues with laser engraving and cutting machines. Beginners usually face problems in adjusting the focus of a laser engraver. The problem is that if the focus of the laser is not adjusted properly, the machine cannot cut and engrave the material efficiently.

xTool has solved this problem by introducing an adjustable laser module. There is a focus lever on the module, so the user can easily adjust the focus as needed.

7) Offline Control

The machine does not require the internet. It is connected to Wi-Fi for a local network, but there is no need for an internet connection. Surprisingly, if there is a TF card installed on the machine, it stores the data once GCode is loaded. You can disconnect the computer, and the machine will run offline. The machine reads from the TF card and performs the actions.

Accessories and Attachments for xTool D1

1) The World's Most Powerful Diode Laser Module

xTool has introduced the world's most powerful diode laser module. The module has an optical power of 20W that is achieved by four laser emitting sources. The beams are combined at a tiny focal point using a convex lens. The laser is quite powerful; it can even cut 8-10mm plywood in one pass.

The 20W laser module offers more accuracy and saves you a lot of time. It does the engraving work faster than lower optical power modules. The work efficiency is up to 250%. 

2) Rotary Attachment 2 Pro

There are separate rotary attachments that can be used for engraving cylindrical objects. xTool has introduced the world's first 4-in-1 rotary attachment known as RA2 Pro. The attachment works as a roller rotary, chuck rotary, ring engraving stud, and sphere engraving module. With this one attachment, you can engrave 99% cylindrical objects.

4-in-1 rotary attachment for xTool D1

The attachment has a detachable support module that can accommodate large-sized objects. It can even engrave a baseball bat. It also offers a wide diameter range for the objects. The best part is that it is easy to use, and the user can do engraving on cylinders with ultimate precision.

3) Risers

The risers for xTool D1 help in increasing the height of the machine. By increasing and decreasing the number of risers, the height of the machine can be adjusted. By attaching two sets of risers, the height is increased to up to 140mm; therefore, users can engrave wider objects. You can attach and detach the risers according to the requirement.

How Much Is xTool D1?

xTool D1 is available at a very reasonable cost. The machine with a 5W module is available at $439, and it is available with a 10W module at $619. This is the cost after a discount available at the moment.

The best part is that it can be bought with affirm at as low as $40 per month. Thus, beginners and new people in business can easily buy this machine and start earning money through it.

You also need other accessories with the laser engraver. For instance, you need a honeycomb panel to protect the surface where the machine is working. The panel is available at $139.

You can also buy the air assist set at $119 to blow away the smoke during engraving. If you want to make your D1 ultimately powerful, then the world's most powerful diode module is available at $499.

For cylindrical engraving, you can buy Rotary Attachment 2 Pro for $269. These accessories are also available with affirm, so buyers can pay a fraction of the price at the start.

xTool D1 Pro Diode Laser Engraver

xTool D1 Pro diode laser engraver


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Buyer's Guide: Is xTool D1 Worth the Price?

This is the most important question of the xTool D1 review. Readers would love to know whether the machine is worth it or not.

There are dozens of laser engravers on the market, and it is quite challenging to select one for your needs. You might have heard about Snapmaker 2.0 and Glowforge.

Snapmaker 2.0 is still in its initial stages.

Glowforge is an excellent engraving machine, but it is too costly. The price starts from $5000. In addition, the attachments and accessories are quite expensive. For instance, the Air Filter costs about $1295. At this price, you can easily buy xTool D1 along with all attachments.

xTool D1 is an affordable laser engraver. It is a well-built and durable machine that lasts for a long time. The software and machine are aligned, and engraving is done with ultimate precision. Although it offers tons of features, it is still available at a reasonable price.

Moreover, you cannot find a more powerful diode laser machine on the market. It has got the world's most powerful diode laser module. It can easily cut 8-10mm plywood in one pass and at an incredible speed.

The best part is that D1 is ideal for almost all engraving tasks. It is a safe, reliable, and perfect machine that offers incredible accuracy and precision. xTool D1 is worth every penny spent on it.

The machine is ideal for laser engraving business as it is compact and can be used at home. Secondly, it is affordable and also available in installments. Thus, entrepreneurs and new people in business can earn and make a living through the machine.

Beginners can also use the machine. It is pretty simple and beginner-friendly. There is no experience or expertise required, and there are tons of guides, posts, and tutorials available on the website and YouTube channel.

Another important thing is that xTool is an innovative company, and there are new products, attachments, and accessories for the betterment of the products. You get to see new things that can improve your business and work. The company keeps solving the issues of the customer and offers an excellent after-sales service.

Final Words

xTool D1 is a commendable laser engraver and cutter fully packed with dozens of innovative features. The machine is one-of-a-kind when it comes to functionality, creativity, ease of use, and safety.

You won't find any other diode laser engraving machine as powerful, accurate, and innovative as D1 and its accessories. It is an ideal machine for beginners, small businesses, DIY enthusiasts, hobbyists, artists, and professionals.

The best part is that the machine is full of features. There are a few cons, but they are pretty common in the industry and are shadowed by the features and pros.

If you are looking for an engraving machine as a beginner or professional, xTool D1 is an ideal laser engraving machine that is worth every penny.

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